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1..Karen Jo Smith : Missing since 12-27-2000-INDIANA


Mja Inc Investigations

Karen Jo Smith : 35 years old

Missing : 12-27-2000 Indianapolis Indiana Marion County

Last seen 12-27-2000 Wendsday 10:30pm @ 830 Weghorst St..Indianapolis

Mja Case File I.D.-KJS--001

Karen Jo Smith became our company's very first case on 6-1-2001..

Reward Money was attached to the case..

The location of the area where the Victim disappeared from was only 2 hours from our Indiana Home Office.

Mja contacted the Victims Family & offered our services & that Mja was interested in collecting the Reward Money..

An agreement was reached & less than 3 months later Mja met Karen Jo Smith's Family at a Public Diner..

Karen Jo Smith's Family & Mja knew that our main suspect in the disappearance of Karen Jo was the ex-husband Steve Halcomb..

Arrest & Conviction of Ex-Husband Steven Halcomb sentenced to 95 years With-Out A BODY..

Mja had nothing to do with this out-come on the Smith Case but Mja is still very active in searching for Karen Jo Smith..

Starting in June 2001 Mja started searching the Winding River & Mann & Southport Roads & Winding River Golf Course area's for Karen Jo Smith...

During the years his area also has been searched for missing persons Lola K Fry & Shannon Turner because of the location & circumstances of those cases..

Karen Jo Smith's Family had a chance to see our work first-hand & they put Mja in contact with other Families who needed our kind of help..

Karen Jo's Family is a big part of Mja growing as a company..

Mja Date :6/1/2001--KJS--001

2..Jill Behrman:Missing 5-31-2000 & Found 3-10-2003--INDIANA


Mja Inc Investigations

Jill Behrman : 19 years old

Missing : 5-31-2000

Found : 3-10-2003

Mja Case File I.D.-JB--002

Mja wasnt involved in the following events but we were very much involved with the search effort of trying to locate Miss Behrman..

Mja spent almost 2 years in Morgan & Monroe Counties searching for Miss Behrman..

Became our 2nd case 0n 6-1-2001...

Miss Behrman's remains where found in Morgan County on 3-10-2003..

0n 4-10-2006 an Ellettsville man John Myers II has been charged with murder following a grand jury investigation of the 2000 disappearance and death of Indiana University student Jill Behrman..

On 10-30-2006 Man Convicted Of Killing Behrman

Verdict Comes Soon After Closing Arguments; Victim's Father 'Pleased' With Decision

A jury deliberated for less than an hour Monday before finding an Ellettsville man guilty of murder in the death of an Indiana University student who disappeared in 2000.

Jurors decided John Myers II,who is 31 killed 19 year old Jill Behrman..

After a 10-day trial in October Myers was convicted & on 12-1-2006 Myers was sentenced to 65 years in prison -- the maximum sentence possible for Abducting & Killing Jill Behrman..

On 10-31-2008 Indiana Supreme Court Rejects Myers' Appeal In Behrman Murder..

Mja Date :6/1/2001--JB-002

3..Tony & Lois Toleson : Found Murdered on 2-22-1987-INDIANA


Mja Inc Investigations

Tony & Lois Toleson

Found Murdered : 2-22-1987 in Cass County Indiana..

Mja Case File I.D.-T & LT--003

The married couple & their car was discovered on Kokomo Pike after crossing 300 south outside of Logansport Indiana..They were driving from Burlington Indiana some 17 miles away..The Toleson's car was on fire & the couple had been shot..Lois was 8 1/2 months Pregnant..

Became our 3rd case on 6-1-2001..

The are 2 main suspects in the Murders but were never charged in the killings..

But later the 2 main suspects were convicted on un-related charges & sentenced to long prison terms...

Investigators were hoping this would lead to new evidence to gain an arrest & convictions on the murders..

But so far no one has come forword with the Info needed..

Mja Date :6/1/2001--T & LT--003

4..James David Freshour : Found Murdered July 1985--INDIANA


Mja Inc Investigationsa

James David Freshour

Mja Cale File I.D.-JDF--004

Mr.Freshour was found Murdered July 1985 in his home on E.Linden Logansport Indiana..

The evidence states the killing was personal in nature for it was clear robbery wasnt the M.O..The killer left behind several thousands dollars & drugs..

There are 3 prime suspects in the murder & Mja feels one of those suspects can be ruled out..

A Police Informant worked on the case for over 3 years becoming close to one of the suspects..

The Informant & suspect became friends & hung out togather every week several times a week..

The Police Informant some 3 years later would tell his handlers that this suspect wasnt the killer..

No evidence has surfaced to make an arrest or get a conviction the investigation continues..

Mja Date : 6-1-2001- JDF--004

5..Rick Olson : Accident or Murder 1970--INDIANA


Mja Inc Investigations

Rick Olson : 15 years old

Kokomo Indiana

Accident or Murder

Mja Case File I.D.-RO--005

On a hot summer day in 1970 Police were called to W. Havens Dr. in Kokomo Indiana for an accidental shooting..

15 year old Rick Olson laid dead on the dining room tile floor..

Became our 5th case on 6-1-2001..

Olson's step-father Edward { Big Ed } Phillips claimed while eating dinner with his Family at the dinner table..He was cleaning his guns when one of them accidently dis-charged..

The shot entered Rick Olson's left eye killing him..Witnesses were Rick Olson's Mother & 10 year old Brother..

A Grand-Jury or an Inquest was held to hear the circumstances of the events that led to Rick Olson's death..

Three of Rick's closest friends who were young teenagers at the time,first was questioned by Police..

Then they had to testify at the Hearing..

The story they told was unthinklable

But Rick Olson's death was ruled : Accidental..

That ruling has haunted some of the people involved for years..

The 3 teens that testified & being there age couldnt and didnt understand why Mr.Phillips wasnt in Jail..

The 3 friends of Rick Olson's after all these years still stand by their testimony..

They still feel Rick was murdered..

There is new evidence that surfaced years later that if it been available at the Hearing charges more than likely would have been filed..

Mja has been asked to look into this Accidental Shooting & try to get the new evidence introduced or investigated..

Mja Date : 6-1-2001- RO-005

6..Debra Jean Cole : Missing Since 8-29-1981--INDIANA


Mja Inc Investigations

Debra Jean Cole:12 years old

Missing 8-29-1981 from Lebanon Indiana Boone County

The Doe Network : Case File 62 DFIN

Classification : Non-Family Abduction

Mja Case File I.D.-DJC--006

Cole was last seen at her home..

She didnt take any of her belongings with her & had no travel plans..

Became our 6th case on 6-1-2001..

It was also rumored that Debra Jean Cole was Pregnant by Omer R." Steve " Beebout who became the main suspect in her disappearance..

Beebout died of a heart-attack on 4-25-1989 he was only 49 years old..

Debra Jean Cole is still missing..

Mja Date : 6-1-2001-DJC--006

7..Serial Killer Unknown : INDIANA


Mja Inc Investigations

Serial Killer

Mja Case File I.D.-SKIL--007

There is evidence that a Serial Killer is operating in Indiana & may be linked to several missing persons cases & unsolved homicides..

Became our 7th case on 6-4-2001..

There is one homicide victim & a missing person who told their Families the very samething before they disappeared...

They were going to meet a very nice Southern Gentleman around the Bloomington Indiana area..The Victims were never seen or heard from alive again..

Mja Date : 6-4-2001-SKIL-007


UP-DATE : 9-30-2010


" Mja has Documents dated back to 6-4-01 that we were tracking a Serial Killer working in Indiana..

Its also Documented when Mja started working on the 3 cases related to the Serial Killings..

But we still tracked cases that could be related to the Serial Killings that were not in our Mja Case Files..After all some of those cases helped put the puzzle togather for our cases.. "

Please Read UP-DATE :

Mja is convinced at this time that the Serial Killer we were tracking working in Indiana has been arrested..Mja Case File I.D.-SKIL--007..

It was a shock to Mja to find out it wasnt the work of one Serial Killer but 3 Serial Killers that claimed victims in Indiana or dumped homicide victims in Indiana..

Mja started tracking these unsolved crimes in June 2001 & the Victim count was becoming higher with the crimes fitting the same M.O.

Then it all came to an end after Serial Killer Bruce Mendenhall was arrested on 7-12-2007..

The arrest's of Serial Killers :

John Robert Williams on 8-17-2004

Carl Wayne Lawson on 9-14-2004

Bruce Mendenhall on 7-12-2007

Has produced Info & confessions & evidence linked to the unsolved cases Mja had been tracking..

Its been 6 years since 2 of the Serial Killers have been arrested & 3 years since the other Serial Killer has been arrested..No other unsolved cases in Indiana with the same M.O.has happened since then..

Even though Mja can close out our case file SKIL--007 we are unable to close out 3 of our cases related to these Serial Killers..

Two of those cases are Jane Doe's & the time of discovery of these Jane Doe's fit the time line when the 3 Serial Killers were operating..The Serial Killers just didnt know or couldnt remember their names..

But 1 Jane Doe was from Indiana & the other Jane Doe could be from another state..

Then the other Victim is a Missing Person..

Mja will continue to try to identify the 2 Jane Doe's found in Indiana & our search will continue for the Missing Person...

8..Wendy L Felton : Missing Since 6-4-1987--INDIANA


Mja Inc Investigations

Wendy L Felton : 16 years old

Missing 6-4-1987 from Marion Indiana Grant County. from Marion, Grant

The Doe Network : Case File 299 DFIN

Classification : Endangered Missing

Mja Case File I.D.-WLF--008

Felton's sister drove her Parents to the Airport when she came back home Wendy Felton had 

disappeared..If Police have any suspects in her disappearance they havent made it clear that they do..

Became our 8th case on 6-4-2001..

Miss Felton hasnt been found..

Mja Date : 6-4-2001-WLF--008

9..Margaret A Hayes : Missing Since 3-10-1977--INDIANA


Mja Inc Investigations

Margaret A Hayes : 22 years old

Missing : 3-10-1977 from Bloomington Indiana Monroe County

The Doe Network : Case File 1445 DFIN 1445DFIN

Classification : Missing

Mja Case File I.D.-MAH--009

Miss Hayes left her Atwater street rooming house around 11:00pm to buy a pack cigarettes..

She walked about 4 blocks & bought the cigarettes at the former Caveat Emptor on Indiana 

Ave..She was never seen or heard from again..

Mja Date : 6-4-2001-MAH--009 

10..Tricia L Reitler : Missing Since 3-29-1993--INDIANA


Mja Inc Investigations

Tricia L Reitler : 19 years old

Missing : 3-29-1993 from Marion Indiana Grant County..

The Doe Network : Case File 910DFIN

Mja Case File I.D.-TLR--010

Miss Reitler walked to Marsh's supermarket & disappeared shortly after leaving the store,never to be seen or heard from again..

Became our 10th case on 6-4-2001..

Reitler's bloodstained clothing was discovered in a field near Seybold Pool, which is located between Marsh's Supermarket and the college campus..

At least three suspects have been named by police, but no one has been charged in her disappearance..

Mja Date : 6-4-2001-TLR--010

11..Donna Patterson : Missing Since July 2000--INDIANA


Mja Inc Investigations

Donna Patterson

Missing : July 2000 Indianapolis Indiana Marion County..

MCSD case MP 01-0221415

Mja Case File I.D.-DP--011

Miss Patterson was last seen visiting friends when she told her friends that she was traveling to the Bloomington Indiana area to meet a friend..She has never been seen or heard from again..

Mja Date:7-3-2001--DP-011

12..Lynn Ann Thompson : Missing Since 6-26-1989--INDIANA


Mja Inc Investigations

Lynn Ann Thompson : 26 years old

Missing : 6-26-1989 Vigo County Indiana

The Doe Network : Case File 1276 DFIN

Mja Case File I.D.-LAT--012

Thompson was last seen at her home in Prairie Creek

Her grey Pontiac Coupe was found at the old K-Mart parking lot on South U.S. 41 and Davis Drive in Terre Haute Indiana..

Mja Date : 7-3-2001--LAT--012

13..Nancy Wroblewski : Missing Since 12-9-1990--INDIANA


Mja Inc Investigations

Nancy Wroblewski :38 years old

Missing : 12-9-1990 from South Bend, Saint Joseph County, Indiana..

The Doe Network : Case File 1368 DFIN

Mja Case File I.D.-NW--013

Wroblewski disappeared after leaving a church function at Corpus Christi in South Bend with her husband..

Became our 13th case on 7-3-2001...

Witnesses at the church say she was visibly upset.. Police say the couple returned to their home on Kessler and apparently got into an argument..

Her husband told police his wife packed a bag and walked out telling him to take care of the children..

The next morning family members found her empty van at the South Bend Regional Airport but there was no sign of Nancy...

No tickets had been purchased in her name...

There has been no sign of her since and police now fear that she may have been the victim of foul play.

Mja Date : 7-3-2001--NW--013

14.. Bonnie L Schultz : Missing Since 7-3-1997--INDIANA


Mja Inc Investigations

Bonnie L Schultz : 47 years old

MCSD case MP 97-30633A

Missing : 7-3-1997 from Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana

The Doe Network : Case File 1823 DFIN

Mja Case File I.D.-BLS--014

Schultz was last seen leaving a pub the Time Out Lounge in the area of 62nd and Allisonville Road on the Northeast side of Indianapolis Indiana on July 3, 1997..

She was driving a blue 1990 Mercury Sable, four door station wagon with Indiana '98 plate 99G9645. This vehicle has never been located..

The night she disappeared, Bonnie had a conversation with her husband about marriage problems..

After 26 years of marriage, Bonnie wanted a divorce..

After their conversation at home, Bonnie left for a nighttime birthday party at Time Out Lounge with co-workers from her part-time inventory job..

Witnesses said Schultz was upset when she arrived, but that she settled down throughout the evening..

Police monitored Schultz's bank accounts and cell phone activity but found nothing..

Mja Date:7-3-2001--BLS-014

15..Dennis Newsome Jr : Missing 12-2-1981 & Found Thanksgiving Day 1982--INDIANA


Mja Inc Investigations

Dennis Newsome Jr : 26 years old

Missing : 12-2-1981 Howard County Indiana

Found : Thanksgiving Day 1982 in Tipton County-Homicide Victim

Mja Case File I.D.-DN--015

Dennis Newsome Jr of Kokomo Indiana in Howard County was reported missing when his pick-up truck was found on fire..

