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Mja Inc Investigations


Mja Press Release

On 10-25-16 @ 8:00pm EST..

Mja Inc Investigations will be quest speakers on the Pod-Cast :

MISSING MAURA MURRAY which will be recorded concerning the Murray Case..

Miss Murray went Missing on 2-9-2004 from Woodsville New Hampshire area on remote State Highway 112..

At this time because of the important events going on now & in the near future we don't know how much we can share on the Pod-Cast..

What can be released on the Pod-Cast will be on the 25th...

There for it will be recorded so at a later Date it can be played in full...

The links to the Pod-Cast Hosted by : Tim Pilleri & Lance Reenstierna are below..

iTunes link (main link if you're only using one):


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Mja Inc Staff

The Jerome "Skee" Smith Story


Mja Inc Investigations

Mja is Requesting our Friends to E-Mail the Louisiana Law Makers concerning this Case..

Click on the link below to learn more detailed Facts of the Case..

Down below is our Case Profile Report that merits at the least a New Trial..

Mja Case Profile :

These grounds for a new trial is now Public Record..

Americans are entitled to fair trial before being sentenced to life in prison without parole....

In 1986 Jerome Smith was sentenced to life in prison without a chance of parole for Robbery With Murder on 10-29-1985 when new evidence shows that Smith didn't commit this Crime..

Jerome Smith was arrested for the Crime on 10-30-1985 has been in prison since he was 15 years old..

According to newspaper accounts, the shooting occurred at 4:10 p.m. But on the stand, prosecution witnesses estimated the time as about 4 p.m...

Honoree Haydel, who works at a neighborhood gas station, testified the Smiths stopped there for about 10 minutes for a fill-up and servicing around 4 p.m. ..

The time needed to drive from the Smith’s house to the center, in good weather, was established at between 15 and 21 minutes...

Denise Deal, who was at the Youth Center’s front desk, insisted that the Smiths arrived there at 4:15 p.m...

Valerie Branch, another employee, said she thought it might have been closer to 4:30 p.m...

A third said the two were already there when she arrived at 4:30 p.m...

Jerome Smith has been Wrongfully-Convicted...

Jerome Smith has an airtight alibi for the time in Question..

Witness : Statements take by Police does Not Match the Witnesses Testimony in Court..

The Witnesses to the Crime gave a totally different account when questioned by Police including what the Suspect looked like then what they said in Court..

The Photo Array I.D. of Mr.Smith is tanted & is in Question..

The prosecutor hid key evidence that goes to the heart of Jerome’s innocence until 2001, 15 years after the trial...

No jury ever saw or heard that evidence...

Jerome’s attorneys were unable to prepare properly which hindered their defense...

By Law that alone should be grounds for a new Trial..

Notable defense attorneys Mary Howell and Judy Minadoux along with prominent Federal Judge Helen G. Berrigan – support Jerome Smith's innocence and calls for due process...

Due Process needs to be Granted...


Posted by :

Mja Inc--Mark

81.. PRESS RELEASE : Blog Radio Show For Missing Missouri Child : Elizabeth Ann Gill

Please Share This Press Release


Mja Inc Investigations

Please join :

Mja Inc Investigations,The Gill Family,The Tracy & Craig Show & Together We Stand on 9-21-16 { Wednesday }..

At 3:00pm CT to 5:00pm CT or 4:00pm EST to 6:00pm EST for the Radio Show concerning Missing Child Elizabeth Ann Gill...

To those that want to listen in the Direct Link to the Show is down below :

For those that might want to take part in the Show can call in at : 215-383-3795..

Listen to Mja Investigator & Martha { Gill } Hamilton the Victims Sister & to a Mja Case Profiler to learn what the Families Investigation has uncovered & what Mja has confirmed to be factual Info..

Listen to the shocking Facts that states Elizabeth Ann Gill could still be Alive !!!

Elizabeth Ann Gill : 2 Years & 10 Months Old went Missing on 6-13-1965 From Cape Girardeau, Missouri...

