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Miss Schulze became our 45th case in November 2002..


She hasnt been found..

Lynne Kathryn Schulze : 18 year old white female :

Went Missing on 12-10-1971 from Middlebury Vermont located in Addison County..

1:00 PM Miss Schulze did not take her final exam & wasnt in her Dorm Room..

12:30PM Miss Schulze was seen by the health food store...

2:15 PM Lynne is seen standing on Court Street by another fellow college student...


She was across from the bus station and the health food store..


This is the last time she is ever seen...


There is a suspect in the case..Middlebury police :

Durst linked to missing woman..

Investigators in Middlebury working a missing-student case from 1971 received a tip in 2012 that millionaire real estate heir Robert Durst, the suspect in several killings, had lived in town at the time...

Robert Durst The Real Estate Millionaire in 1971 owned & operated  The All Good Things Health-Food Store in Middlebury during the early 1970s, police said..

Where Miss Schulze last seen standing outside across from the bus station & the health food store..




Now Mja has a direction to follow for Search Area's..

Photo's of the Case is in our Photo Gallary under : Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's..

Starting with Photo : 2585


Ending with Photo : 2593


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       Missing Persons & Unsolved Crimes & The Doe's...Part--10



Mja Inc Investigations




Mja You Tube Video :Missing Persons & Unsolved Crimes & The Doe's...Part--10


 Production has been finished & changed...



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   Missing : 16 Year Old Tammy Jo Alexander is 1979 Caledonia New York    Jane Doe 



On 1-26-15 : 1979 Caledonia New York Jane Doe was identified by DNA as Missing 16 year old Tammy Jo Alexander who went Missing on 11-3-1979 from Brooksville Florida...



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UP-DATE-Margie Jelovcic : Missing Since June 1997--INDIANA--Case Closed
Money Scam Taken Off Mja Web-Site




Mja Inc Investigations

It has been brought to our attention by an interested party in Florida that someone our web-sight is running a Money Scam & trying to gain personal Info...


The person Vera :


[email protected] & [email protected] has been DELETED from our Mja web-site...


Mja doest charge for our services so no one on this site should be trying to scam money or to gain personal Info..


Mja makes money from our Gift-Shop on our site...


Since the Mja web-site has been up & running we have had only 2 incidents---one being Vera & the other was an x-porn star downloading Porn on this site...


Mja is sorry this has happened & we will try to tighten up our security when approving new members..




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    Mja Web-Site E-Mail Being Returned : New Page



Mja Inc Investigations

Since our e-mails are being returned there is no other way to let Members know of new postings or up-dates...

So in order to keep you up-dated Mja has added a page to our web-site..


Anything new or up-dated will be posted there until we get our web-site e-mail back up & running..

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   The Missing & The Doe's--Alabama & California


Mja Inc Investigations

Mja posted this link :

The Missing & The Doe's--Alabama & California-

Also posted was Photo's for this link in our photo gallary under Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's..

Starting with Photo 2269
Ending with Photo 2295

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    Missing : 22 Year Old  Carmen Marie Hallock -- Florida 1969



Mja Inc Investigations

Mja posted this link :
Missing : 22 Year Old  Carmen Marie Hallock -- Florida 1969
Also posted was Photo's for this link in our photo gallary under Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's..

Starting with Photo 2296
Ending with Photo 2301
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Mja posted this link under Crime Forums under Cases : State By State....



Mja posted Photo's with these cases in our Mja Case Photo Gallary under Photo Album : Cases State By State Photo Gallary..

Starting Photo 559 & Ending Photo 639...


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17... Missing : Denise Pflum Man Charged In Her 1986 Death


Mja Inc Investigations

DateLine NBC News

Man charged with manslaughter in death of Denise Pflum 34 years after she vanished from Connersville, Indiana in 1986..


Mja started working on this case on 12-27-2001..

The case is posted on our web-site under : Mja Case Files : Case # DDP--017

But we were only involved in the search for her Remains & a one time suspect Serial Killer Larry D Hall who onced confessed to the Crime & then re-canted his confession..

We are thrilled that someone has finally been charged..


Our Thoughts & Prayers go out to her Family & Friends..

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17... UP-DATE OF MISSING : Denise Pflum





Mja Inc Investigations


13 News WTHR

Author: Kevin Rader

Published: 4:54 PM EDT September 7, 2018

Updated: 3:56 AM EDT September 10, 2018

Possible human remains found in Fayette County renews interest in missing person case..

It's been 32 years since Denise Pflum disappeared...but the search for the 18-year-old high school senior continues.


CONNERSVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) - It's been 32 years since Denise Pflum disappeared...but the search for the 18-year-old high school senior continues.