Near Morgan St. & County Road 250 East intersection near Beaver Lodge Trailor Park..

Newsome's badly decomposed body was found Thanksgiving Day 1982 in Tipton County..

Mja Date : 8-23-2001-DN--015

16..Keri L Brookmeyer : Missing 3-17-2001 & Found 12-23-2001--INDIANA


Mja Inc Investigations

Keri L Brookmeyer : 27 years old

MCSD case 01-277210

Mja Case File I.D.--KLB--016

Missing : 3-17-2001 Indianapolis Indiana

Found : 12-23-2001 Homicide Victim

Brookmeyer a St. Vincent's Hospital nurse car was found in a Wal-Mart parking lot..

On 12-23-2001 her Remains were found around Southport & Mann Rd area in Decatur Township near Southwestway Park by people riding horses..

It has been ruled HOMICIDE--NO Arrest have been made in the case..It isnt clear if there are any suspects in the case..

The store parking lot is only a few minutes from where the Victims Remains were found..

This area has been an area searched for Karen Jo Smith & Lola K Fry & Shannon Turner..

When Keri L Brookmeyer was first found many people on location thought the Remains belonged to Karen Jo Smith or Lola K Fry..

But just days later I.D. was confirmed being Keri L Brookmeyer..

Our staff decided on 12-26-01 : That since we were already searching the area where Keri L Brookmeyer was found-- it was only common sense to add this case to our Case Files..

Mja Date : 12-26-2001-KLB--016

17..Denise Diane Pflum : Missing Since 3-28-1986--INDIANA


Mja Inc Investigations

Denise Diane Pflum : 18 years old

Missing : 3-28-1986 from Connersville Fayette County Indiana

The Doe Network : Case File 262 DFIN

Mja Case File I.D.-DDP--017

Pflum left her family's home in Connersville, Indiana on March 28, 1986.

She was going to retrieve a purse she thought she may have left at a party the previous night..

Pflum was last seen by girl friend that day at a Fashion Bug Store in Connersville..

She hasnt been seen or heard from since that sighting..A farmer found her car locked and 

abandoned later that day..

Missing : Denise Pflum Man Charged In Her 1986 Death


Mja Inc Investigations

DateLine News

Man charged with manslaughter in death of Denise Pflum 34 years after she vanished from 

Connersville, Indiana in 1986..

Mja started working on this case on 12-27-2001..

The case is posted on our web-site under : Mja Case Files : Case # DDP--017

But we were only involved in the search for her Remains & a one time suspect

Serial Killer Larry D Hall who onced confessed to the Crime & then re-canted his confession..

We are thrilled that someone has finally been charged..

Our Thoughts & Prayers go out to her Family & Friends..


Posted by

Mja Inc Staff

17..Denise Diane Pflum : Missing Since 3-28-1986--INDIANA


Mja Inc Investigations

The Doe Network : Case File 491 UFIN

Mja Case File I.D.-UFIN--018

Unidentified White Female : Estimated age : 18-22 years old..

Estimated Date of Death : 8 months prior to discovery

Skeletal Remains

The victim was located on 12-26-1982 in west/central Wayne County Indiana..

Found by deer hunters in a remote woods, approximately two miles north of I-70 and approximately 15 miles west of the Indiana/Ohio line..

Mja Date : 12-27-2001-UFIN--018

19..Unidentified White Female : Found 12-29-1996--INDIANA


Mja Inc Investigations

The Doe Network : Case File 177 UFIN

Mja Case File I.D.-UFIN--019

Unidentified White Female :

Estimated age: 20-35 years old

Date of Death: 12-18 months prior to discovery (June 1995-December 1995).

Skeletal Remains

Located on December 29, 1996 in South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana

The victim was located by hunters just 6/10 miles from US Highway 31, pasture is overgrown with thick brush, at the foot of a power pylon..

The terrain in this area is very rough and is only accessible by 4-wheel drive vehicles. This area is about three miles south of South Bend Indiana...

Cause of death hasn't been determined, but homicide is likely.

AKA: Authorities refer to her as " Madison "

The following missing females have been RULED-OUT as 177 UFIN :

Peggy A Davis - 1336DFIL (dentals)

Cindy Lesko - 1072DFMI

Margaret Sherman - 1316DFIN

Wendy R Smith - 1441DFON

Rene M Roof - 396DFCA

Anjanette Piotrowski - 1504DFNY

Melissa Crabill - 1281DFTX

Brenda Snouffer - 1288DFFL

Jodi Sue Huisentruit - 1326DFIA

Melissa Clifton - 1335DFFL

Amanda Fravel - 2491DFNV

Angie Lynn Daley - 1285DFPA

Mja Date : 12-28-2001-UFIN--019

20..Unidentified White Female : Found 9-6-1999--INDIANA


Mja Inc Investigations

The Doe Network : Case File 180 UFIN

Mja Case File I.D.-UFIN--020

Unidentified White Female :

Estimated age : 40 - 50 years old

The estimated time of death is 30 - 90 days prior to discovery..

Cause of death is undetermined, believed to be homicide..

Located on September 6, 1999 in Angola, Steuben County, Indiana.

Police discovered the nude remains of an unidentified female in a field northeast of Angola, Indiana, approximately 2.5 miles east of Interstate 69..

It appeared that the remians had been there for at least five weeks prior to being discovered..

A bra was wrapped around her neck, indicating that the victim was possibly strangled..

Mja Date : 12-28-2001-UFIN--020.

21..Angela Marie Hall : Missing Since August 1997--OHIO


Mja Inc Investigations

Angela Marie Hall : 26 years old

Missing since August 1997 from Elyria Lorain County Ohio

The Doe Network : Case File 2069 DFOH

Mja Case File I.D.-AH--021

Hall was a confidential informant in a drug case...A former exotic dancer at Bugsy's Speak Easy in Elyria..

Hall as an informant, purchased cocaine from Michael & Patricia Byrd four times from Novomber 15, 1996, to March 7, 1997, according to court records..

The Byrds and the man who supplied them with the drugs, were charged with threatening Hall...

The charges for the couple were to be reduced if they could help prosecutors locate Angela Hall..

The Byrds passed a lie-detector test in which they said they had paid Hall to leave the area..

But they failed the test when they said they did not know Hall's whereabouts...

Mja Date : 12-29-2001-AH--021

22..Tonia Gay Aldrich : Missing Since 3-29-1997--OHIO


Mja Inc Investigations

Tonia Gay Aldrich : 38 years old

Missing since March 29, 1997 from Elyria Lorain County Ohio..

The Doe Network : Case File 2043 DFOH

Mja Case File I.D.-TGA--022

Aldrich was last seen at Chris's Place, a bar on Clark Street in Elyria, Ohio in the evening of March 29, 1997, she was seen leaving there and walked east down Clark Street toward Concord Avenue..

Although the family has recovered her purse with all of her identification inside, her medication has not been found..She must take medication daily to head off seizures..

Mja Date : 12-30-2001-TGA--022

23..Sharon Lynn Pretorius : Missing Since 9-28-1973--OHIO


Mja Inc Investigations

Sharon Lynn Pretorius: 13 years old

Missing since 9- 28-1973 from Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio

The Doe Network : Case File 2051 DFOH

Mja Case File I.D.-SLP--023

Pretorius was last seen she left her home on Cornell Drive in the Dayton View neighborhood in Dayton, Ohio..

Procedures at the time prohibited Pretorius's family from reporting her as a missing child until 24 hours had passed..

Investigators believe she did not run away and was probably abducted and murdered..

A witness saw a girl matching Pretorius's description struggling with a man near a car at the corner of Cornell and Philadelphia Drive on the day she disappeared..

But the man has never been identified and the girl was not confirmed to be Pretorius..

Mja has a Case & Suspect Profile thats solid enough to state what direction our investigation should be heading...Mja has some strong opinions concerning this case..


Mja ground searches for evidence in the this case will be increased in 2010..One of our other cases has led Mja to Montgomery County area..That gives Mja more hours to work on the Pretorius Case..

Mja Date : 1-1-2002-SLP--023

24..Lori Jean Lloyd : Missing Since 2-11-1976--OHIO


Mja Inc Investigations

Lori Jean Lloyd : 14 years old

Missing since 2-11-1976 from Kettering, Montgomery County, Ohio

The Doe Network : Case File 2116 DFOH

Mja Case File I.D.-LJL--024

Lloyd was last seen at her home in Kettering, Ohio, on the evening of 2-11-1976. She left to walk to a nearby store..

Lori never arrived at the store and has not been seen since..

If there is any evidence in this case or leads no one has went on record to say this was true..

Mja has a Case & Suspect Profile thats solid enough to state what direction our investigation should be heading...

Mja has some strong opinions concerning this case..


Mja ground searches for evidence in the this case will be increased in 2010..One of our other cases has led Mja to Montgomery County area..That gives Mja more hours to work on the Lloyd Case..

Mja Date : 1-2-2002-LJL--024

25..Cynthia Jane Anderson : Missing Since 8-4-1981--OHIO


Mja Inc Investigations

Cynthia Jane Anderson : 20 years old

Missing since August 4, 1981 from Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio..

The Doe NetworK : Case File 287 DFOH

Mja Case File I.D.-CJA--025

Anderson was last seen at her place of employment on 8-4-1981.. She vanished from the law office in Manhattan Plaza, Toledo Ohio where she worked as a secretary..

She had arrived at work before anyone else, done her regular morning tasks and disappeared before her coworkers arrived..

She had been receiving suspicious calls before she disappeared. Because of that she recently had had an emergency buzzer installed at her desk at work..

She disappeared without a trace, there were no sign of a struggle. Her purse and car keys were gone. Her car remained outside. The doors were locked..

Foul play is suspected.

Mja Date : 1-2-2002-CJA--025

26..Cynthia Coon : Missing Since 1-19-1970--MICHIGAN


Mja Inc Investigations

Cynthia Coon : 13 years old

Missing since January 19, 1970 from Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Michigan..

The Doe Network : Case File 858 DFMI

Mja Case File I.D.-CC--026

Cynthia Coon left her residence en route to school in Ann Arbor. She did not attend school at 

all that day and did not return home that evening..

She made contact with her family twice, once on April 1, 1970 and again on April 2, 1970.. She did not know her whereabouts at the time of the calls.

An extortion-type call was received by the family on May 5, 1970. Since that time, no further contact has been made with the family..

Just think about this case,her making contact with her Family sounds like some other documented cases which would point to a serial killer that keeps some of his Victims for awhile..

This case could easily be connected with the Child Serial Killer labeled " The BabySitter " in Oakland County Michigan..

Mja Date : 1-3-2002-CC--026

27..Linda Sue Nickell : Missing Since 2-6-1976--MICHIGAN


Mja Inc Investigations

Linda Sue Nickell : 20 years old

Missing since February 2, 1976 from Flint, Genesee County, Michigan ..

The Doe Network : Case File 1725 DFMI

Mja Case File I.D.-LSN--027

Linda Sue Nickell was last seen by her sister walking from her home on Davison Road to a bar at the corner of Davison and Avalon Road in Flint, Michigan on 2-2-1976..

She was supposed to call a girlfriend by the first name of Irene..

Linda was a former employee of the Red Ribbon Bar and the Town and Country Lanes in Flint..

She was known to hitch-hike between Flint and Tawas..

Mja has done several geo-profiles on this case & used grid-markers for ground searches..

Mja Date : 1-4-2002-LSN--027

28..Dean Marie Pyle Peters : Missing Since 2-5-1981--MICHIGAN


Mja Inc Investigations

Dean Marie Pyle Peters : 14 years old

Missing since February 5, 1981 from Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan..

The Doe Network : Case File 8 DFMI

Classification : Non-Family Abduction

Mja Case Flie I.D.-DMP--028

Pyle Peters was last seen outside of a local middle school where she attended her brothers wrestling tournament in Ada, Michigan, a town outside of Grand Rapids..

Peters, an eighth-grader at Forest Hills Central Middle School, was last seen by her mother about 16:45 when she excused herself to go to a restroom during an after school program at the school..

Her wallet and makeup were left at home. Peters never went anywhere without her makeup..

Police could find no reason for the disappearance. They did not detect any family problems at home.

Mja has been checking into a suspect & convicted of these types of crimes..Due to the fact we know this suspect was in Northern Indiana about the same time..

Mja Date : 1-5-2002-DMP--028

29..Cynthia Wismiller : Missing 11-27-2000 & Surrendered 12-4-06--Indiana


Mja Inc Investigations

Cynthia Wismiller : 42 years old

Missing :11-27-2000 Kokomo Indiana

Surrendered : 12-4-2006

Mja Case File I.D.-KATM--029

Approximately 3 p.m. on 11-27-2000, Wismillers employer telephoned Kokomo police and said Wismiller was missing, along with several thousands of dollars.

At about 6 p.m. Wismiller’s company vehicle, a 1996 Chevrolet S-10 pickup with a white topper, was found abandoned in the Colonial Plaza parking lot, across the street from the ATM..

The truck was impounded and examined for any evidence, but police said no signs of a struggle or foul play were found.

Police reports said video surveillance shows Wismiller entering the ATMs and she was not under any duress.

Initially, police investigated the case as a missing person case, but about 10 days after her disappearance, police filed charges of burglary and theft against Wismiller.

Despite allegedly stealing $486,000 from area ATMs six years ago, Cynthia Wismiller is broke.Wismiller, a former employee of Armored Services Inc., South Bend, turned herself into the Kokomo Police Department after being on the run for six years...

Mja in Feb.2002 traveled to Georgia & Florida to check into possible sightings of Wismiller at the request of Kokomo Police Dept.Commander..

Mja Date:1-7-2002-KATM--029

30..Aundria Michelle Bowman : Missing Since 3-11-1989--MICHIGAN


Mja Inc Investigations

Aundria Michelle Bowman : 14 years old

Missing since March 11, 1989 from Holland, Ottawa County, Michigan..

The Doe Network : Case File 184 DFMI

Mja Case File I.D.-AMB--030

Bowman ran away from a Youth Home on 3-11-1989. She has never been seen or heard from 

again. .Bowman is adopted..