Mja got involved with this Case on 5-8-2012 after being contacted by Martha [ Gill ] Hamilton who is one of Beth's Sister's..


Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff



Mja Inc Investigations


As of 7-28-16 Mja has joined in on the search for Missing : WILLIAM P SMOLINSKI JR who goes by the name : Billy..

A mutual friend { Kathy Rivera } put Jan Smolinski { Billy's Mother }& Mja together..

Jan Smolinski reached out to Mja & we had a long conversation...

We came up with 3 common goals which the most important is locating Billy..

Jan Smolinski has given Mja permission to work on the Case & to move forword..

31 year old WILLIAM P SMOLINSKI JR { Billy }disappeared on 8-24-2004 from Waterbury Connecticut..

Billy has become our 90th case : Mja Case File : BPS--090..

At this time the Case File isnt complete & when its completed we will post the Case File..

The Smolinski Family has been locked into a nightmare by the Police who are Investigating the Case & the towns Justice System..

Jan Smolinski has been arrested--sued & lied to by this Police Agency Investigating the disappearence of her son Billy..

But yet the Guilty Parties involved in Billys disappearence is roaming wild with no legal action taken against them...

The Guilty Parties do what they want & when they want with no legal action taken against them...

No Victims Family members should ever be arrested for trying to find answers to what happened to their Missing Loved One..

The courts should never entertain the thought of pursusing a Law Suit against the Victims Family brought forth by people where their Guilt is still in question...

The Police Agency involved in the Case should never lie to the Victims Family or paint a picture of the Victim stating he was nothing but a mean person..

When there is NO DOCUMENTED Evidence that says this could be true...

Even IF that was true dosent mean Law-Enforcement shouldnt do their job concerning this Case..

The tactics used by the Police Department & the Guilty Parties against the Victims Family is major Red Flags that something is wrong with the Investigation..

Mja understands without question what we are up against & we understand what needs to be done & we plan on bringing everything to the surface for all to see..

Mja never shy's away from a Case because its difficult & with our experience we can adjust to what needs to be done...

Mja will keep the Public up-dated when we can...


Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff

Press Release : Missing 6 Year Old Shannon Sherrill


Mja Inc Investigations

Down below is the Press Release issued by Together We Stand concerning Missing 6 year old Shannon Sherrill who was Abducted on 10-5-1986 from Thorntown Indiana..

This Press Release will be issued to : The FBI--The Indiana AG Office--The Boone County Indiana Prosecutor--The Indiana State Police & to all media out-lets in Indianapolis Indiana..


Prosecutor Todd J. Meyer,

I am writing on behalf of Together We Stand, a national organization of over 1,500 people dedicated to racial equality and social justice. We are writing in reference to the disappearance of 6 year old Shannon Sherrill from Thorntown, Indiana on October 5,1986.

We realize that this is a case that has had no resolution for many years, but we believe with great certainty that the evidence the investigators at MJA Inc have presented are more than sufficient to charge the suspect David E. Penton.

We along with the Sherrill family, MJA Inc Investigations and the Tracy Fort Show, are calling for the prosecution of David E Penton or at the very least a Grand Jury hearing to look into the evidence.

We invite you to listen and or call in to the Tracy Fort Show on July 6, 2016, at 5pm CST, 6pm EST. Investigators with MJA Inc will be presenting this case and welcome your participation.

Should you have any questions for us or need any assistance of any kind, please don't hesitate to contact us.

 We look forward to hearing from you.

Sevgi Fernandez


Together We Stand

1 (800) 528-1084

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. ~Albert Einstein


Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff

       INDIANA TRIP---2015


Mja Inc Investigations

Our Ny staff left for Indiana on 6-22-15 at around 5:17pm & arrived in

Indiana at around 3:00pm on 6-23-15..

At this time we will not release to the public the cases we will be working on..

Not all the details are worked out & when that Info becomes availiable we will release those details..


