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1980 Homicide Victim : Janet Rose Shirar--Howard County Indiana

Posted by TK & Mandy Stout--Indiana on May 2, 2011 at 9:07 PM



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The case below Mja has shared some interest in the case :


On May 26 1980 Janet Rose Shirar 29,a Bon Air Elementary School teacher was found

stabbed to death in her apartment southeast of Kokomo Indiana..


Shirar's apartment was located outside of a little town called Center Indiana..


There is a person of interest in the Shirar Homicide..


Sources close to Police Officals say a Bloody Palm Print was found on the

Victim's Bedroom window-sill..


The Palm Print was too smeared to match it to the suspect or anyone else..


The Suspect is not new to Law-Enforcement :


Also in the 1980's the suspect had connections to the Killers of Tommy & Kim Miller,

the couple were killed in their home in Howard County Indiana..


Not long after that still in the 1980's the suspect was one of 3 people involved in

fight at a Strip Club..


The person the 3 people had the fight with left walking to go home to his

Mobile Home Park not far from the Strip Club..


Its been stated that the 3 people got into a Truck & as the person was walking

home the Truck ran him over & left the scene..


Witnesses at the Strip Club who witnessed the fight & one guy leaving & a few

minutes later the other 3 people left gave their statements..


After Police questioned the 3 people about the hit & run Death no arrest were made..


Because none of the 3 people would say who was driving Truck..


All 3 people asked for a Lawyer..


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Mja Inc--TK Stout--IN..


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