Even though she ran away Mja feels after all this time with not being heard from or any possible sightings she has met with Foul-Play..

Mja Date : 1-16-2002-AMB--030


14 Year Old Aundria M Bowman Found Deceased

Born : Alexis Miranda Badger A.KA. Aundria M Bowman

She was Adopted as an infant, Bowman was raised by her adoptive father, Dennis Bowman.

In early February 2020, it was reported the Dennis Bowman, incarcerated while pending trial for the murder of Kathleen Doyle, confessed to police that he had murdered his adopted daughter, Aundria.....

Several days later, it was announced that skeletal remains had been recovered at 200 block of 136th Avenue of Monterey Township (near the home of Bowman) in Allegany County,[concealed by a thin layer of cement.

On February 9, 2020, Dennis Bowman was extradited to Virginia to face charges in Doyle's murder......

It was confirmed via DNA that the remains were in fact Aundria Bowman...

On May 15, 2020, Dennis Bowman was charged with the murder of Aundria Bowman...

31..Katherine Ann Jones :Missing Since 9-27-1974--Pennsylvania


Mja Inc Investigations

Katherine Ann Jones : 29 years old

Missing since September 27, 1974 from Clearfield County, Pennsylvania..

The Doe Network : Case File 581 DFPA

Mja Case File I.D.-KAJ--031

On September 27, 1974, Katherine Jones disappeared allegedly with a man to whom she reportedly said she was engaged..

She left her four children from a previous marriage with a friend for safe keeping while she was away. The children never heard from their mother again..

The Family got 2 telegrams saying it was from Jones..But a Friend during being questioned by Police said she had sent the telegrams because Kathy had asked her to..

A witness said a man with dark hair and a mustache driving a red Volkswagen pulled up to her house while Jones was visiting & Jones put clothes from her car into his and the two drove away..

Foul play is feared.

She was reported missing on October 14, 1974..

Mja has been checking Jane Doe's in the surrounding area's & states for a possible match for Jones but nothing has turned up..

Mja Date : 1-19-2002-KAJ--031

32..Wendy Eaton : Missing Since 5-17-1975--Pennsylvania


Mja Inc Investigations

Wendy Eaton : 15 years old

Missing since May 17, 1975 from Media, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. .

The Doe Network : Case File 90 DFPA

Classification: Non Family Abduction

Mja Case File I.D.-WE--032

Eaton was last seen on 5-17-1975..Eaton stayed at home on Mocassin Lane to sunbathe on the roof outside her bedroom window while while her parents and brother went to play golf at the country club...

When the family returned home about 19.00, they found Wendy's bathing suit on her bed..

Several neighbors last saw her walking to the intersection of Indian Lane and Media Station Road, three blocks from her home in the Indian Trails development,..

Bloodhounds tracked her movement to the intersection of Indian Lane and Media Station Road, where she was last seen..

But no further trace of her was ever found..

Wendy's disappearance coincided with the slayings of several other girls whose remains were found in the Tinicum Marsh area..

But no evidence has ever been found that would link Wendy to those victims..

Mja is looking into the other slayings to see if there is some connection..

Mja Date : 1-24-2002--WE--032

33..Nellie Florence Cornman Flickinger : Missing Since March 1979--Pennsylvania


Mja Inc Investigations

Nellie Florence Cornman Flickinger 2313 DFPA

Missing since about March 1979 from Erie, Erie County, Pennsylvania..

The Doe Network : Case File 2313 DFPA

Mja Case File I.D.-NFCF--033

Flickinger was last seen in Erie, Pennsylvania in about March 1979...She had left previously and was located in Yuma, Arizona..

She came back to Erie from there where she tried to raise her 5 children..

She was only back for a short time when her "boyfriend" picked her up and she told her mother and children she would be back after she got her life together...

She claimed she was going to California..

A motorcycle accident in the mid 1960's in Niles, Ohio left her with screws and or plates in her leg. One leg is smaller than the other.

Marks, Scars: Numerous scars due to skin grafts..

AKA: Lindy Sue Henry; Nellie Henry; Sue Henry

This Janr Doe was tested to see if it was a match for Flickinger..

The Doe Network : Case File UF HOT Case 409

Estimated Date of Death: October 1981

State of Remains: Skeletal

Jane Doe was located in Colusa County, California on October 7, 1982..

The skeletal remains had lain near the Hahn Road exit off northbound Interstate 5 for possibly, several months..

A coroner was unable to learn the woman's identity or how she died, and she was buried at Colusa Cemetery..

In 2008 DNA tests fail to link body to missing woman 29-year old Erie mystery unsolved..

Mja Date : 1-24-2002-NFCF--033

34..Margie Jelovcic : Missing Since June 1997--INDIANA--Case Closed

12-9-09 UP-DATE : 12-26-14 Case Closed

Mja Inc Investigations

Margie Jelovcic : 30 years old

Missing : June 1997 Gary Indiana

Mja Case File I.D.-MJ--O34

Jelovcic was a violinist with the Detroit, Michigan Orchestra in 1996 when she married her husband Nasser..

Sadly, he was killed in a car accident six months after their wedding..

Jelovcic devastated by her husband's death, quit the Orchestra and returned to her family's home in Gary, Indiana.

Jelovcic soon started work managing the night shift at her mother's tavern.. She met Randy Mark Yager while working at the tavern..

Yager, unbeknownst to Jelovcic, was the regional president of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club in Chicago, Illinois in 1997..

They began dating shortly after they met and Jelovcic's loved ones said they noticed a change in her behavior..

Jelovcic and Yager traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada..

Authorities traced Yager, who had several warrants for his arrest, to Nevada..

But he and Jelovcic fled the area before he could be apprehended...

Jelovcic returned to Indiana alone two weeks afterwards and was according to her family even more devoted to Yager by that time..

Jelovcic disappeared three months later in 1997...

Investigators believe that she may be accompanying Yager.. Jelovcic is not wanted for any crime; she is considered an endangered missing person...

Authorities are not sure if Jelovcic left of her own accord or if foul play was involved in her disappearance...

The United States Marshals Service in Wisconsin issued a warrant for Yager's arrest on federal racketeering (RICO) charges and weapons charges in June 1997.. He is considered armed and dangerous...

Mja Date : 1-24-2002-MJ--034



Mja Inc Investigations


Margie Jelovcic found & now is dead..

The links below are how events un-folded..

34..Margie Jelovcic : Missing Since June 1997--INDIANA--Case Closed


Mja Inc Investigations

Kristine Kupka : 28 years old

Missing since October 24, 1998 from New York City, New York

The Doe Network : Case File 2297 DFNY

Medical: 5 months pregnant

Mja Case File I.D.-KK--035

On October 24, 1998, Kristine Kupka, an honors student at Baruch College in Manhattan, disappeared after leaving her Brooklyn home with one of her former college instructors..

Kupka and the instructor had begun a relationship when she was in his science lab..

He was the father of the child she was carrying and they had argued over his insistence that she have an abortion. She had told several of her friends that she was afraid of him..

He reportedly said he'd driven Kristine to a mall, waited outside in the car while she shopped, then dropped her off near her home...Kupka has never been seen again..

Mja is working on this case for the Reward Money & Gil Alba Investigations is working on the case for cash from the Victims Family..

Mja Date :1-29-2002--KK--035

36..Suzanne Gloria Lyall : Missing Since 3-2-1998--New York


Mja Inc Investigations

Suzanne Gloria Lyall : 19 years old

Missing since March 2, 1998 from Albany, New York

The Doe Network : Case File 2293 DFNY

Mja Case File I.D.-SGL--036

On the evening of March 2, 1998, Suzanne left from her job at a local mall to walk to the bus stop..

She is believed to have boarded the bus and was last seen around 9:45 p.m. getting off the bus at Collins Circle in the center of the SUNY-Albany uptown campus heading towards her dorm room..

She never arrived at her dorm room and has not been heard from since.. Her ATM card was used the following day by an unknown person but her credit cards were never used..

Man sought as a possible witness:Police are looking for a Black Man who might know something or seen something about the Case..

Mja Date : 1-29-2002-SGL--036

37..Dawn Andrea Svocak : Missing 8-17-1984 & Found 9-21-1984--New York


Mja Inc Investigations

Dawn Andrea Svocak : 20 years old

Missing : 8-16-1984

Found : 9-21-1984

Homicide Victim

Mja Case File I.D.-DAS--037

Dawn Svocak of Plattsburgh Ny was last seen 8-16-1984 at Blairs Bar, Plattsburgh, NY.. Svocak was reported missing on 8-17-1984 when she failed to return to her residence located at 71 Clinton Street, Plattsburgh, NY..

Svocak was found Murdered on September 21, 1984, by a local farmer in a cornfield located at the intersection of ST-9 and Stafford Rd. in the town of Beekman, NY..Dawn was last seen alive after leaving with a male subject from the Bar where she worked..

Mja Date :1-30-2002-DAS--037

38..Eve Eskins Brown : Missing 7-10-1999 & Found 11-15-2000--NY


Mja Inc Investigations

Eve Eskins Brown : 29 years old

Missing : 7-10-1999

Found : 11-15-2000

Homicide Victim

Mja Case File I.D.-EB--038

On July 10 1999, twenty-nine-year-old Eve Eskin Brown of Long Island, New York,was reported missing..

A counselor at a nursing home, Eve was five months pregnant when she disappeared..

New York Times Remains unearthed in Brooklyn are those of a missing woman..

Detective Edward Reuss, N Y P D said workers found a human skull and human bones on the ground at 63-54 Belt Parkway at 11:25 a.m. on Nov. 15 2000..

Human remains unearthed by workers at a construction site 10 days ago were positively identified yesterday as those of Eve Brown, a Long Island woman,five months pregnant, who had been missing for more than a year..

Mrs. Brown, a counselor at a nursing home, was last seen on July 10, 1999, by her husband, Larry, as she drove away from their new home in Plainview..

Mr. Brown told the police that his wife said she was going to visit a girlfriend in Freeport, but it was later discovered that Mrs. Brown's friend was vacationing in the Caribbean at the time..

Mja Date :1-31-2002-EB--038

39..Unidentified White Female : Found 11-9-1979--NEW YORK--UP-DATE


Mja Inc Investigations

The Doe Network : Case File 1 UFNY

Mja Case File I.D.-UFNY--039

Unidentified White Female : Estimated age: 13 - 19 years old..

Her estimated date of birth is 1958-1967..

Located on November 9, 1979 in Caledonia, Livingston County, New York.

Estimated Date of Death is November 8, 1979

This Jane Doe has been named : Jane Doe : CALI for years & is the most talked about Jane Doe Case on the books to date..

Died as a result of severe brain hemorrhage caused by a gunshot wound to the head..

The victim was discovered by a passing motorist in a Caledonia, NY cornfield on November 9, 1979..

She was found about 20 feet from the south side of Route 20, about one half mile from the intersection of Route 5..

She died of two gunshot wounds; one to the back and one to the front of her head..

The coroner estimated that she was killed the previous night, (November 8), the gunshot wound to her head was inflicted prior to the back wound..

The victim was apparently shot by the road where a blood spot marked the earth. Then she was dragged into the cornfield and shot again.

She was fully clothed and there was no evidence that she had been sexually molested.. Her pockets had been turned inside out, possibly to remove any identification.

Caledonia, NY is located in the Finger Lakes region of the state,close in proximity to the Canadian border..

She had tan lines, suggesting that she had recently lain in the sun in a halter top..

Tanning salons were not common in 1979, it is believed that she had recently vacationed somewhere tropical or was from a region more conducive to tanning in November..

Many Items were found with Jane Doe Cali such as clothing & jewelry..

Up-Date :

Jane Doe rests in Dansville, New York. The inscription says, "Lest we forget an unidentified girl. November 9. 1979. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."

Pollen samples taken from the victim's clothing were determined to have come from only four places: Arizona, California, South Florida, or Mexico.

Mja Date : 2-6-2002-UFNY--039



On 1-26-2015 Caledonia Jane Doe has been indentified by DNA as Tammy Jo Alexander 16 years old who went Missing on 11-3-1979 from Brookville Florida known to be a Run-Away..

40..Jennifer Jean Gordon : Missing Since 9-10-1997--New York


Mja Inc Investigations

Jennifer Jean Gordon : 29 years old

Missing since September 10, 1997 from Watertown, Jefferson County, New York

The Doe Network : Case File 1984 DFNY

AKA: Jennifer Loomis Mja Date : 3/10/2002

Mja Case File I.D.-JJG--040

She has a history of running away, but in the past, she has maintained contact with her family via a phone call home every couple of weeks..

This time, there were no phone calls. She left behind a 3 year old son.. Jennifer can be considered a drifter of sorts having spent time in the Carolina's and Florida..

Jennifer was being treated for schizophrenic and alcohol abuse, but often went off her medication because she feels there is nothing wrong with her..

At the time of her disappearance she was not taking her medication. She has been known to have a drug problem - possibly abusing marijuana or other drugs.

Jennifer Jean Gordon


Mja New York home office opened on 2-6-02..

Watertown Ny is only 160 miles away from our Ny office..

Miss Gordon become our 40th case..

Since April 2002,Mja has conducted several searches for Miss Gordon or any

evidence linked to her location..

Mja Date:3-10-2002-JJG--040

41..Brandy Nicole Wilson : Missing Since 6-4-2002--INDIANA


Mja Inc Investigations

Brandy Nicole Wilson : 24 years old

Missing:6-4-2002 Colfax Clinton County Indiana in the Frankfort Indiana area..

Mja Case File I.D.-BNW--041

Mother of 2 sons..Became our 41st case in June 2002..She has not been found..

Mrs.Wilson was last seen at her home by her husband..Police didn't find anything in the home or on the property that suggested foul play..

A Small shed outside back door..Police K-9's got a Death odor hit on shed..Suggesting Mrs.Wilson was stored in shed or evidence linked to her..

Mja saw first hand the work Clinton County was doing to solve the Wilson case..

Jane Doe found in KY July 2005:Evidence suggest she was bound & gagged..Might have been in location 2 to 15 years..

In a twist of events Brandy Wilsons dental records were turned over by the Clinton County Indiana Sheriff's Dept. to compare with the KY.Jane Doe..No Match..