Posted by :

Mja Inc--Mark

   25 Year Old Brianna DiBattistee Missing 6-16-14 & Found 9-1-14 ‏ ..Indiana


Mja Inc Investigations

On 7-6-15 Mja e-mailed our staff to vote on adding Brianna DiBattiste Case to our Case Files instead of Consultants..

Brianna DiBattiste would be our 88th Case..

The Geo-Locations are within the area's Mja is already working on concerning other Cases..

When the Votes come in & if its in favor of taking the Case..

Mja will post a profile of the Case...


Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff

Mja Inc Investigations 2014 Operation Figures--Public Record Files


Mja Inc Investigations

The numbers below are our Public Record Files that Mja releases every year..

At this time Mja has 42 staff members but only 30 staff members are active at this time due to personal leaves..

At this time Mja is working on 87 cases covering 12 States..

All figures are work related for 2014 :

Mja E-Mails : 69,870

Phone Hours : 1798

Research Man-Hours : 25,110

Mja Postings on Web-Sites : 327

2014 On-Line Hours Staff Meetings : 426

Hours of Travel : 802

Miles of Travel : 21,891

Search Man-Hours : 3,512

In 2014 Mja Traveled to 6 States..

In 2014 Mja had 23,244 visitors at our web-site located at

2014 Mja Webmaster Hours : 203

Mja Money Spent for 2014 to operate Mja : $ 24,868.00...

The 30 active Mja staff members for 2014 averaged paying

$ 750.00 for the year 2014 to carry out our work..

30 Members X $ 750 = ==== $ 22,500.00

Extra Funds came from NY Office : $ 2,368.00


In 2014 Mja Spent : $ 24,868.00

In 2014 Mja made $ 188.00 selling items on our web-site at our Mja Gift Shop..



Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff

Mja Inc Investigations 2013 Operation Figures--Public Record Files


Mja Inc Investigations

The numbers below are our Public Record Files

that Mja releases every year..

At this time Mja has 40 staff members but only 30 staff members are active at this time due to personal leaves..

At this time Mja is working on 87 cases covering 12 States..

Those figures are up from 2012 ...

All figures are work related for 2013 :

Mja E-Mails : 61,601

Phone Hours : 1807

Research Man-Hours : 23,991

Mja Postings on Web-Sites : 927

2013 On-Line Hours Staff Meetings : 286

Hours of Travel : 986

Miles of Travel : 26,271

Search Man-Hours : 3,512

In 2013 Mja Traveled to 9 States..

In 2013 Mja had 23,708 visitors at our web-site located at

2013 Mja Webmaster Hours : 169

Mja Money Spent for 2013 to operate Mja : $ 33,976.00...

The 30 active Mja staff members for 2013 averaged paying

$ 985.00 for the year 2013 to carry out our work..

30 Members X $ 985.00 = ==== $ 29,550.00

Extra Funds came from NY Office :  $ 4,426.00


In 2013 Mja Spent :                      $ 33,976.00

In 2013 A donation for $ 250.00 was made under the name of Elizabeth Ann Gill to Educate young Children how not to be a Victim....

In 2013 Mja made $ 48.00 selling items on our web-site at our Mja Gift Shop..



Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff

Press Release : Mja Has Joined The Search For Missing Person : Stacy 



Mja Inc Investigations

Another Indiana based Search & Rescue Group gave our contact Info to Cassandra Cales who is the Sister of Missing Person : Stacy Peterson..

The Victims Sister contacted Mja..

On 8-29-12 Mja agreed to join in on the search for Stacy Peterson who disappeared on 10-28-2007 from Bolingbrook Illinois...

Missing Person : Stacy Peterson became our 84th Case..

Stacy Peterson was married to Police Officer Drew Peterson..

Stacy Peterson's disappearance raised alot of Red-Flags concerning her husband Police Officer Drew Peterson..

Mr.Peterson's third wife Kathleen Savio on 3-1-2004 had died of drowning in a bathtub accident..

But after Stacy Peterson's disappearance Kathleen Savio's body was exhumed & underwent forensic examination on November 16, 2007...

