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Mja Serves Our Communities & Educate's

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on August 25, 2016 at 5:50 PM


Mja Inc Investigations

One of our best Resources is our Young Staff Members..

Our first Public Relations Director was 16 years old { with her Parents permission } & in her 3rd year of High School..

She was first in her Debate Class & she could hold her own during an interview..

At 14 to 16 years of age { with their Parents permission } we had teenage Males as Water Runners or equipment runners...

Someone would always met them out of the search area..

They would pack a bag for each Searcher : 2 Drinks--Wiki-Taki or cell phone & camera...

Evidence gloves & bags..A twenty foot rope & 100 search markers..

Sometimes they would stay with the Vehicles & run Radio traffic for those that are searching..

At 16 years old { with their Parents permission } they would be allowed to take part in the Search..

Remind you that most of these teenager's were Boy-Scouts & Cadet Explorers from county law-enforcement agencies..

Mja also gives exam's to teenage volunteers to see what their strongest field might be..

Whats shocking was their test score averages : The highest is 97.4 & the lowest is 93.7..

These were exam's I took over the last 40 years..

Now their all grown-up & are top-notch in what they do for Mja..

Our youngest Staff Member at this time is 17 years old & also a Family Member..

In the beginning Mja use to appear as speakers at Parent Groups & Schools to educate the Children on how to stay safe..

In the last 8 months Mja is getting back into that avenue..


Mja also serves for the Court Systems & Probation Departments...

Mja has had volunteers that were charged with a petty crime & was given Community Service..

They would work off those Community Service hours going on Searches with Mja & candle-lite Vigils..

Some would have 100 to 500 Community Service hours..

2 of those people ended up joining our Group : One Female & 1 Male..


Then along comes Dan who I had met concerning a Case...

Dan was going to College & done his Intership with Mja & Dan ended up joining Mja...

Dan got his degree..


Today Mja was concacted by a College saying the students are having a hard time finding Internships were its hands on Training..

Asked if we would like to have some Intern's ?

In 2017 its possible that Mja will be adding 10 Internship Students to our Staff for 140 Hours..

Each Students Internship is 140 Hours..

The leading factors for them reaching out is our educational web-site & other sites we post on & the Blog Radio Shows Mja had done where we were Guest Speaker's on The Show..

As I have always said the more you educate Investigators could bring different ways of thinking & with different opinions...

One of those different Avenue's could be Correct..

Mja is on-hands Training & its an Honor to help Educate the Public..

Mja has been Blessed with the relationships we gained in the past 3 years..


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Mja Inc Staff



Categories: Missing Persons, Unsolved Crimes