Published : 10/20/2007 12:02:00 AM

K-9 Search Used In The Brandy Nicole Wilson Disappearance..

Clinton County Sheriff's Detective Capt. Rick Morgan was assigned to investigate. He has never given up on the Wilson case, nor does he hesitate to follow up on any tips or try new ventures that could turn up helpful evidence.

Early last week, Morgan gathered with Indiana State Police Detective Blaine Butler, sheriff's Evidence Technician Steve Tegarden, and four members of Mja Inc an out-of-state private investigation firm at the sheriff's office to review maps and photographs of the county..

Joining them was a 4-year-old bloodhound and his handler..A Wisconsin-based K-9 Unit..

Aided by scents from several items provided by Wilson's family and her husband, Kenny,..The BloodHound searched various locations in Clinton County..

After scoping out various parts of the county, the dog's work may result in some further investigation using other resources, Morgan said.

"We potentially have a few new avenues to look into," he said.

He declined to be more specific.


Mja Date:June 2002--BNW-041

42..Lola K Fry :Missing Nov.13th or 14th 1993--IN..


Mja Inc Investigations

Lola K Fry : 28 years old

Missing:11-13th or 14th -1993 Indiana

The Doe Network : Case File 1039 DFIN

Mja Inc Case File I.D.-LKF--042

I -Team 8 " A Life Interrupted "

Aired on WISH TV 8 NEWS on November 13th and 14th of 2002..


On November 16th 2003 Fox 59 News out of Indianapolis filmed one of Mja Inc searches

in Boone County for Lola K Fry..Copies of story can be requested at Fox 59 News


Fry was last seen in Greenwood, Indiana and was en route to Fort Wayne but never arrived.. She had left her car parked at an East side restaurant..

The car also is missing. It is as a 1990 red and black Mitsubishi Eclipse with personalized license plate that says "LOLA.

Police have a prime suspect and presume Fry is dead. However, no direct evidence exists..

The last official accounting of Fry was that she had been partying with friends at an East side Indianapolis apartment and either fell unconscious or overdosed on drugs.

Police have been told Fry was wrapped in a blanket, carried to a car and driven away by her former boyfriend...

State police records show the ex-boyfriend failed two polygraph tests.

Police questioned the former boyfriend, and he allowed officers to search his home and business..

No charges were sought against him or the people who carried Fry to the man's vehicle..

Foul play is suspected in her disappearance. Her case was reopened in 1999.

Lola K Fry became our 42nd case June 2002

Mja Date:June 2002--LKF-042

43..Shannon Rayanne Turner:Missing 12-4-1997-IN


Mja Inc Investigations

Shannon Rayanne Turner : 33 years old

The Doe Network : Case File 1910 DFIN

Missing since December 4, 1997 from Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana

Mja Case File I.D.-SRT--043

Miss Turner was employed as an exotic dancer at Babe's Showgirls West

She left her place of employment, possibly with an ex-boyfriend David Mays..

David Mays, an enforcer in the Outlaws motorcycle gang..

Searches in October 2003 in Perry Township failed to locate Turner's body on property with suspected links to the Outlaws motorcycle gang, whom Turner's boyfriend was the enforcer of..

The site was also unsuccessfully searched for the body of Lola Katherine Fry, an exotic dancer missing from Indiana since 1993.


Shannon Turner:Missing 12-4-1997- Indiana..Miss Turner became our 43rd case in October 2002..

She has not been found..

David Mays:Miss Turners boyfriend at the time.He is an Enforcer for the Outlaws motorcycle gang.He is the prime suspect in Miss Turners case..

Mayes was found not guilty in a federal trial for murdering Miss Turner..But state can still charge Mayes for her murder..

Mja conducted a search for Miss Turner off of state highways 28 East & 37 North..

Mja gained info to search this area for state highway 28 East led to Lima Ohio where Outlaws owned the bar that the Fed's had wired for sound for 5 years..

That federal investigation led to several of arrests of OutLaw Biker Gang Members all across the United States & Canada..

Indianapolis Monthly reporter Evan West went with Mja on a search for Miss Turner off of state highways 28 East & 37 North..

A small Woods & 2 small streams behind a church led to items being recovered..But nothing linked to Miss Turner..

Mja & 2 of Miss Turner's Family members including her Brother conducted a search for Miss Turner off of Indiana State Highway 28 East..

The 3 locations on 28 East searched is because of an Elwood Indiana connection & this Route can be used to travel to Lima Ohio ..

One of the locations searched was said to be a hiding place for a Throw-Away Gun & Untraceable..

They would pick up the weapon on the way to Ohio & re-hide the weapon coming back to Indiana..

It would be safe to say that gun has links to other unsolved crimes..Thats why its never on anybody's person for too long--Wouldnt want to get caught with that gun..

Mja Date : October 2002--SRT--043

44..Margaret Sherman : Missing 8-2-1995--INDIANA


Mja Inc Investigations

Margaret Sherman : 27 years old

Missing:8-2-1995 from Indianapolis,Indiana

The Doe Network : Case File 1316 DFIN

Sherman was last seen on August 2, 1995 at her home in Indianapolis..

Miss Sherman became our 44th case in November 2002..She has never been found..

Mja Case File I.D.-MS--044.

In August of 1995, Peggy Sherman lived with a friend in the 4500 block of Grace Street on the city's east side..

The night before she went missing, Peggy talked on the phone with two people - her mother and another man..

Peggy kept $50,000 hidden in a freezer, but when police came to Peggy's house to investigate, the money was gone..

Police found blood on a mattress that had sections cut out of it. DNA tests revealed there was a 99.9 % chance it was Peggy's blood..

Detectives found Peggy's blood on all four walls, a bedpost, a lamp and the ceiling.

Her parents filed a missing person report. Her vehicle, a 1990 white Chevrolet Lumina; 4 door was recovered in Greenwood, IN 1st week in August 1995.

Cadaver dogs made a hit on the trunk of a disabled car parked in Peggy's garage.

Miss Sherman's live-in boyfriend or friend depending on who you talk to Kenny Slate is the prime suspect.. Miss Sherman's blood was found in several area's of her home..

Mja Date : November 2002--MS--044

45..Lynne Kathryn Schulze:Missing 12-10-1971--VT.


Mja Inc Investigations

Lynne Kathryn Schulze:18 years old

Missing since December 10, 1971 from Middlebury, Addison County, Vermont

The Doe Network : Case File 1582 DFVT

Mja Case File I.D.-LKS--045

Schulze was last seen at Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont on December 10, 1971..

She headed across campus to take an exam when, friends said, she turned around and went back to retrieve a pencil from her dorm room..

She didn’t show up for the exam.

Later, her friends went back to her room. All her clothes was there, but she was gone. Her wallet was still in the room..

Other than a report that she allegedly was spotted walking along U.S. 7 south of Middlebury later that day, she was never seen again...

Last seen wearing Blue jeans, brown ski parka and maroon pullover sweater..

Miss Schulze became our 45th case in November 2002..She hasnt been found,,

Mja Date : November 2002--LKS--045

46..Heide Dawn Wilbur:Missing 2-8-1991--Vermont 


Mja Inc Investigations

Heide Dawn Wilbur:16 years old

Missing since February 8, 1991 from Middletown Springs, Rutland County, Vermont..

The Doe Network : Case File 375 DFVT

Miss Wilbur became our 46TH case in November 2002..

She has not been found..

Mja Case File I.D.-HDW--046

Wilbur under the custody of the state Social and Rehabilitation Services department. ´She was living in a Rutland foster home in early 1991 when she got a weekend pass to visit her family in Middletown Springs.

Authorities believe she hitchhiked out of town and was never seen again.

Mja Date : November 2002--HDW--046

47..JC Missing Person NY--Solved


Mja Inc Investigations

JC Missing Person NY was solved..Male subject wasnt missing,he left

NY and his Family and moved to Florida..

Became our 47th case in November 2002..

Mja Case File I.D.-JC--047

Due to the nature of the circumstances of the case & outcome..The Family & Friends wish to keep things Private..Mja has been asked not to reveal the location of the male involved for he has broken NO-Laws.

Mja Date : November 2002--JC--047

48..Audrey Groat :Missing 8-21-1993--Vermont


Mja Inc Investigations

Audrey Groat--Missing :41 years old

Missing since August 21, 1993 from Northfield, Washington County, Vermont..

The Doe Network : Case File 1241 DFVT

Mja Case File I.D.-AG--048

Groat was last seen alive near the Wrightsville Reservoir in Middlesex, on August 21, 1993. The area has been searched on a number of occasions.

She resided in Northfield Vermont at the time of her disappearance in 1993

Her pickup truck was found with the keys locked inside in a Montpelier Park & Ride August 21st, 1993..

Her disappearance was extremely suspicious. She is presumed deceased..

Groat left 6 Daughters behind,4 of them was under 18 & still lived at Home.

Several searches have been conducted over the years for Groat's Remains but no Evidence has been located..

Mja Date : November 2002--AG--048

49..Selinda Winegar : Missing 3-21-1979-Vermont


Mja Inc Investigaions

Selinda Jean Winegar : 16 years old

Missing since March 21, 1979 from Burlington, Chittenden County, Vermont

The Doe Network : Case File 2050 DFVT

Winegar was last seen at her home in Burlington, Vermont on March 21, 1979..

Became our 49th case on 12-3-2002..

Mja Case File I.D.-SW--049

Cindy had fallen in with a rough crowd prior to her disappearance..

The Winegars -- and Cindy especially -- had begun to get menacing, anonymous phone calls, and the family had gotten a new, unlisted phone number..

Selinda was reported missing from her Burlington home at 101 Forest Street on March 21, 1979..

She was last seen by family members watching television. Selinda's belongings were left at the residence..

She was last seen wearing a green/white striped shirt, blue jeans and low top sneakers.

After Cindy's disappearance the family got a final Cindy-related phone call from a man who did not identify himself..

"If you want your daughter, she's tied up dead at the bottom of the Winooski River," he said, and he hung up..

No evidence was found to indicate if foul play was involved or if she left voluntarily..

Mja Date : 12/3/2002--SW--049

50..Heidi Marie Allen : Missing 4-3-1994-New York


Mja Inc Investigations

Heidi Marie Allen : 18 years old

Missing since April 3, 1994 from New Haven, Oswego County, New York...

The Doe Network : Case File 1095 DFNY

On Easter Sunday, April 3, 1994, Heidi Allen was working alone as a cashier at the D&W Convenience Store..

Mja Case File I.D.-HMA--050

About 7:50 a.m., a Oswego County Sheriff’s Department patrol unit was flagged

down in the area by a citizen..

Who reported that the convenience store was open,with lights and gas pumps on, but no one tending the business. Allen had apparently vanished from the store..

Heidi M Allen disappeared from D&W convenience store while working in the early morning hours on 4-3-1994.

She hasnt been found..Miss Allen became our 50th case on 12-27-2002..

Mja Date : 12/27/2002--HMA--050

51..Lori Ceci Bova:Missing 6-7-1997--New York


Mja Inc Investigations

Lori Ceci Bova : 26 years old

Missing since June 7, 1997 from Lakewood, Chautauqua County, New York.

The Doe Network : Case File 2003 DFNY

Mja Case File I.D.-LCB--051

Became our 51st case on 2-4-2003..

She was last seen wearing gray sweatpants and a gray sweatshirt with

"Freeport Bahamas" on it, white athletic shoes..

Bova was last seen in Lakewood, New York on June 7, 1997, after having dinner in a restaurant with her husband, sister and brother-in-law..

According to her husband, they had an argument and she went out for a walk early the next morning and never came back...

Mja has conducted several searches in area's that could be a hot-zone in finding evidence concerning this case ..

Mja Date : 2/4/2003--LCB--051

52..Unidentified White Female:Found 2-14-1988--NY


Mja Inc Investigations

The Doe Network : Case File 51 UFNY

Mja Case I.D.-UFNY--052

Became our 52nd case on 2-26-2003..

Unidentified White Female : 18 to 25 years old

Located on February 14, 1988 in Mount Vernon, Westchester County, New York

Cause of death was homicide..The victim died of asphyxiation;had blunt force trauma to her head..

She was lying in a city street in Mount Vernon, New York..There are no suspects in this crime and no clues as to this woman's identity..

Many Mja staff has tried researching this case trying to find a possible MATCH..

But nothing has been found..

Many Mja staff has seen the actual photo of Jane Doe on the medical table..In her natural state when she was found..

It highly effected many of our staff members..The photo also gave us what she really liked when she was alive..Better than the Sketch..

Mja Date : 2/26/03--UFNY--052

53..Audrey May Herron:Missing 8-29-2002--NY


Mja Inc Investigations

Audrey May Herron : 31 years old

Missing Since: August 29, 2002 from Catskill, New York

Became our 53rd case on 4-2-2003..

Mja Case I.D.-AMH--053

Audrey May Herron is a Mother of 3 children..

She disappeared after leaving work at the end of her shift driving westbound State Road 23 in the Jefferson Heights area in Catskill New York..

The Routes she would have taken home was only 12 to 15 miles from her home..

She has not been seen or heard from again..

She was driving her car,a black 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee with New York license plates numbered X233UV..

Clothing/Jewelry Description: A blue turtleneck, dark green medical scrubs, a yellow

gold necklace with a pendant reading "#1 Mom," and a watch with a white leather band and white metal face...

She is considered missing under suspicious circumstances..

Mja has conducted searches for Mrs.Herron & her Jeep in surrounding area's..On one search we even used a K-9 in an area in question..

Mrs.Herron & her Jeep hasnt been found..

She has NOT used her cell phone or credit cards since she disappeared..

Mja will conduct searches for Audrey May Herron in 2010..

Audrey May Herron driving black 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee with New York license plates numbered X233UV..

Mja Date : 4-2-03--AMH--053

54..Adrian Art Ewald:Missing 7-1-03 & Found 11-13-03--Iowa


Mja Inc Investigations

Adrian Art Ewald : 52 years old

Missing : 7-1-2003 from Kingston in DeKalb County Iowa

Became our 54th case on 8-1-2003..

Mja Case I.D.-ARE--054

Mja was asked by a ColdCase Independant Investigator for Missing Persons & Unsolved Crimes,to look into the case..