Search dogs have detected something in Forth pond on the Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary property.

Investigators are in the process of draining the pond located south of Connersville in Fayette County to see if they have a lead..

"The dogs are indicating possibility. No assurance that it's her or anything is there but I feel it's our burden to follow up on it."

The case has haunted the community and been a great mystery of Fayette county and I think it has been the burden of our Sheriff’s Department. It's our investigation," he told WTHR.

Sheriff Laughlin says it could take up to three weeks before they are able to determine if they have a new lead in this case.

It as been a heartbreaking mystery since 1986. Whatever happened to Denise Pflum?

Fayette County Sheriff Joey Laughlin was seven years old when she went missing. He has now been Sheriff for four years.

They borrowed search dogs from Homeland Security that search several locations but they detected something on pond number four along Columbia Road near 400 South at the Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary.

"We brought out two more dogs two days later and those dogs hit as well. We began efforts to drain the pond and study the contents," he explained.

Laughlin says he remembers this case like it was yesterday.

"Denise Pflum was an 18-year-old high school senior. Had went to a party Thursday night and the next day was Good Friday.

Forget her purse at the party so told her family she was going back out to the property to get her purse," he remembered.

They would never see or hear from her again.

"There have been rumors and a myriad of things they talk about over the years. Our interest is to bring closure to the family," he continued.

The search area is a good half mile of this road and hard to access especially with the current wet conditions.

Because of the current weather it could be up to three weeks before there is any word about whether this is a true lead at the Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary in rural Fayette County but for now it's all residents have since 1986.


13 News WTHR

Author: Matt McCutcheon

Published: 7:38 PM EDT September 28, 2020

Updated: 4:07 AM EDT September 29, 2020

Suspect in 1986 Cold Case Dies Months After Confession

The murder of Denise Pflum finally appeared to have a major lead with an arrest in July, but suspect Shawn McClung passed away on Sept. 26 before trial.


CONNERSVILLE, Ind. — It has been called the biggest mystery of Fayette County: what happened to Denise Pflum?

The case has haunted the community since 1986.

In March of that year, the star athlete and scholar disappeared without a trace.

The case finally appeared to have a major lead with an arrest this past July, but the suspect passed away on Sept. 26 before a trial or plea deal.

“This is my favorite picture of her; it’s just a crowd picture,” Pflum's mom, Judy, said in a previous WTHR interview.

It’s the pictures and memories that help the family of Denise Pflum pull through another setback. In a previous interview in their living room, they showed her works of art that surround them.

“It allows her to be with us,” her father, David, said.

Denise, who was 18 when she was killed, hasn’t been physically with them in 34 years, leaving her family with only memories and questions.

In July, her ex-boyfriend, 56-year-old Shawn McClung, was arrested and charged with voluntary manslaughter.

“He was arrested on separate charges on defrauding a financial institution and check deception.

He had a warrant for his arrest, so he was incarcerated, and we took the opportunity to speak to him about the case again,” said Fayette County Sheriff Joey Laughlin.

Detectives say he confessed, possibly because he was terminally ill.

Denise’s parents were called in and actually faced the suspected killer.

“We were asked to come to the jail that day while he was being interviewed and try to persuade him to tell us the truth,” they said in a statement.

Detectives didn’t get a chance to fully question McClung in 1986 because he moved to Arizona shortly after Denise disappeared.

He returned to Connersville about four years ago.“He was a person that we had wanted to speak to in re-evaluating the case,” Laughlin said.

At a court appearance in early September, Denise’s mom remembered when she saw him: “His eyes were blank, like had no soul.

"McClung passed away Saturday after spending about a week at an Indianapolis hospital dealing with an undisclosed illness.

“We were very disappointed that he didn’t give us the information we wanted but are hopeful that his attorney may be authorized to reveal more information after his death,” the Pflum family said.

The community helped raise $100,000 for a reward to finally give the family closure.“Until we find Denise Pflum’s remains, this investigation stays open.

We want to give the family closure, and we have some things we’re going to continue to look into,” Laughlin said.

The lawyer representing McClung said he is working with the Fayette County prosecutor and sheriff’s department to release more information and evidence from McClung.

Laughlin and Det. Chad Blaes believe someone else knows what happened to Denise Pflum and continue investigating and asking for any tips.

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Department can be reached at 765-825-1110 if you have any information about the case.


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    Police : Missing NJ Woman Buried Alive



Mja Inc Investigations


Mja posted this link in Mja Crime Forums under : Solved Crimes...




Mja  posted photos of this case in our Mja Case Photo Gallary under : Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's..Starting Photo : 2302 & Ending Photo : 2307


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