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Mja Crime Forums Post New Entry


Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on May 8, 2017 at 2:55 PM


Mja Inc Investigations

Cases State By State


8 Missing Females & 2 Jane Doe's

Photo's concerning these cases can be found at our :

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Welcome To California


Missing Persons Cases & Jane Doe Cases

The Doe Network has 1176 people listed as Missing from California..

726 Males & 450 Females

The Doe Network has 666 people listed as Unidentified that have been found in the State of California..

John Doe's 444 & Jane Doe's 222


20 Year Old White Female Vanishes With-Out A Trace

MISSING : 20 year old Dixie Lee Arensen

Dixie Lee Arensen went Missing on 8-25-1968 from Los Angeles California located in Los Angeles County...

The 20 year old Arensen was last seen by her husband when she left home at 07:30 to prepare a church bulletin at the church office...


Welcome To California


31 Year Old White Female Disappears With-Out A Trace

MISSING : 31 year old Ann Bernice Duncan

The 31 year old Duncan went Missing on 10-3-1969 from San Francisco California..

On 10-3-1969 Duncan was headed for an appointment with Social Services in San Francisco..

Regarding placement of her then 6 week old infant son in foster care...

The 31 year old Duncan never showed up for her next appointment..

Family feels she would not have abandoned her children...


Welcome To California


The 19 year old White Female Vanished With-Out A Trace

19 Year Old Cindy Lee Mellin went Missing on 1-20-1970 from Ventura California located in Ventura County.. 

Miss Mellin was employed at the Broadway Department Store in the Buenaventura Shopping Center...

She left work shortly after closing on the night of 1-20-1970...


Miss Mellin was last seen standing next to her car in the shopping center parking lot as a unidentified male changed her tire..


When Miss Mellin failed to return home that night her father went to the shopping center looking for her & found her car still up on a jack with the flat tire still attached..


Welcome To California


Welcome To Honeydew California Missing Persons Cases--1977

The 32 Year Old White Female Mary Elizabeth Stuart [ Mother of Two ]went Missing on 12-10-1977..

MISSING : 3 Year Old White Female Jessie Flo Stuart

MISSING : 2 Year Old White Female Fannie Fawn Stuart

On 12-10-1977 A Mother & Her 2 Young Daughters Missing From Humboldt County....

The Mother & 2 Daughters left Honeydew California in Humboldt County in a red Opel station wagon..

The Stuart Females was supposed to return before dark...

About one month after their disappearance station wagon was found abandoned a few miles from their home...


Welcome To California


20 Year Old White Female Vanishes With-Out A Trace

MISSING : 20 Year Old Jennifer Joyce Downs

Jennifer Joyce Downs went Missing on 5-14-1991 from San Jacinto California located in Riverside County..

Miss Downs was last heard from in Hemet California on 5-14-1991..

She called her mother's San Jacinto California home from a pay phone at Weston Park in Hemet California...


Miss Downs had planned to come home but told her mother she had met with some friends & would be home later..

She never picked up her last paycheck from her place of work at Carl's Jr. in Bermuda Dunes California...


Welcome To California


Welcome To Ontario California : 1994 Missing Person Case

18 year old White Female Vanished With-Out A Trace

MISSING : 18 Year Old Michelle Jean Barnett

Miss Barnett has been Missing since 5-30-1994 from Ontario California...

Miss Barnett's mother received a phone call 2 weeks later by an unknown person telling her that Michelle was in danger..

In May of 1995 Michelle's' mother received another call from a woman who said that in August or September of 1994 her younger brother had confessed to an older brother that he had killed Michelle...

The older brother threatened the younger brother with going to the police so he killed him...


The younger brother was convicted of his brothers murder..

He is currently serving a 29 year to life sentence...


Other information also points to this man as Michelle's murderer..


But he has never been charged...


Welcome To California

UNIDENTIFIED : Jane Doe Case -- 7

The Unidentified White Female was Located on 8-3-1969 near a quarry on Pacific Coast Highway 1 south of Lompoc California located in Santa Barbara County..

Remains of a the White Female who could be 16 to 25 years old died of multiple stab wounds & a slit throat...

Jane Doe lay a few feet down an embankment..

Jane Doe's body dragged there across dust & scrub brush & dumped behind a cluster of rocks within sight of old Highway 1...


Investigators believe the Unidentified White Female was killed there..

The Victim was stabbed numerous times...


Welcome To California

UNIDENTIFIED : Jane Doe Case -- 8

Unidentified White/Hispanic Female

Jane Doe was discovered on 4-20-1978 in Carson California located in Los Angeles County.. 


The Jane Doe victim was about 14 to 20 years of age..

Jane Doe was found buried in a commercial flower field in the 19300 block of South Wilmington Avenue in Carson California..

Two Hispanic males were seen driving away in a 1970 dark blue Vega Hatchback from the site where Jane Doe's body was found.. 



The Jane Doe had a 3-inch vertical scar on her abdomen & stretch marks,indicating that she possibly had a child...


Anyone having information about the identity of this female or the males seen driving from the scene is asked to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff?s Department...


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