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Extreme Serial Killer : Rodney Alcala

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on December 28, 2010 at 7:55 PM



Mja Inc Investigations


During doing some research Mja found some things that was very interesting..


It has come to our attention that Serial Killer Rodney Alcala could be the one who abducted Audrey Lyn Nerenberg on 7-15-1977..


Here is why :


Rodney Alcala while in New York City used the name AKA:John Berger.


On June 12 1971 someone raped Cornelia "Michael" Crilley & strangled her with her own nylon stockings..


Leaving her dead in her apartment at 427 E. 83rd Street..


The 23-year-old TWA flight attendant had just moved to the block,back then famous among Manhattan singles for its unusually high concentration of stewardesses and secretaries..


NYPD now believe that Rodney Alcala committed the crime,& say that saliva evidence ties him to the crime scene..


NYPD investigators believe Alcala murdered a Young Manhattan Socialite on 7-15-1977..


Ellen Hover 23 was last seen in her apartment on Third Avenue

at 44th Street on July 15, 1977..


Her datebook showed that she had an appointment to meet with one John Berger that same day..


Hover's family took out an ad in The New York Times,soliciting

information on the mysterious John Berger..


In 1978 a tip to the FBI pointed out that a New Hampshire drama camp counselor named John Berger had been taken away by the police a few years before..


The FBI learned Rodney Alcala AKA : John Berger was wanted & arrested in August of 1971 for 1968 California abduction & rape of a 8-year old girl..


Despite indications that the 8 year old girl would have died from her injuries had a witness not led police to Alcala's apartment so quickly..


Rodney Alcala served only 34 months..


The FBI finally connected the dots & questioned Alcala in Los Angeles..


He admitted knowing Ellen Hover,but investigators hadn't yet found

her body,so they let him go and apparently filed the case away..


Ellen Hover's body was eventually found on the Rockefeller

estate in North Tarrytown,N.Y..


Just miles from a Hover family summer house & mere yards from where an

aspiring model would later report that "Berger" had taken photos of her..




The Hover & Nerenberg Cases happened on the same day & if you yahoo map out the 2 locations where the victims were last seen they were only 6 miles apart..


Where Hover's body was found & where Nerenberg went missing its only 36 miles away..


If you map out the crime in 1971 & the two crimes in 1977 they are within 10 miles of each other..


Maybe its an area of his comfort ZONE in New York City..


Mja strongly feels that Audrey Lyn Nerenberg remains will be found in this same area..


Mja strongly feels this avenue should be investigated..



Posted by :


Mja Inc--TK Stout--IN..

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