On February 21, 2008, Will County State Attorney Jame Glasgow announced that a pathologist determined that Savio's death was a homicide,

On May 7, 2009, Peterson was indicted by a Will County Illinois Grand-Jury..Peterson was charged with the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio...

Drew Peterson has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in the death of Kathleen Savio...

Ex-Police Officer Drew Peterson is on trial at this time & if convicted Peterson faces a maximum 60-year term...

Drew Peterson has a Documented History of Domestic Abuse in every relationship he has been involved in 4 Marriages & several Girlfriends..

Mja research of the case already has showed a pattern of Mr.Peterson's behavior..

That includes that Drew Peterson laid down a foundation of facts concerning Stacy's disappearance :

To a Family History of Alcohol & Drug Abuse & Depression..

After all Stacy's Peterson's Mother : Christie Marie Cales disappeared on 3-11-1998..

Her live-in-boyfriend said Christie Cales just walked out to go some where & never came back..

Drew Peterson stated that his 4th wife Stacy Peterson called him & said she was leaving him for another man & she had left her car parked at the Airport..

Mja will be on location in April 2013 in search of Missing Person : Stacy Peterson..

In the mean time Mja will do our research on the case & start putting a geo-profile togather looking for key area's that should be searched...


Posted by :

Mja Inc--Mark

   Press Release : Mja Inc Investigations Staff Changes


Mja Inc Investigations

Press Release

Staff members : Sir Bloodhound & Bash who owned our home office in

Indiana are moving to North Dakota..

Effective 8-2-12 Sir Bloodhound & Bash will be take extended

leave from Mja..

After 11 years of service they will be greatly missed..

Mja Indiana home office will be moved to another location in April 2013..


Staff members : M & M Lindsay

Effective 8-6-12 M & M Lindsay will take an 18 month leave from Mja

for Family reasons..


Staff members : TK & Mandy Stout

Effective Labor Day Week-End 2012 TK & Mandy Stout will take a 2 year

leave from Mja..

After 11 years of service with Mja & 9 years running under cover operations

Mother & Daughter need a break..


Staff member : BC

Effective 12-23-12 BC at his request comes out of the field as the long distance

woodsman marking the paths..

BC will be Mja Operations director for Mja search command post & radio & cell traffic....


Posted by :

Mja Inc--Mark

  Nancy Lyons : 2002 Indiana Unsolved Homicide


Mja Inc Investigations

Nancy Lyons : Indiana Unsolved Homicide

After phone conversations & e-mails with the Sister of Victim Nancy Lyons Mja has joined in on the search for the killer or killers of Nancy Lyons & became our 83rd case on 6-10-12...

Mja Case File I.D. : NL--083

46 year old Nancy Lyons was seen alive at Walmart in Rush County on 6-17-2002..

In the late evening hours of 6-17-2002 Nancy Lyons red 1993 Nissan was discovered abandoned in Rush county..

When her vehicle was discovered it was running, unoccupied, trunk open & the vehicle had a flat left rear tire. Personal items belonging to Nancy Lyons were found in the vehicle..

On 10-2-2002 her skeletal remains were discovered in a soybean field in Bartholomew county..This is around 50 miles from where her abandoned vehicle was found..

The items found in her vehicle would leave many investigators thinking that her murder wasnt motivated by robbery or personal in nature..But that has yet to be proven..

There are people of " Persons Of Interest " concerning the case but none have really stuck out as being called a Suspect..

Mja has already formed some idea's because of where Nancy Lyons was last seen alive,where her vehicle was located,the way the body was found & the location of where the body was found..

Many times these factors can lead you in the right direction & to a suspect..

  Press Release 5-11-12 : Mja Has Gained 3 New Cases


Mja Inc Investigations

Mja has gained 3 more new cases..

Two of those cases came from a Family that we already work for hoping Mja could help these other Families in some way..The other case we gained from a Family that visited our Mja Web-Site...

The cases are posted below :

Mja Case File I.D. US-PDR--080

We have been asked to investigate a possible Pediphile Ring producing Child Pornography crossing several states...