Mja agreed & sent a scout team to the area for 2 days..Nothing was found but Mja learned more about the area as for locations to search..


Mja had nothing to do with the out-come of this case..But Mja can close our Case File since the case is SOLVED..

Found : 11-13-2003 outside Lost Nation in Clinton County Iowa

Body found in Iowa identified as missing man..

A farmer found a dark green Suzuiki GZ250, according to the Clinton County Sheriff's office..

The farmer contacted sheriff's police, who later determined the motorcycle was registered to Ewald...

A search of the area by deputies turned up the remains..

The Clinton County Medical Examiner's Office is conducting an autopsy on them to determine the person's identity and cause of death..

Human remains found last week in a field in rural Iowa have been identified as that of Adrian "Art" Ewald a Kingston man missing since July 1..

He died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound..

Mja Date : 8/1/2003--ARE--054

55..Shannon Sherrill 6 years old : Missing Since 10-5-1986-INDIANA


Mja Inc Investigations

Shannon Marie Sherrill : 6 years old

Missing since October 5 1986 from Thorntown, Boone County, Indiana.

Classification: Non-Family Abduction

The Doe Network : Case File 283 DFIN

Mja Case File I.D.-SMS--055

Sherrill was last seen at on October 5, 1986 in Thorntown, Indiana.

She was playing in her family's yard with several other children at the time she disappeared.

A three day ground, air and K-9 search followed but Shannon was not found.

Mja has been working on the Sherrill Case since November 2003 on behalf of Mike {Shannon's Father} & his wife Becky Sherrill..


On 11-30-2005 Becky Sherrill stated to the Frankfort Times the text below:

"' Becky Sherrill said when she and her husband first received the offer from MJA Inc. to investigate the case, they called the Indiana State Police to confirm the company’s legitimacy.

“We had him checked out,” she said, “and found out they are on the level. They’ve been very helpful and have come up with a lot of things.”


When Mja met with Mike & Becky Sherrill the first time our goal was set in stone..Beyond anything else our goal was to locate Shannon Sherrill..

The Sherrill Family & Mja started their investigation into the Disappearance of Shannon Sherrill..Shannon's case was always ruled a " Stranger Abduction "..

Mike & Becky Sherrill & Mja always knew there was a Texas connection because the State of Texas requested Shannon's Parents DNA..

What our investigation un-covered is just chilling..

Please follow the media stories located in our Crime Fourms..

Mja Date : November 2003--SMS--055

56..Debra Ann Wilhite : Missing 10-17-1974-Indiana


Mja Inc Investigations

Debra Ann Wilhite : 19 years old

Missing since October 17, 1974 from Evansville, Gibson County, Indiana..

The Doe Network : Case File 723 DFIN

Became our 56th case in November 2003..

Mja Case File I.D.-DAW--056

A mother of two small daughters..

Medical: Possibly pregnant at time of disappearance but not confirmed..

She was last seen leaving work after her shift in a green 1966 Ford Galaxy,

Vehicle Identification number: 6W66X173520..

The vehicle has not been located...

Two witnesses that worked with Debra that evening stated they saw Wilhite speaking to a man in the restaurant before she left..

One witness stated they overheard the man talking to Wilhite and he told her he had gotten there by hitching a ride on a cattle truck and asked if he could get a ride from her when she left..

Out of the two witnesses, one stated Wilhite talked to the man as if they'd previously met, the other witness stated they did not believe Wilhite knew the man..

The two left at the same time, but it is not known if Wilhite agreed to give him a ride. Neither Wilhite, or the vehicle she was driving has been found..

Because Wilhite left home for days at a time on occasion, she was not reported missing until several days after her disappearance..

Several years later, a woman stated that her father had confessed to her he had shot Wilhite, put her body in her vehicle, and then shotgunned the vehicle into a stripper pit located outside of Elberfeld, Indiana...

Because this area was a hang out for many at this time, and the pit was filled with water, it had been nicknamed "The Duck Pond".

In 1994, it was found the stripper pit had been drained of water contents and filled with approximately 30 feet of dirt in the early 1980's..

When drained, the bottom of the stripper pit contained approximately 15 feet of silt, a soft, quicksand like earth.

If Wilhite's vehicle were there it would not have been visible to the workers on site..


Mja feels if the missing Car is at the bottom of this body of water,but the slit is too thick-to see..

Than I would think there has to be something that could be done or used that could tell you the Car is under the slit..

Mja still feels in the years to come the Remains of Debra Wilhite can & should be Recovered.

Mja Date : November 2003--DAW--056 

58..Scott Javins:Missing 5-24-02 & Found 10-13-07-Indiana


Mja Inc Investigations

Scott Javins : 20 years old

Missing: 5-24-2002

Found: 10-13-2007

Scott Javins was last seen in the vicinity of 22nd St. and 1st Ave. in Terre Haute, IN.

His vehicle is also missing and described as a silver,two door 2002 Honda Civic SI Hatchback..The vehicle has a temporary IN Lic# F-269684 and the VIN# is SHHEP335324302685..

The Vigo County Sheriff's Department confirmed that the car of Scott Javins, an ISU student who was reported missing in 2002,was found in the Wabash River at Fairbanks Park Friday..

The VIN number on the car,a silver Honda Civic, matched the VIN number on Javin's missing car,Vigo County Sheriff Jon Marvel said at a press conference Friday afternoon..

Dr. Stephen Nawrocki, a forensic anthropologist from the University of Indianapolis, and his team recovered a human skull Saturday. Terre Haute dentist Dr. John R. Mast confirmed that the bones matched Scott Javin's dental records..

Scott Javins Missing 5/24/02-IN..Mr.Javins became our 58TH case in November 2003..Mr.Javins car & his remains:Found Oct.13th 2007.

Mja Case File I.D.-SJ--058

October 2007 Indiana State Student Scott Javins car was pulled out of Wabash river by a crane..

October 2007 Indiana Wabash River.. I S U student Scott Javin's car had been in the river since his disappearance..

Javins Car with his remains inside car were found in the River not far from the boat ramp..Scotts death ruled : HOMICIDE-No Arrest

Up-Date : Scott Javin's case was ruled Homicide & after conducting tests at the river the case was ruled accidental..The Parents question the evidence..

Mja had nothing to do with these events on the Javins case..But Mja Ny staff was in Indiana for our Indiana 2007 operations when his Car was recovered...

In the months ahead Mja was contacted by a third party using E-Mail claiming Mja should talk to Scott Javin's Parents again..That the case still needed our help because certain things didnt make any sense concerning Scott's Death..

In return Mja did contact Scott's Father..The Father confirmed that he Questions the findings in his son's death & why..Scotts Father shared some Info with Mja that needs to be investigated..

In return if the Victims Parents dont think the case is closed..Than Mja will still be working on the case until it is closed & solved even though Scott Javins has been found..

Mja Date:November 2003--SJ-058

59..Brianna Maitland : Missing 3-19-2004--Vermont


Mja Inc Investigations

Brianna Maitland : 17 years old

Missing from : Montgomery Vermont ..

Mja Case File I.D.-BRI_M--059

Miss Maitland was last seen at her dishwashing job at the Black Lantern Inn in Montgomery, Vermont, between 11:20 p.m. and midnight on March 19, 2004.

Miss Maitland's vehicle, a pale green four-door 1985 Oldsmobile sedan, was found abandoned on March 20..

Located off East Berkshire Road and Route 118..Across from Dutchburn Farm Road, about 1.3 miles away from the Black Lantern Inn..

It was parked partially inside an abandoned barn...

Two of Miss Maitland's uncashed paychecks were on the front seat of the car..Some of her belongings were strewn on the ground in front of the car.

The residence where Miss Maitland's car was found is former home of Myron and Harry Dutchburn,who were brutally beaten and robbed there in 1986. The crime is unsolved.

The home had been vacant for six years prior to Miss Maitland's disappearance...

Miss Maitland became our 59th case on 4-3-2004..Mja was present when the Klaas Kids conducted the ground searches for Miss Maitland on April 3rd & 4th of 2004..

On 4-3-04 Mja recovered Plate Sticker at location where Miss Maitlands car was found..

Mja knew Plate Sticker found at crash-site or crime scene didnt belong to Miss Maitlands car..

On 4-10-2004 Mja met Mr.Maitland {Miss Maitland's Father} at the Corner store that was the Command Post in search for Miss Maitland..

Later in the day Mja met with Mr.Maitland at his home not far from the corner store..That meeting lasted a couple of hours..

Mja told Mr.Maitland that Mja was interested in working on the case..Thats when Mr.Maitland told Mja there would be a Reward to collect on the case..

Mja told Mr.Maitland we wasnt worried about any Reward at that time..We could talk about that at a later time when he posts the Reward to the Public..

When Mr.Maitland posted the Reward Money Mja told him we were interested in collecting the Reward Money attached to the case..

On 7-4-04 Liga Collins went missing from Burlington Vermont..It just so happen that Miss Collins lived with Ramon Ryans who had been Questioned in Maitland case...

It turned out that Ryans had nothing to do with Collins disappearance..Collins was found dead days later,killed by a drug deal gone bad..

Please view our Photo Gallery concerning Miss Maitland's Case..

Mja Date : 4/3/2004--BRI_M--059


Possible Link : Our 61st case Maura Murray

It was only about one month before Brianna Maitland's disappearance

that Maura Murray : 21 years old went Missing from Haverhill New Hampshire

Mja Case File I.D.-MM--061

Murray was involved in a one-car accident Route 112 in the Woodsville section of Haverhill in northern New Hampshire between 7:00 and 7:30 p.m. on 2-9- 2004..

Miss Murray disappeared alittle over 10 minutes later..

Miss Murray's disappearance took place only 90 miles from where Miss Maitland was last seen...

Mja feels Miss Murray & Miss Maitland are victims of a serial killer..

We know Miss Murray's case is a Stranger Abduction because she was traveling from--MA..

60..Laurie D. Murninghan: Missing & Died : 7/9/1970 & Found 7-20-1970--Michigan


Mja Inc Investigations

Laurie D. Murninghan : 16 years old

Missing : Lansing Michigan 7-9-1970

Found : 7-20-1970--20 miles southeast of Lansing..

Mja Case File I.D.-LDM--060

Lansing Michigan : Miss Murninghan-Kidnapped, Raped & Strangled..

Miss Murninghan had been kidnapped during a robbery at the Lansing gift & antique shop..

Miss Murninghan became our 60th case May 2004..

The tragic riddle began on July 9th 1970 Laurie Murninghan was at her summer job as a clerk at Gallagher's Gifts and Antiques,a shop on the city's West Side...

Around 2:30 in the afternoon,a slim, soft-spoken Negro man,around 25 or 30 years old, entered the shop and asked Laurie to change a $20 bill...

When she said she couldn't change the bill..The gunman siezed her and struck the shop's owner Mrs. Christine Gallagher with his gun..The gun fired into the ceiling..

The man grabbed $60 from the cash drawer & fled with Laurie-Kidnapping her !!!

Witness:A black male took Miss Murninghan down an alley at gun point & disappeared...

There was a drug store next to the Gift Shop in 1970..Black male suspect left prints in the drug store on an inhaler..

Laurie Murninghan was the daughter of former Lansing Mayor Max Murninghan,

Trying to locate Miss Murninghan & her kidnapper was one of the most extensive police manhunts ever held in mid-Michigan history..

But nothing was ever found by law-enforcement linked to the Murninghan Case..

Then, on July 20 1970 young boys looking for pop bottles along a rural road 20 miles southeast of Lansing discovered Laurie Murninghan's body..

16-year-old Laurie Murninghan was found on the edge of the game area at Barnes and Meridian roads..

Miss Murninghan's badly decomposed body was lying face down in a swampy area..In a heavily wooded section of the game area only 15 feet from the road...

Several weeks later the County Coroner attributed death to Strangulation & she had been Raped..

Her Killer has never been Charged..

Mja Inc : In Nov.2004 Mja traveled to Lansing Michigan & met with Miss Murninghan's Brother..He took Mja to both Crime Scene's..

The Gift Shop & the other location where Miss Murninghan's body was found..

Please visit our Photo Gallery & view both locations..

Mja Date : May 2004--LDM--060 

61..Maura Murray : Missing 2-9-2004--NH..


Mja Inc Investigations

Maura Murray : 21 years old

Missing from Haverhill, New Hampshire

Mja Case File I.D.-MM--061

Monday, Feb. 9, 2004: Maura departs Amherst Mass., at about 4:30 p.m., leaving behind packed belongings in her UMass dorm room. She took $280 from her personal bank account.

Computer searches later show she looked up travel and lodging information for Bartlett, N.H., and Burlington, Vt.,

Became our 61st case in November 2005..

Murray was involved in a one-car accident Route 112 in the Woodsville section of Haverhill in northern New Hampshire between 7:00 and 7:30 p.m. on February 9, 2004.

Her car, a black 1996 Saturn with Massachusetts license plates, failed to negotiate a sharp curve and ran off the road, striking a tree.

Maura Murray's vehicle was then found in the town of Haverhill, N.H. crashed and abandoned on the side of the road. Her doors were reportedly locked and a few items had been removed from her car..

At 7:27 p.m., Faith Westman calls Grafton County Sheriff's Department to report Maura's vehicle in a ditch on Route 112,on a sharp turn near Westman's residence..

A passing motorist later says Murray refused his offer of assistance, claiming she already had called AAA on her cell phone..There is no cell-phone reception in that area, however, and AAA later says it never received a call from Murray..

At 7:43 p.m.,a 911 dispatcher relays a second call on the Route 112 accident to the Grafton County Sherrif's Department,saying a woman at the scene is shaken up but not injured..

At 7:46 p.m., Haverhill Police Sgt. Cecil Smith arrives at the scene, finding a locked Saturn and no driver.She had vanished by the time authorities arrived at the scene..

Fire and rescue personnel who arrive at the scene inform all units to be on the lookout for a female accident victim, about 5 feet 7 inches tall..

At 9:26 p.m., police clear the accident scene

Authorities did not begin their search for Murray until Feb. 11, to the dismay of her parents..

Maura's dad : Fred Murray of Weymouth, Mass., wants the FBI to take over the case. He believes the searches came too little, too late to save Maura, that more should have been done the night she crashed the Saturn...

