Missing Persons & Unsolved Crimes & Doe's

Mja Inc Investigations : A Search & Rescue & Investigative Group

How To Place An Order 100 Percent Risk Free

 Our products are coded & simple..

The Mja Gift Shop only takes U.S.Postal Money Orders as payment..

 100 percent risk free :

You Receive your products before you pay the Gift Shop..

 Free Shipping..

 To place an order visit our gift shop & use the item code for the products you want to buy..

Never use the Cart Options..

Never use the Pay-Pal or Google Options..

 E-Mail your order to :

[email protected]

 In the Email list the item code for the products you want to buy with your address & the items will be shipped out 2 days later..

 Mja will confirm your order by sending a reply E-Mail of the address to mail the U.S.Postal Money Order..

All Profits will be used to help fund our work with Missing Persons & Unsolved Crimes & The Doe's..

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