Its been suggested it could also lead to cases of Missing Children dating back to the 1990's...

Its our job to I.D. possible suspects,gather evidence on these suspects, & look for locations to search for these Missing Children...

There is solid Circumstantial Evidence fully detailed & specific...

Became our 80th case on : 4-28-12...



Mja Case File I.D. EAG--081

After talking to the Victims Sister Mja has joined the search for :

Missing : Elizabeth Ann Gill

Missing since June 13, 1965 from Cape Girardeau, Missouri..

When she disappeared Elizabeth was 2 years & 10 months old..

The Victims Sister has a case file concerning her Missing Sister

that has a mountain full of Leads & Circumstantial Evidence thats

detailed & specific..

Mja has just started digesting a fraction of the case file that the

Victims Sister has provided & the media coverage..

Became our 81st case on : 5-8-12..



Mja Case File I.D. SMK--082

After talking to the Victims Mother Mja has joined the search for :


Missing since 10-9-2011 from Indianapolis Indiana..

When she disappeared Sara was 32 years old..

Sara May Kilgore disappeared under Suspicious Circunstances & has had

no contact with her Family...

At this time there are few details about her disappearance & its our job to locate Sara May Kilgore...

Became our 82nd case on : 5-9-12..



Posted by :

Mja Inc--Mark

Mja 2012 Indiana & Illinois Operations‏


Mja Inc Investigations

On 4-5-12 at 4:00 pm our Indiana & Illinois Operations begin & will end

4-18-12 at 9:00 am..

Mja can be reached 24/7 at 765-475-3124 when the operations begin..

Our NY staff will travel to Indiana to join our Indiana staff to work on the

following cases..

Missing : Kelly Armstrong 27 Years Old From Kokomo Indiana

Reported missing in September 2011..

Missing : Shannon Sherrill 6 Years Old From Thorntown Indiana

Missing Since 10-5-1986..

Missing : Wendy L Felton 16 Years Old From Marion Indiana In Grant County

Missing Since 6-4-1987..

Missing : Tricia L Reitler 19 Years Old From Marion Indiana Grant County..

Missing Since 3-29-1993..

Missing : Denise Diane Pflum 18 Years Old From Connersville Fayette County Indiana Missing Since 3-28-1986..

Missing : Brandy Nicole Wilson 24 Years Old From Colfax Clinton County Indiana

Missing Since 6-4-2002..

Homicide Victim : Jason Dale Bolton 16 Years Old Found In Franklin/Fayette Co. Laurel Indiana Murdered On 8-21-1991..


Mja will be sending a 3 member Scout Team to Illinois to lay down the foundation of our

Ground Searches for The Peoria " Seven " missing persons & The Palatine " Three " missing persons..

The Scout Team will visit the Illinois locations concerning all the cases to get a better understanding on how to mark our search grids..


Posted by :

Mja Inc--Mark

Mja Joins In On The Search For 11 Missing Person Cases In Illinois..


Mja Inc Investigations

Press Release

Mja has worked in Illinois for many years on different cases.. Our research for those cases pointed us to several Missing Persons cases in two Illinois towns..

Once again the key factor is the geo-location of those cases..

Mja would like to annouce we are joining in on the search for 11 Missing Victims from three Illinois towns..

Peoria Illinois : 7 Missing Person cases from 5-20-1993 to 8-30-2005..

Palatine Illinois : 3 Missing Person cases from 10-25-1977 to 5-5-1990..

Chicago Illinois : 1 Missing Person case 2-14-1984


Mja Case File : The Peoria " Seven "

Stacey Jane Morrison

Missing since May 20, 1993 from Peoria Illinois..

Morrison is one of several missing women from the Peoria area; others include

Loretta Tinkham, Cheryl Murray and Stephanie C. Gibson .

Mja Case I.D. SJM--068


Valerie L Sloan

Missing since September 30, 1993 from Peoria County, Illinois

Mja Case I.D. VLS--069


Cheryl L Murray

Missing since April 1, 1994 from Peoria, Illinois.