Murray said police waited 11 days to interview some of the people who lived near the accident site and then did so only after they were prompted..

He said, police waited months before heeding pleas to call Dominic and Linda Salamone, who rent a condominium in Bartlett, even though Maura's phone records indicated she called their number at 1 p.m. the day she disappeared...

A possible link:

Our 59th case Brianna Maitland

It was only about one month after Maura Murray's disappearance when another disappearance of a young woman shocked the northern New England region where Miss Murray was last seen.

17-year-old Brianna Maitland of Montgomery, VT disappeared March 19th 2004 after leaving her restaurant job.

About one hour after she left work,Miss Maitland's car was found backed into an abandoned barn about 1 1/2 miles away.

Her disappearance took place only 90 miles from where Miss Murray was last seen...

Maura Murray:

Mja feels Miss Murray & Miss Maitland are victims of a serial killer..

We know Miss Murray's case is a Stranger Abduction because she was traveling from--MA..

Mja Date : November 2005--MM--061 

62..HEATHER D TEAGUE: Missing 8-26-1995--Kentucky


Mja Inc Investigations

HEATHER D TEAGUE : 23 years old

Missing 8-26-1995 from Spottsville Henderson County Kentucky

The Doe Network : Case File 1325 DFKY

Mja Case File I.D.-HDT--062

Heather Teague was last seen on 8-26-1995 sunbathing on Newburgh Beach in Spottsville, Ky. The Newburgh beach area - rural Henderson County is on the Ohio River across from Newburgh, Indiana.

Became our 62nd case in July 2006

An eye witness from across the river watched through a telescope as a man wearing a wig and a mosquito net dragged Teague into the woods...

Miss Teague's stalker may have been caught on tape just minutes before..

A local farmer was videotaping crop vandalism in the area that day, and recorded Miss Teague's car and, just down the road, a red Ford Bronco..

As a result of locating that type of vehicle through registration checks, they developed a primary suspect in the case..Marvin Marty Dill : who drove a red Bronco and had a criminal history..

When police went to question him, the suspect Dill reportedly killed himself...

Dill made comments to his wife & another person in the home that suggest Dill only abducted Miss Teague & his involvement stopped there..

Mja believes the video shows signs of anther person being there near the vehicle's..We believe that person is Chris J Below..

Below lived in the area & there is some Evidence that Below & Dill did know each other..Below is a suspected Serial Killer dating back to 1986..

Mja Date: JULY 2006--HDT--062

63..Jason Dale Bolton : Accidental or Murder 8-21-1991--INDIANA


Mja Inc Investigations

Jason Dale Bolton : 16 years old

Accidental or Murdered

Bolton's Body was found in Franklin/Fayette Co. Laurel Indiana..

Became our 63rd case on :


Mja Inc Investigations

Mja Inc is offering our services to Jason Dale Bolton's Family,in hope that we can help Jason and his Family seek some type of Justice..We have shared some success concerning ColdCases..

Mja Case File I.D.-JDB--063

First look at the Crime Scene & eyewitness statements make everything look like that Jason was laying in the road & a car ran him over..

Jason Dale Bolton : Murdered August 21, 1991

New Investigation Re-Opened Murder Cover-Up

In Franklin/Fayette Co. Laurel Indiana..

Evidence states that Jason was killed by childhood friends after a party..These so called friends made Jason Bolton's Death to look like an accident..


Published : 11-1-2006

Jason Dale Bolton's Family & many others,believe with all our hearts Jason was not only murdered, but that parts of his privates were cut off, and his body mutilated in other ways as well..

This coroners report shows this ever so clearly. His killers also ran over him as well..They were trying to make it look like an accident to the police.

There was not a comprehensive investigation by police...

Jason's Family did not know that his private parts were cut off or the other things done to him...

They only found these things out through the Rights to Information Act just recently...

His killers during the years being free went on to a LIFE OF CRIME..

They were also involved in crime before Jason's death but got away with them for the most part...

Mja looked at case photo's & Police Reports & sketches concerning Jason Dale Bolton..

Mja had some crime experts on the internet look at this Evidence..

They all stated that Jason's Death was staged to look like an accident..Jason's injuries didnt support accidental death...

Mja Date : March 2007-- JDB--063

64..Ruth Sharon Hoffman : Missing 6-30-1986-MI.


Mja Inc Investigations

Ruth Sharon Hoffman : 44 years old

AKA: Ruth Hall, Lyndon, Russie, Lindon, Vinton, Mohkloff

Missing since June 30, 1986 from River Rouge, Wayne County, Michigan

The Doe Network : Case File 1690 DFMI

Mja Case File I.D.-RSH--064

Hoffman was last seen leaving her residence on June 30, 1986, on foot, in the vicinity of the 50 block of Leroy Street in River Rouge, Michigan..

Become our 64th case in April 2007...

Earlier that morning, Hoffman returned in a taxicab to the home she shared with her daughter in River Rouge, Michigan..

She had been out all night and came back wearing hospital scrubs instead of the clothes she had on the night before..

She was covered with bruises. Ruth told her daughter she had been beaten and raped by two men known to her, after she went to a local bar for a job interview..

Ruth said she had been to the hospital and had a rape kit taken, and that her clothes were at the hospital..

She asked her daughter not to call the police. After bathing, changing her clothes and putting on makeup, Ruth went outside for a walk to clear her head..

Her family never saw her again. She was officially reported missing on July 7, 1986.

Records indicate Ruth visited a medical clinic on July 3, 1986, just days after she left home. She was seen as a new patient and was given a diptheria / tetanus immunization..

In a strange twist :

Seven years after she disappeared, on October 8, 1993, a traffic ticket was issued to "Ruth Sharon Russie" in Pennsylvania. ..

The ticket gives Ruth's birthdate and an address in Belleville, Michigan. It said her license exspired..

This lead is being followed..

Mja Date : April 2007-- RSH--064

65..BETHANY LEANNE MARKOWSKI : Missing 3-4-2001--TN..


Mja Inc Investigations


Missing : 3-4-2001 from Jackson Tennessee..

Markowski was last seen wearing a green shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes.

Mja Case File I.D.-BLM--065

Bethany and her father, Larry, had been in Little Rock, Arkansas, and were on their way back to meet her mother, Johnnie Jo, at the Waverly exit off Interstate 40..

Bethany's parents separated in January, 2001..

On the way, they stopped at the Old Hickory Mall in Jackson on the afternoon of March 4, 2001. Bethany had gone into the mall alone while her father slept in the car..

Became our 65th case on 7-5-2008..

This case Mja got to know while visiting 4 The Kids web-site..

Mja asked the one in charge of the case 4 The Kids if Mja could work on the case..They agreed..

Bethany Markowski was last seen by her father in the parking lot of the Old Hickory Shopping Mall in Jackson, Tennessee, on the afternoon of March 4, 2001..

After approximately two hours passed, Bethany's father went into the mall to look for his daughter, but was unable to locate her..

Bethany was spotted in April 2001 in southeast Tennessee with an unknown female..

Unknown Female :

  • Age: 42-44
  • Height: 5'4"-5'5"
  • Weight: 185 lbs.
  • Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
  • Eye Color: Dark
  • Race: White
  • Gender: Female
  • Distinguishing Characteristics : Dark circles around eyes.
  • Other : Witnesses say her hair was clean but frizzy and damaged. She did not look bathed, had torn and incorrectly tied shoes..
  • She appeared to be suffering from a hangover..


The FBI is offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to the recovery of Bethany Markowski and the identification, arrest, and conviction of the person responsible for her disappearance...

Mja Date : 7-5-2008--BLM--065

66..Karen Louise Wilson :Missing 3-27-1985 Albany County New YorkYork...


Mja Inc Investigations


Karen Louise Wilson

Missing since March 27,1985 from Albany, Albany County, New York...

Wilson was a full-time senior at New York State University - Albany...

She was last seen leaving The Tanning Hut at 1670 Central Avenue in Colonie, NY on 3-27-1985..

Wilson has never been seen or heard from again...



As of 6-20-10 9pm EST time Mja will be officially adding Missing Person

Karen Louise Wilson to our case files..

Miss Wilson will become our 66th case...

Mja decision & staff vote to on the case was due in great part

that Mja is already working on cases in the general area..

Mja will be notifying the concerned parties in the Karen L Wilson

case in the next few days..

Mja has had several staff meeting concerning the Wilson Case & Mja

has come up with some ideas concerning the case..

Mja has a Suspect Profile & we will follow these avenues during our


Mja has put togather a sound & good geo-graphic profile on what

areas to attack during our ground searches for Miss Wilson or

Evidence linked to the case..


Evidence such as :

Karen may have been wearing glasses.


A cream colored 3/4 length raincoat..

Light blue short sleeve pullover Izod shirt..

Faded blue Levis jeans & white sneakers..


Other Items That Could Be Found:

A 14 karat ring with a blue Zircon stone and diamonds..

A Seiko watch with a black face..

Plastic earrings..

A two strand yellow & white necklace..

A grey cloth pocketbook..

A blue nylon wallet with velcro closing..

A white and green plastic bag from "Ups N Down"..

A blue knapsack containg a yellow dress.

Mja Date : 6-20-2010-- KLW--066

67..Bethanie L Doughtery { CURTIS } Missing 4-1-08 Killawog Broome County NY..


Mja Inc Investigations



Nick-Names: Buffy & Beth

Maiden Name: Curtis

Missing : 4-1-2008 from Killawog Broome County New York..

Mother of 3 Teenage Children..

Classification : Missing Under Suspicious Circumstances..

Mja Case File I.D.--BLD--067

Became our 67th Case on 9-25-2010..

BETHANIE L DOUGHERTY was last seen in her home at 554 Jennings Creek Road in Killawog New York on 4-1-2008 around 10pm..

Evidence states BETHANIE L DOUGHERTY disappeared in the early morning hours of 4-2-2008..

At around 3:00am 4-2-2008 there were two calls to 911 from people that live near Bethanie reporting hearing a woman screaming..

This would have been about the time Bethanie would be getting up to get ready to go to work..She was in training to be a manager at the Xtra Mart convenience store in Freeville New York..

The New York State Police responded to the 911 calls but were unable to find any problems in the area..But even though Bethanie's lights in her home were on the New York State Police never knocked on her door to see if she heard or seen anything..

BETHANIE L DOUGHERTY { CURTIS } was reported missing the evening of 4-2-2008 after not being seen by anyone all day & not reporting to work..

Mja Date : 9-25-2010-- BLD--067

68..Stacey Jane Morrison--Missing since 5-20-1993 from Peoria Illinois..

Mja Case File : The Peoria " Seven "

Stacey Jane Morrison

Missing since May 20, 1993 from Peoria Illinois..

Morrison is one of several missing women from the Peoria area..

Others include Loretta Tinkham, Cheryl Murray and Stephanie C. Gibson. .

Arlie Ray Davis,was sentenced to death for one murder,was suspected

of more,died five days before a hearing on whether he should remain on death row...

But its likely that she is a Victim of Serial Killer Joseph Miller along with several others..

Became our 68th case on 1-20-12.

Mja Case I.D. SJM--068

69..Valerie L Sloan--Missing Since 9-30-1993 from Peoria County, Illinois ..

Valerie L Sloan

Missing since September 30, 1993 from Peoria County, Illinois ..

Valerie Sloan,last seen on September 30,1993 and is a presumed victim

of the serial killer Joseph Miller,although her body was never found...

Became our 69th case on 1-20-12..

Mja Case I.D. VLS--069

70..Cheryl L Murray--Missing Since 4-1-1994 from Peoria, Illinois..

Cheryl L Murray

Missing since April 1, 1994 from Peoria, Illinois.

Murray was last seen leaving a party in the Peoria,Illinois

area & reported missing on April 1, 1994...

Murray is possible victim of accused murderer Arlie Ray Davis..

Murray is one of several missing women from the Peoria area..

Became our 70th case on 1-20-12..

Mja Case I.D. CLM--070

71..Loretta L Tinkham--Missing Since 11-3-1994 from Peoria,Illinois..

Loretta L Tinkham

Missing since November 3, 1994 from Peoria, Illinois...

Could be a Victim of .Arlie Ray Davis who was connected to several

Missing Persons Cases..

Became our 71st case on 1-20-12..

Mja Case I.D. LLT--071

72..Stephanie C Gibson--Missing since 7-8-1995 from Peoria,Tazewell County,Illinois.

 Stephanie C Gibson

Missing since July 8, 1995 from Peoria,Tazewell County,Illinois.

Stephanie Gibson last seen leaving Memories Tavern in Peoria,Illinois,

with Arlie Ray Davis.

They were in a light blue, four-door 1979 Dodge Dart with license plates

MMJ 296 on July 8, 1995..

Became our 72nd case on 1-20-12..

Mja Case I.D. SCG--072

73..Shirley Ann Carpenter Trapp--Missing Since 8-26-2004 Peoria Illinois.

Shirley Ann Carpenter Trapp

Missing Since 8-26-2004 from Peoria Illinois..

Larry D Bright is the main suspect in the Trapp case after confessing

killing 8 women over a 15 month period..Including Trapp..

There is evidence that states Larry D Bright gave Trapp a drug over-dose..

Became our 73rd case on 1-20-12..

Mja Case I.D. SACT--073

74..Jamie Jo Travis--Missing since 8-30-2005 From Peoria Illinois ..

Jamie Jo Travis

Missing since 8-30-2005 From Peoria Illinois ..

At this time no details have been released to the Public

concerning the case or possible suspects..

Became our 74th case on 1-20-12..

Mja Case I.D. JJT--074

75..Stephanie Anne Lyng--Missing since 10-25-1977 Palatine,Cook County, Illinois..

Mja Case File : The Palatine " Three "

Stephanie Anne Lyng

Missing since October 25, 1977 from Palatine, Cook County, Illinois..

Stephanie had recently filed for divorce from her husband, Edward Lyng...

Mr. Lyng was arrested in 1992 and charged with the murder of his wife.

He was convicted in 1994 but has never told investigators where

her body is located...

Became our 75th case on 1-20-12..

Mja Case I.D. SAL--075

76..Catherine A Runte--Missing since May 22,1979 from Palatine,Illinois..

Catherine A Runte

Missing since May 22, 1979 from Palatine, Illinois..

