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Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on November 13, 2016 at 12:00 AM


Mja Inc Investigations

Photo's concering these cases can be located @ Mja Case Photo Gallary

Click on Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's

Go to : Page-- 68

Stating Photo : 4021


Ending Photo : 4080




HOMICIDE VICTIM : Dolores Della Penna

The 17 year old Dolores Della Penna's had last been seen leaving her house in the city's Tacony neighborhood in Philadelphia  on July 11...

In July 1972 parts of Dolores Della Penna's body were found in two separate South Jersey locationS..

Della Penna was a 17-year-old Philadelphia school girl who was tortured, gang raped, murdered by dismemberment, & beheaded in the Kensington neighborhood in July, 1972...

Penna's torso & arms were later located in Jackson Township New Jersey. .

Her legs were found in adjacent Manchester Township New Jersey..

Her fingertips had been removed from her hands to prevent fingerprint identification & her head has never been found..

Her murder is unsolved..




HOMICIDE VICTIM : Athalia Ponsell Lindsley

The 56 year old Lindsley was a former Model & Broadway Dancer..

Lindsley was political activist & television personality on the show Winner Take All...

Lindsley was murdered by unknown assailant on the front steps of her home in St. Augustine Florida...

The 56 year old Female was fatally assaulted with a machete on the porch of her St. Augustine Florida, home on 1-23-1974..

The investigation centered on a neighbor that Lindsley was having a dispute with at the time..

The Neighbor was tried & acquitted due to mishandling of the evidence...

No other suspects have been named...

That case also remains unsolved...






Perry was a newlywed 19-year-old receptionist who was murdered inside Stanford Memorial Church within the grounds of Stanford University on 10-12-1974..

The murder of Arlis Perry has remained unsolved for 41 years as of 10-8-2016..

The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office are still actively seeking information on the case..

On 10-12-1974 Arlis Perry parted from her husband after an argument to visit the Memorial Church on campus (just before midnight)...

Perry's body was discovered in the church by security guard and member of Stanford Police Department...

The Body was discovered approximately 05:45 a.m the following morning on 10-13-1974..

Arlis Perry was found face up & had been killed from a blow to the back of the head from an ice pick & she had also been strangled... 

Perry was naked from the waist down & a three-foot long altar candle had been inserted into her vagina...

A second candlestick was pushed up under her blouse & between her breasts...




HOMICIDE VICTIM : Betty van Patter 

The 52 year old Female Van Patter went missing on 12-13-1974..

Betty van Patter, 52, bookkeeper for the Black Panther Party..

After serving as a bookkeeper for Ramparts magazine..

Van Patter became an aide to Panther leader Elaine Brown in 1974 after being introduced to the Party by David Horowitz...

Van Patter went missing on 12-13-1974..

Some weeks later Van Patter's severely beaten corpse was found on a San Francisco Bay beach...

There was insufficient evidence for police to charge anyone with van Patter's death..

But the Black Panther Party was almost universally believed to be responsible..

Van Patter was last seen leaving a San Francisco tavern on 12-13-1974..


It has been believed that members of the Black Panter party were behind her death..


Van Patter had reportedly uncovered financial irregularities that pointed toward criminal activity...

But authorities have never named any suspects...



HOMICIDE VICTIM : Tammy A. Vincent

Vincent was an American teenager who was murdered in September 1979 in Tiburon California..

Vincent's body was not identified until 2007 some twenty-eight years after her murder...

Despite the fact that her identity was discovered the case remains unsolved..

A prime suspect has been selected...

It was believed Vincent may have been a victim of the notorious Green River killings...

Ridgway had to be known to be in the area..

Ridgeway had 49 Victims..

Gary Ridgway has since pleaded guilty to most of these killings plus six additional murders...



MISSOURI : Two Missing Females

Missing :  Rita L. Rinehart [ White Female ]

The 32 year old Vanished With-Out A Trace on 4-18-1980 from Kansas City Missouri..

Ms. Rinehart truck was located by Rinehart's husband's brother at the 707 Truck Stop, Interstate 70 & 7 Highway in Blue Springs Missouri on 5-19-1980..

The truck appeared to have been towed to that location & had been there since at least 5-1-1980...

It had items, including a shovel, a rope, & a serrated knife in the truck, along with a woman's purse...

At the time of her disappearance, Rinehart had a pending court case against her husband...