Murray was last seen leaving a party in the Peoria, Illinois area & reported

missing on April 1, 1994...

Mja Case I.D. CLM--070


Loretta L Tinkham

Missing since November 3, 1994 from Peoria, Illinois..

Mja Case I.D. LLT--071


Stephanie C Gibson

Missing since July 8, 1995 from Peoria, Tazewell County, Illinois.

Stephanie Gibson last seen leaving Memories Tavern in Peoria, Illinois,with Arlie Ray Davis.

They were in a light blue, four-door 1979 Dodge Dart with license plates MMJ 296 on July 8, 1995..

Mja Case I.D. SCG--072


Shirley Ann Carpenter Trapp

Missing Since 8-26-2004 from Peoria Illinois..

Mja Case I.D. SACT--073


Jamie Jo Travis

Missing since 8-30-2005 From Peoria Illinois ..

At this time no details have been released to the Public concerning the case

or possible suspects..

Mja Case I.D. JJT--074


Mja Case File : The Palatine " Three "

Stephanie Anne Lyng

Missing since October 25, 1977 from Palatine, Cook County, Illinois

Mja Case I.D. SAL--075


Catherine A Runte

Missing since May 22, 1979 from Palatine, Illinois..

Mja Case I.D. CAR--76


Laura Ann Johnson

Missing Since: May 5, 1990

Location Last Seen: Palatine, Cook County, Illinois

Johnson was last seen leaving a bar in Palatine, IL called the Hob Nob

on May 5, 1990.

She was accompanied by an unidentified White male witnesses said she had

met that evening..He spoke with a southern accent and claimed to be a truck

driver from Memphis,Tennessee.

Mja Case I.D. LAJ--77


Marcy Jo Andrews

Missing since February 14, 1984 from Chicago, Cook County, Illinois..

Casey Nowicki was convicted or raping & murdering Marcy Jo Andrews

in July 2005 & was sentenced to life in Prison..This case has Indiana

ties Nowicki has a farm in Pulaski County Indiana..

Mja Case I.D. MA--78


MJA NOTE : These 11 Missing Person Case became Mja Cases on 1-20-12..


Posted by :

Mja Inc---Mark

Mja Inc Investigations 2011 Operation Figures -- Public Record Files


Mja Inc Investigations

The numbers below are our Public Record Files

that Mja releases every year..

At this time Mja has 37 staff members & we are

working on 67 cases..

Some of the figures were down in 2011 :

Due to the fact we had 7 staff members on leave during 2011 & we

had major breaks in some of our cases so more time were spent on

those cases..

All figures are work related for 2011 :

Mja E-Mails : 55,113

Phone Hours : 1375

Research Man-Hours : 22,360

Mja Postings on Web-Sites : 1,000

2011 On-Line Hours Staff Meetings : 190

Hours of Travel : 604

Miles of Travel : 20,067

Search Man-Hours : 3,176

2011 Mja Traveled to 7 States..

Mja Money Spent for 2011 to operate Mja : $ 29,112.00


The 30 active Mja staff members for 2011 still averaged paying just under

$ 750.00 for the year 2011 to carry out our work for the extra funding came

from our New York Home Office..


Posted by :

Mja Inc--TK Stout--IN..

   Detective Up-Sets Bolton Family & Attacks Mja Inc


Mja Inc Investigations

This is just one of the lastest Police tactics to divide the Victims Families & the

volunteer search & rescue & investigative groups trying to help these Families..

But as always this Detective made these off the wall statements

without knowing the facts which are very well Documented..

Mja had no choice but to respond to the Detective in kind for the sake

of the Victims Family & for his mis-conception of Mja..

The letter is posted below :


Mja Inc Investigations


Detective Shoemaker,

I say this with no dis-respect :

There is no sound reason I can think of to get Mr.Bolton's Family Upset..

It seems fair to ask if you have a problem with me or Mja address it to me...