Eight months before she disappeared,a man and woman armed

with pistols forced their way Into her home and handcuffed her

to a beam in the basement..

Several months after Catherine Runte disappeared,a telephone

company serviceman discovered a wire tap on her mother's home

phone In Carpentersville...

No one knows if its related to her disappearence..

Became our 76th case on 1-20-12..

Mja Case I.D. CAR--76

77..Laura Ann Johnson--Missing Since 5-5-1990 Palatine,Cook County, Illinois

Laura Ann Johnson

Missing Since: May 5, 1990

Location Last Seen: Palatine, Cook County, Illinois..

Johnson was last seen leaving a bar in Palatine, IL called

the Hob Nob on May 5, 1990...

She was accompanied by an unidentified White male witnesses said

she had met that evening..He spoke with a southern accent and

claimed to be a truck driver from Memphis,Tennessee...

Became our 77th case on 1-20-12..

Mja Case I.D. LAJ--77

78..Marcy Jo Andrews--Missing since 2-14-1984 from Chicago,Cook County, Illinois..

Marcy Jo Andrews

Missing since February 14, 1984 from Chicago, Cook County, Illinois..

Casey Nowicki was convicted or raping & murdering Marcy Jo Andrews

in July 2005 & was sentenced to life in Prison..

This case has Indiana ties Nowicki has a farm in Pulaski County Indiana..

There were several crucial witnesses against Nowicki & one such

witness states :

Nowicki allegedly called a friend to help him put the body in the trunk

of his mother's car...

Became our 78th case on 1-20-12..

Mja Case File I.D. MA--078


MJA NOTE : These 11 Missing Person Cases became Mja Cases on 1-20-12


 79.. Missing : Kelly Armstrong 27 Years Old From Kokomo Indiana


Mja Inc Investigations

Mja has joined in on the search for Missing : Kelly Armstrong..

Kelly Armstrong became our 79th case on 2-20-12...

Mja Case File I.D. : KA--079


On 9-27-2011 officers of the Kokomo Police Department were contacted by family members of Kelly Armstrong...

It was reported that Kelly Armstrong of 2501 North AppersonWay Lot # 52 in Kokomo Indiana has not been seen or heard from in several weeks..

Kelly J. Armstrong is still missing and is described as a white female, 27 years of age, with red hair, hazel eyes, approximately 5'3" and weighing approximately 115lbs.

This case remains under investigation & anyone with additional information is asked to contact :

Captain Teresa Galloway at 765-456-7326

The Kokomo Police Department Hot-Line at 765-456-7017

Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

You may qualify for a cash reward from Central Indiana Crime Stoppers..



Travis Funke : Boyfriend of Missing Kelly Armstrong Arrested On Unrelated Charges

The arrest of Travis Funke while investigating the disappearance of his girlfriend Kelly Armstrong has led to a major break in the Missing Person Case..

2-10-12 & 2-11-12

The Head-Lines Read :

Police Searching Wabash County Landfill For Missing Kokomo Woman

Police say Kelly Armstrong's Boyfriend Confessed To Killing Her & Dumping Her Body..

Family of Missing Kokomo-Mother Focus On Wabash-Landfill



The search at the Wabash County Landfill didnt produce the body of Kelly Armstrong..

But there was items found that Travis Funke had said he put with Kelly Armstrong's Body when he put her in a trash dumpster..

Since the Police didnt produce any positive results KPD pulled out of the search at the Landfill on 2-15-12...

Its many peoples opinion that the Police pulled out the search too soon & more should have been done..

The Victims Family & Mja has agreed to find the resources needed to continue the search for Kelly Armstrong...

Our Mission is to Bring Kelly Armstrong Home for a proper burial...

Mja Case File I.D. : KA--079


 80...Pedophile Ring Active In Several States ?


Mja Inc Investigations

Its possible there is a Pedophile Ring producing Child Pornography crossing several states...

The states in question are listed below :


Its been suggested it could also lead to cases of Missing Children

dating back to the 1990's...

Mja Case File I.D. US-PDR--080

Its our job to I.D. possible suspects,gather evidence on these suspect

& look for locations to search for these Missing Children...

The Male & Female Victims ages range from 2 to 15 years old..

There are two known factors that these suspects & the

missing person cases have in common..

But due to the on going investigation those factors cant be

released to the public..

There is solid Circumstantial Evidence fully detailed

& specific...

Mja Date : 4-28-12-US-PDR--080


81..Elizabeth Ann Gill : Missing Since 6-13-1965--Missouri.


Mja Inc Investigations

Elizabeth Ann Gill : 2 Years & 10 Months Old

Missing : 6-13-1965 From Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Elizabeth was last seen the afternoon of June 13, 1965, in the front yard of her home in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Mja Case File I.D. EAG--081

Elizabeth was the youngest of 10 children..

In 2010 Police investigator's re-opened the case as a Non-Family Abduction..

There is a mountain full of Leads & Circumstantial Evidence thats

detailed & specific..

This Info leads to possible suspects & their motive for Abducting Elizabeth Ann Gill..

FBI joins hunt for Cape Girardeau girl missing since 1965 Posted:

Friday, August 27, 2010

Cold Case file: Where is Elizabeth Ann Gill?

Cape Girardeau family still looking for girl missing since 1965

Posted 4-16-2012 by The AP Wire

Forty-five years after disappearance, family still searches for little girl

Jacob McCleland

KRCU Newsroom

Published Friday, Aug. 20, 2010

Elizabeth Ann Gill's 1965 disappearance now considered kidnapping


1:46 PM, Aug 26, 2010

Mja Date : 5-8-12-EAG--081

 82..Sara M Kilgore : Missing Since 10-9-2011-Indiana


Mja Inc Investigations

Missing : SARA MAY KILGORE : 32 Years Old

Missing since 10-9-2011 from Indianapolis Indiana..

Mja Case File I.D. SMK--082

At this time there are few details about her disappearance

& evidence lost..

This is due to the fact that Police failed to let the Victims Family to file a Missing Persons Report..

Over 30 days had passed before Police filed the Missing Persons Report...

Sara May Kilgore disappeared under Suspicious Circunstances & has had

no contact with her Family...

At this time there are few details about her disappearance...

Southern Indiana woman missing since October 2011

By Reba Reader

Fox 59 News

11:12 a.m. EDT, April 18, 2012

The family of a missing Southern Indiana woman is still searching for her after more than seven months.,0,2934966.column

Sarah Kilgore, 32, was last seen in Indianapolis Oct. 9, 2011..

Mja Date : 5-9-12-SMK--082

83..Nancy Lyons : Disappeared 6-17-02 Rush County Indiana : Her Remains Found In October 2002 In Bartholomew County.


Mja Inc Investigations

Nancy Lyons : Indiana Unsolved Homicide

Mja Case File I.D. : NL--083

Mja was contacted by a Sister of the Victim asking if we would be interested in working on the case..

After 2 Mja staff meetings concerning the Lyons Homicide case our staff took a vote & agreed to work on the case..Several of our staff members were very much interested & followed the case because they have Family living in Rush County..

After phone conversations & e-mails with the Victims Sister the Nancy Lyons Unsolved Homicide became our 83rd case on 6-10-12...

At this time we are collecting as much Info as we can even though we have the basic facts of the case Mja will start our investigation from scratch after all the Info has been collected..

Even though Mja knows the direction the case has taken by the Victims Family our investigation could lead in another direction..

Mja has already formed some idea's because of where Nancy Lyons was last seen alive,the way the body was found & the location of where the body was found..

Many times these factors can lead you in the right direction & lead you to a suspect..,0,2945836.story,0,4008810.column

Mja Date : 6-10-12..NL--083

 84...Stacy Peterson : Missing Since 10-28-2007--Illinois


Mja Inc Invvestigations

23 Year Old Stacy Ann Peterson :

Missing Since 10-28-2007 from Bolingbrook Illinois..

After talking to Cassandra Cales :

Who is the Sister of Missing Person Stacy Peterson..

Mja decided to join in on the search for her Sister Stacy..

Mja Case File I. D. : SP--084


Missing-Wife Case Called Possible Homicide, Husband Is A Suspect


NBC News

Deadly suspicion

Chicago Tribune


Stacy Peterson Vanished 4 Years Ago — Police Probe 'Very Active'


Mja Note :

At this time we have many avenues to follow & circumstancial evidence that needs to be investigated..

Mja Date : 8-29-12..SP--084

   85...Joey J Haines : Missing Since 6-15-1991--Michigan


Mja Inc Investigations

26 Year Old Joey J Haines :

Missing Since 6-15-1991 from Monroe Michigan

NamUs - National Missing Persons Data System - Joey Haines - MP # 18103

After Mja had phone conversations with Joey Haines ex-wife on behalf of their

Daughter : Mja has joined in on the search for Missing Person Joey J Haines..

Mja have other cases we work on in the Monroe Michigan Area...

Missing Person Joey J Haines became our 85th case on 11-7-12..

Mja Case File I. D. : JJH--085

One of the issues concerning this Missing Person Case is that Joey Haines

wasnt listed as Missing on any National Missing Persons Web-Sites..

Here are some details about the case that came from an Newspaper Article

& speaking with People connected to the case..

There was family argument involving Joey Haines & his brother Ron Haines..

Joey Haines walked out of the house leaving his Daughter & vehicle behind

& his brother Ron followed..

This was the last time that Haines Daughter Christina who was 7 years old

saw her Father Joey Haines..

It was also reported that Joey Haines & his brother Ron Haines

were in a bar and got into an argument..

They left the bar & got into Ron's van..

Joey Haines jumped out of the van and ran into a wooded area behind

a Flat Rock bar & he then disappeared...

There have been no telephone calls,no notes,& no contact from

Joey Haines to his Family & Friends..

The Victims Family state that Joey Haines Social Security number

hasnt been used since June 1991..

Mja Date : 11-7-12...JJH--085

    87... Missing : 24 Year Old Jessica L Masker--Indiana


Mja Inc Investigations

24 Year Old Jessica L Masker

Missing since 4-15-13 from Indianapolis Indiana located in Marion County..

After speaking with the Victims Mother :

Mja has joined in on the search for Missing Person : Jessica L Masker..

Mja have other cases we work on in the Indianapolis Indiana Area's..

Missing Person : Jessica L Masker became our 87th case on 9-20-13..

Here are some of the details concerning the disappearance of Jessica L Masker..

Jessica Masker was last seen on 4-15-13 after receiving treatment from the hospital..

Masker also has a premature baby at the hospital that she had been visiting on a regular basis..

But she hasnt been back to the hospital since 4-15-13..

It has also been reported that Jessica L Masker was seen at a residence on East Washington street in the late evening hours of 4-15-13..

But that hasnt been confirmed..

Jessica L Masker is a 24 year old White Female..

She is 5' 2" tall & her weight is 95 pounds with brown hair & hazel eyes..

Masker was last seen wearing a red & black jacket with a fur-lined hood & blue jeans with gray/pink tennis shoes....

At this time, detectives have no reason to believe foul play is involved, but her family is concerned for her safety...

Anyone with information regarding Jessica Masker's whereabouts is asked to call :

The IMPD non-emergency number at 317-327-3811 or the IMPD Missing Persons Unit at 317-327-6160.

Mja Date : 9-20-13...JLM--087

   88... Brianna DiBattiste : Missing 6-16-14 & Found 9-1-14


Mja Inc Investigations

Miss DiBattiste's Family contacted Mja on 5-29-15...

Mja Staff voted to work on Miss DiBattiste's Case..

This will be our 88th Case..

Mja Inc Case File I.D is : BDB--088

Mja Date : 5-29-15


By : Crimesider Staff CBS News September 4, 2014, 12:45 PM

Cops: Remains found likely Ind. Woman Missing Since June

JAY COUNTY, Indiana -- Investigators have discovered human remains that are likely those of an Indiana woman missing since June, reports CBS affiliate WISH...

The badly decomposed remains found in a wooded area rural of Jay County 9-1-2014 have been preliminary identified as Brianna Dibattiste, 25, a Dunkirk woman missing since 6-16-2014..

Mja Inc Date : 5-29-15

89... Jackie Lee Berry JR.. : Missing Since 12-16-2008 -- Indiana


Mja Inc Investigations

Jackie Lee Berry Jr. went missing on 12-16-2008 from Terre Haute Indiana located in Vigo County Indiana..

Mr. Berry went to a friend's house & was never seen again...

Mr.Berry's van was found parked near the Wabash River a few days later...

Police along with K-9 units searched a portion of the Wabash River but turned up nothing..

The 33 year old Mr.Berry is Assumed Deceased..

The friend Mr.Berry went to see on the day Mr.Berry Vanished Without A Trace was later tried for Mr. Berry's murder but was found not guilty..

Mr.Berry's body has never been found...

A school friend of Mr. Berry's contacted Mja & asked if we could help move the case along in finding Mr.Berry..

Mja agreed to work on the case on 9-27-15 becoming our 89th case & the search for Mr. Berry carries on..

Mja Case File I.D. : JLB--089


90...WILLIAM P SMOLINSKI JR { BILLY } : Missing Since 8-24-2004 From Connecticut


Mja Inc Investigations


MISSING : 8-24-2004 From Waterbury Connecticut..

WILLIAM : Goes by the name : Billy..

BILLY : Was Last Seen At His Residence On Holly Street in Waterbury Connecticut Between 3:00 To 3:45pm..

MISSING PERSON : WILLIAM P SMOLINSKI JR Become Our 90th Case On 7-28-2016..

Mja Case File I.D. BPS--090

Reward Money is attached to the case..

A mutual friend { Kathy Rivera } put Jan Smolinski { Billy's Mother }& Mja together..

Jan Smolinski reached out to Mja & we had a long conversation...

We came up with 3 common goals which the most important is locating Billy..

Jan Smolinski has given Mja permission to work on the Case & to move forword..

Mja will be sending a 3 Person Investigative Scout Team to Connecticut in September or October 2016 For 2 Days..

Then Mja will know what we are facing in all avenues concerning the Case..

Public Records : On the Case of Missing 31 year old WILLIAM P SMOLINSKI JR ..

WILLIAM P SMOLINSKI JR was in good Physical & Mental Health..

BILLY : Had No History Of Drug Use & Had No Police Record..

BILLY : Only Drank On A Social Basis..