At one point her husband had held a gun to her head & Rinehart was extremely afraid of him...

Rinehart was known to communicate with truckers via CB Radio, using the call name “Wild Woman.”...



MISSING :  Gloria June Palmer [ White Female ]

The 44 yrea old Palmer went Missing With-Out ATrace on 6-29-1989 from St. Joseph Missouri..

Mrs. Palmer was last seen driving away from the Painted Pony Lounge on I-29 Southbound onto I-229 alone...

The 44 year old had been out with her sons Bill & David Palmer celebrating David's 21st birthday...

Palmer's vehicle was located parked in the garage with no signs of foul play at the residence...



Missing : Lorraine Rea Herbster  [ White Female ]

The 17 year old went Missing 3-9-1979 from Westampton Township New Jersey...

Herbster was last seen on 3-9-1979 in Westampton Township, New Jersey while walking home from her new job at a Mount Holly electronics firm...

Herbster's car & purse were found in her Westampton front yard following her disappearance...

Police have never been able to substantiate persistent rumors she was slain & her body dumped at a local construction site...



MISSING : Cathleen Marie Martin [ White Female ]

The 28 year old Martain went Missing With-Out A Trace on 5-13-1987 from Cape New Jersey..



Martin was last seen on 3-13-1987 in Cape May New Jersey..

Cathleen Marie Martin boarded a plane en route to Ft. Lauderdale Florida...

Upon arrival stayed for an extra week...

Never returned home...

She left 2 small children with sister...



MISSING : Rachael Elizabeth Garden

The 15 year old white female vanished without a trace on 3-22-1980 from Newton New Hampshire..


Rachael was last seen at a Rowes Corner Market on Route 108 in Newton, NH at approximately 9:00 pm on 3-22-1980..

She bought a pack of cigarettes she left the store heading north toward North Main Street. ..

Garden was a regular customer at the store...

In her free time Rachael often walked the quarter-mile down to Rowe's Corner Market, looking for some excitement..

Rachael was considered a runaway by police in the first months after her disappearance...


Over the years police investigators have checked numerous leads including using dogs & excavated sites looking for remains..

Her parents have consulted psychics and hired private investigators to no avail...

Years later at least two witnesses reported seeing Rachael talking to three young men in a dark car in the vicinity of Rowe's Market and Maple Avenue...



MISSING : Maura Murray [ White Female ]

21 year old Nursing Student from U Mass went missing on 2-9-2004 from Haverhill New Hampshire better location would be Woodsville NH..

Murray was involved in a one-car accident Route 112 in the Woodsville section of Haverhill in northern New Hampshire between 7:00 and 7:30 p.m. on 2-9-2004...

Her car a black 1996 Saturn with Massachusetts license plates failed to negotiate a sharp curve & ran off the road striking a tree...


Maura Murray's vehicle was then found in the town of Haverhill, N.H. crashed & abandoned on the side of the road...

Her doors were reportedly locked & a few items had been removed from her car..

A passing motorist later says Murray refused his offer of assistance..

Haverhill Police Sgt. Cecil Smith arrives at the scene finding a locked Saturn & no driver...

Miss Murray had vanished by the time authorities arrived at the scene..

We know Miss Murray's  case is a Stranger Abduction because she was traveling from--MA..



Missing : Starlette Vining [ White Female ]

The 39 year old went Missing in October 1998 from Presque Isle Maine..

It was brought to the attention of the Maine State Police at the end of 2006 that Starlette Vining, who last resided in the town of Presque Isle may be a missing person..

The investigation shows that Vining last worked at Smythe's IGA in Presque Isle and that she last appeared for work there in October 1998...

Vining's former husband & her three children last saw her in 1998 as well...

Vining has had a history of relocating but has never been out of her family's lives for more than a few years at a time...

Update : George Jaime Sr. was convicted of Slarlette's murder. Her body has not beed located...



MISSING : Marilyn J. Lehan [ White Female ]

The 47 year old went Missing on 7-2-2002 Eastport Maine..

Marilyn was last seen by family in July 2002 when they visited with her at her residence in Eastport Maine...

Marilyn's husband moved away & indicated that she told him she was going to a Catholic retreat in the Montana area...

Marilyn has not been heard from since...


Posted by :

Mja Inc--Mark







Categories: Unsolved Crimes, Missing Persons

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