You can question our motives but you will learn as others before you

our Loyality is to the Victim & to the Victims Family..We do not play

Politic's or get tunnel vision...

If you must question my training & experience it is listed below :

Just so there is no mis-conceptions..I have never been a

Law-Enforcement Officer..But I was a Undercover C.I.

& source of Info for 11 years for many Law-Enforcement


Thats including the Indiana State Police & the Kokomo Police

Department in the 1980's..

Just to give you some insight I wasnt forced to do this work,

I had no charges hanging over my head..I offered my services..

I have been wired for sound making drug buys,buying guns,&

bomb making materials..I have been in the line of fire..I have

testified before Grand Juries & in the Courts..

Every case I was involved in ended with a conviction & none of

them have been over-turned on Appeals..

I have over 6000 hours of training that includes classroom,

siminar's,workshops, & conferences covering many different

fields of Law-Enforcement..

Two of those hours at a conference covers when the Indiana State

Police invited Mja Inc Investigations to be guest speakers at Indiana

Division Of The International Association For Identification

" Criminal Investigative Analysis " that was held in Bloomington Indiana..

Mja spoke on 9-21-11 our presentation was

" Missing Persons & Unsolved Crimes & The Doe's "..

One of those cases we presented was the Jason Dale Bolton Case..

In June 2006 the Ohio Department Of Corrections Prison Investigators

invited Mja to question an inmate informant concerning a 1980's Child

Serial Killer..

The inmate informant had Info about one of the cases

we were working on..

Mja has questioned the inmate 2 times since the last being

in November 2010..

When the 3 interviews were conducted the was no prison guard in

the room or out side the door..Mja got to decide when the question

session was over...

Which has led to Mja having contact with 17 different states

concerning several unsolved cases that could be linked to the

1980's Child Serial Killer..

In October 2007 for 2 days there was a joint effort by 4 different

Agencies in the search of Indiana Missing Person Brandy Nicole Wilson..

This operation was conducted by Clinton County Sheriff's

Detective Capt. Rick Morgan, Indiana State Police Detective

Blaine Butler,sheriff's Evidence Technician Steve Tegarden,

4 members of Mja Inc & 3 members of a Wisconsin-based

K-9 Unit using their 4-year-old bloodhound...

Which led to other avenues to follow in the investigation..

You can dislike our group & our work but the services that we provide

are spelled out on our web-site so there is no question of our intent &

we provide those services..

We make no promises & we dont charge for our services..

We do have cases that has reward money attached & those rewards

were posted to the public long before Mja got involved in the case..

Mja has been in business since June 2001..We have a case load of 67

cases & most of those cases are ColdCases over 40 of those case we

are working on for free there is no rewards attached to those cases..

We have 37 staff members & we travel to 11 different states..

Its our time & money we use to do our work..Each staff member has

there own personal reasons for doing this type of work..

Our work has been documented by Law-Enforcement,the Media,& by

the Families we work for..

One of the reasons Mja was founded is I had a close Family member murdered..

There are no smoking mirrors & there is no reason to pull anybody's chain..

Its all about the Victim & the Victims Family & Friends seeking Justice..

Its all about solving the case..


Posted by :

Mja Inc--Mark 

Mja Guest Speakers @ The Indiana Division Of The International Association For Identification Conference


Mja Inc Investigations

On 9-20-11 Three Mja Staff members arrived in Bloomington Indiana & checked into a Motel 6 on Walnut St..

Mja is in Bloomington Indiana as a guest speaker & to put on a presentation for Criminal Investigative Analysis Division Conference for Law-Enforcemet at the Monroe County Convention Center on 9-21-11..

Mja presentation staring at 8:00am & ending 9:30am..

Mja presentation slide show & notes very went well..Mja got alot of good feed-back from Law-Enforcement attending the Conference..

There were many Detectives that encouraged Mja to be more vocal in our work & wanted Mja to try to become more active..

There was also a small session of Questions & Answers after Mja presentation...


MJA Pics Of Law-Enforcement Conference :


Posted by :

Mja Inc--Mark

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