On 8-24-2004 Billy went over to his Next-Door Neighbor's Residence to ask her if she would look after his Dog because he was leaving for a few days concerning a Car..

BILLY : Was to bring her his keys so she could go inside to feed the Dog but he never did...

BILLY : Has never been heard from again..

BILLY'S : Bank Accounts Havent Been Accessed Since His Last Bank Deposit Right Before He Disappeared..

BILLY'S : Social Security Number Has Not Been Used Since His Disappearence..

Chad Hanson told Investigator's that SMOLINSKI had been Murdered & he knew where the Body was..

Hanson claimed that Shaun Karpiuk had beaten SMOLINSKI to Death & Hanson helped Karpiuk to Bury The Remains..

Karpiuk died of a Heroin Over-Dose In 2005..

Hanson's tips led to several searches being conducted for several days in some of the search locations in 2008--2010 & 2011..

In 2011 Hanson was charged for Interfering with the Police & making a False Statement..

Hanson was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in Prison..

Both Hanson & Karpiuk are Person's Of Interest in Billy's Disappearence..

Shaun Karpiuk is the Son of Billy's Ex-Girlfriend Madeleine Gleason...

Billy had been dating Gleason for one year & broke up shortly before Billy disappeared because Billy thought she was Dating someone else..

Billy was at her Residence in the morning on the day he disappeared..

Gleason was dating a man named Chris Sorenson who lived in Woodbridge Connecticut..

Sorenson told Police that Billy had called him the day he disappeared..

In Fact the Last 3 Calls Billy Made were to Sorenson...


The SMOLINSKI FAMILY has gathered a wealth of Info concerning their Missing Loved One..

Please Visit Billy's Web--Site :

Mja will keep the Public Posted Concerning This Case When We Can..

 91.. MISSING : Janis Kay Sanders - Michigan

MISSING : Janis Kay Sanders

The 24 year old WHITE FEMALE went Missing on July 20, 1975 from Niles Michigan located in Berrien County..

SANDERS : was wearing Jewelry : Gold earrings.Gold watch with a black leather band...

Janice Sanders was last employed as a waitress at Pete's Patio Restaurant in the city of Niles..

THE 24 YEAR OLD was last seen leaving this location during the late evening hours of July 20, 1975...

The last person to have seen Janice Sanders alive was her estranged boyfriend, with whom she had just broken off the relationship...

On July 21, 1975, Janice Sanders was reported missing by a family member...

On August 5, 1975, a vehicle registered to her was located in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn located at 930 S. Eleventh Street, Niles...

Foul play is suspected...


Michigan State Police



Mja at : 518-310-1479

Mja Date : 12-2-17

Mja Case File I.D. : JKS--091

 92.. MISSING : Bernice Charlotte Gray - Michigan

MISSING : Bernice Charlotte Gray

The 24 year old WHITE FEMALE went Missing on December 26, 1991 from St. Clair Shores Michigan located in Macomb County..

Bernice Gray disappeared from St. Clair Shores after dropping off her daughter at a day care center...

THE 24 year old Gray never showed up to work as a medical records clerk in Southfield...

Gray's bloodstained car was found four days later on Detroit's east side with two empty bullet casings in it...

DNA tests later proved the blood in Bernice's car matched her own...

A witness testified that he heard a gunshot that morning...

Macomb County medical examiner ruled Gray was murdered based on the shell casings and amount of blood in her car...

Investigators believe Gray was shot twice in the head at a stop sign on Gordon and Florence about 06:30 on December 26, 1991...

Gray's purse was found about 07.00 on the day she disappeared, near Interstate 94 and Chalmers in Detroit...

Investigators and relatives dug up fields in Macomb County, probed canals along Lake St. Clair and searched sewers and abandoned houses in Detroit over the next few years...

Robert Pann, Bernice's ex-boyfriend has been the prime suspect in the case since shortly after Gray's disappearance...

He was convicted of attempted murder of his ex-wife in 1996 and was sentenced to six years in prison...

In April 2000 he was charged with first-degree murder in connection with Bernice Gray's death..

Pann was found guilty of murdering Gray in 1991 and disposing of her body..

In 1993, Pann was charged with filing a false police report after he told police a backhoe he owned was missing...

The same backhoe later was found near a 17.5-acre site at Hoover and Toepfer...

Gray's family believes she is buried somewhere near that site...

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact :

St. Clair Shores Police Department



Mja at : 518-310-1479

Mja Date : 12-2-17

Mja Case File I.D. : BCG--092

93... MISSING : Daisy Belle Marshall - Indiana

MISSING : Daisy Belle Marshall

The 46 year old WHITE FEMALE Vanished With-Out A Trace on June 15, 1993 from Evansville Indiana located in Vanderburgh County..

Daisy Marshall has been missing since June of 1993..

Marshall's former husband told police he last saw her around 14.00 on June 15, 1993, before he lay down to take a nap...

When he awoke she was missing...

The couple had divorced in early 1993, but he had moved into her apartment in April...

Daisy was reported missing by her daughter a week later, when she failed to appear at a family gathering...

Her ex husband was seen driving Marshall's black Corvette days after her disappearance...

Her purse, jewelry, money and medicine were found inside her home...

Marshall quit her job as a bartender the day before her disappearance..

Her former husband was tried for her murder in 1999 even though her body was never found...

The jury found him "not guilty" after deliberating for several hours...

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact :

Evansville Police Department

Detective Tony Mayhew



Mja at : 518-310-1479

Mja Date : 12-2-17

Mja Case File I.D. : DBM--093

  94.. MISSING : Trudy Leann Appleby - Illinois

MISSING : Trudy Leann Appleby

The 11 year old WHITE FEMALE Vanished With-Out A Trace on August 21, 1996 from Moline Illinois located in Scott County...

Appleby was last seen in Moline, Illinois on August 21, 1996..

She was last seen getting into an older, four-door silver or grey vehicle with an unknown white male...

The male was described as being in his 20's with brown, curly hair...

Trudy's father first noticed something was wrong when he came home from work and things were exactly as he left them...

Police first thought Appleby had ran away...

She didn't take any of her money, she didn't take anything except a swimming suit and a towel...

The family believe they know who is responsible for her disappearance, a friend of the family, who is a convicted child molester...

He is now in jail on unrelated charges..

A neighbor spotted Trudy inside the car, but couldn't identify who she was with..


Moline Police Department

Missing Persons Unit

Sgt. Mike Hutton



Mja at : 518-310-1479

Mja Date : 12-2-17

Mja Case File I.D. : TLA--094

  95... MISSING : Heather Dawn Mullins Zimmerman

MISSING : Heather Dawn Mullins Zimmerman

THE 19 year old WHITE FEMALE Vanished With-Out A Trace on May 26, 1997 FROM Gifford Illinois LOCATED IN Champaign County..

Heather Dawn Mullins Zimmerman was last seen going to a party at a mobile home park off Route 136 just outside of Rantoul on Memorial Day weekend..

Heather left all of her personal belongings at home...

Her purse had been stolen shortly before her disappearance and she was not carrying any credit cards, cash or identification as a result..

THE 19 YEAR OLD was employed as a clerk at Casey's store in 1997..

She never retrieved her paycheck...

Her husband was enlisted in the US Marines and stationed in Japan...

He had come home on leave for a short time, but since they were separated at the time, Heather resided with her parents in Gifford, Illinois...

Extensive searches of the area produced no clues as to Heather's whereabouts...

It is uncharacteristic of her to leave without warning...

THE 19 YEAR OLD Heather did not have access to a vehicle at the time of her disappearance...

A remembrance stone in Gifford's Roessler Memorial Park was dedicated by her parents on the tenth anniversary of her disappearance..


Agency Name: Champaign County Sheriff's Office

Agency Phone Number: 217-384-1213


Mja at : 518-310-1479

Mja Date : 12-2-17

Mja Case File I.D. : HDMZ--095


MISSING : Ashley Morris Mullis

The 27 ye​ar old white female & a mother of 3 children Vanished Without A Trace on 9-19-13 from Royerton Indiana located in Delaware County Indiana..

Mullis was last seen in Royerton, Indiana on 9-19-13

The 27 year old was separated from her husband who is the Father of 2 of the children..

Ashley Morris Mullis was last seen by her boyfriend's family...

Due to a miscommunication between that family & the Morris family, she wasn't reported missing for weeks after she disappeared...

Any one who Info on this case please contact The Deleware County Indiana Sherrif's Office..


[email protected] or call 518-310-1479

Mja Date : 3-26-18

Mja Case File I.D. : AMM--096


We have been asked by the Bell Family to look into the Death of their Daughter Brittny Bell & she is a Mother..

On 3-2-2017 Miss Bell was found Dead naked from the waist down & one of her breasts was exposed..

Miss Bell had bruises & laserations on other parts of her Body..

The Info that we have at this time gives us a very strong opinion that Miss Bell's Death was a Homicide & there is evidence to support the finding as Homicide..

What we do know :

The death-room was staged..

Pill bottles were scattered around Miss Bell's body & the Tox-Report that states none of these drugs were in her system..

Its my understanding that in Indiana for staging a death scene or any inter-action with a corpse is a Class C Felony up to 7 years in Prison for this type of crime..

Miss Bell kept her money in her bra..

Miss Bell had close to a 1700 dollars on her & it could even had been more than that..

This could explain why Miss Bell had a breast exposed..

We have been told that Stacy Moore who was living with Miss Bell..

Somebody reached in her bra to steal Miss Bells money & her medications were missing after Miss Bell's death..

Stacy Moore knew where Miss Bell kept her Money on her person..

Miss Bell had on 2 shirts & a bra..

Touch DNA could be found on those items..

The Family has asked several times where those items could are & they have never been given an answer..

Mja has asked about those items & never received a reply..

Then take into account that 3 people are threatening our clients & their Family & making very incriminating statements..

They have been trying to lure our Clients out to do them harm..

We consider this a serious matter & we need your help in getting these threats of intimidation to stop..

We also have a witness that states she seen Trent & Vincent Jones & Stacy Moore moving items out of Miss Bells apartment at around 1:45 or 2am on the morning of March 2..

We believe those items belonged to Stacy Moore..

Our Investigation will be focused on Homicide unless other evidence comes to light that states other wise..

Mja Date : August 2020

Mja Inc Case File I.D. / BCB--103

 104.. MISSING : Diane Faye Chorba

Diane Faye Chorba : A 39 year old white Female Vanished without a trace from Luther Michigan..

Height and Weight

5'6, 120 pounds

Clothing/Jewelry Description

A reddish-brown leather trench coat with a belt around the waist,jeans, slip-on sneakers and a pacifier...

Medical Conditions

Chorba was six months pregnant at the time of her disappearance..

Distinguishing Characteristics

Caucasian female. Brown hair, brown eyes. Chorba's ears are pierced...

Chorba's relatives reported her missing on July 20, 1979...

They hadn't heard from her in approximately two months..

She was seeing a married man, Clarence Oliver Bean Jr., known as Ollie..

Chobra already had a young son by him and was pregnant with another..

She also had a teenage daughter.

Authorities determined she was last seen on May 24..

When police interviewed Ollie, he stated Chorba was going to go to California with an unidentified woman..

They took Flight 191 out of Chicago, Illinois on May 25, 1979..

The plane crashed while leaving O'Hare Airport in Chicago, killing all 271 passengers and crew, as well as two people on the ground..

It was one of the worst air disasters in U.S. history...

Chorba's family hired an attorney to help find her body among the victims, but the coroner investigating the crash said she wasn't on the plane..

In May 1980, before authorities could give Ollie a polygraph test to prove his story, he moved to Oregon with his family, including his and Chorba's son..

He was subsequently interviewed there, but provided no more information as to Chorba's whereabouts..

He and his wife, Judy, eventually divorced after a 32-year marriage..

Judy stated Ollie was abusive and had openly flaunted his relationship with Chorba..

In spite of, this the two women were friendly with each other, and it was Judy who took care of Chorba's children in the immediate aftermath of her disappearance..

In 1999, Judy told investigators her husband had shot Chorba to death..

On May 24, 1979, Ollie had driven her to show to her Chorba's grave at the end of a remote road in the woods near Bristol, Michigan..

He had cut down a large tree to conceal the burial site, and buried her face-down after removing her jewelry..

Ollie was charged with murder, and Judy testified against him at the trial..

A forensic pathologist also testified, stating all the victims of of the Flight 191 crash had been identified and Chorba was not among them..

Ollie maintained Chorba had still gone to California, even if not on Flight 191, and when he last saw her she was safe and well..

Ollie was convicted of second-degree murder in August 2001..

Chorba's son was killed in a car accident in 2004, but her daughter is still alive and has three children of her own..

Her daughter said never believed her mother had abandoned her, and was certain of Ollie's guilt..

Chorba's body has never been found, but foul play is suspected due to the circumstances involved...

Mja Date : August 2020

Mja Case File I.D. / DFWC--104

 105... MISSING : Karena S. McClerkin

On 10-11-2016 a 18 year old Black Female Karena S. McClerkin went missing from South Washington street in Kokomo Indiana..

Height and Weight

5'4, 130 pounds

Clothing/Jewelry Description

A black midriff shirt, a gray hooded sweatshirt, ripped jeans and brown sandals...

Medical Conditions

McClerkin has a history of substance abuse...

Distinguishing Characteristics

Brown/red hair, brown eyes. McClerkin's ears are pierced and she wears prescription eyeglasses...

She has two tattoos: the letters "RIP" with angel wings on her right upper arm and a round symbol on the inside of her right forearm...

Her nickname is Ree...

A Female Inmate at the Howard County Indiana Jail came forword to what she had heard what happened to Karena S. McClerkin..

The Female Inmate shared that Karena was given a hotshot at a local Motel under the orders of Karena's drug dealer who said McClerkin had stolen drugs from him..

The Female Inmate went on to say after Karena's death from the hotshot she was wrapped up in a car cover & was thrown into a pond..

A person who lives close to the pond claims the Police were at the pond but the Police done no searching for the missing 18 year old & that was very surprising to him..

Karena S. McClerkin Family says the Kokomo Police Department hasnt been much help to the Family or in the search of the 18 year old disappearance...

Mja Date : August 2020

Mja Case File I.D. : KMC--105

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