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Missing : Felix Torres Morales

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on May 5, 2016 at 9:50 PM


Mja Inc Investigations

Missing : 21 Year Old From Chicago Illinois

Felix Torres Morales (DOB 26-Aug-1955) was last seen around June or July of 1977 in Chicago Illinois when he was 21 years old..

Professional reconstruction artist Carl Koppelman-on Facebook- was asked by a woman named Marcelina Torres to do an age progression of how her brother Felix Torres Morales might look today at age 60..

Marcelina is in search of her missing brother..

His recon appears on his Facebook page..


Photos for these cases can be found at :

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Ending Photo :  3591


Felix Torres Morales traveled to Buffalo New York from Chicago...

His sisters received a couple of letters from him, sent from the Bronx area..

But they never heard from him after that..

No phone calls were ever received from him...

38 years after he was last seen, Felix Torres Morales is still MISSING...

Problem in the family searches is this: there are a lot of Felix Morales and Felix Torres Morales(or just Felix Morales) in Bronx New York & California-but none checked out on online search websites-have right age or birthdate/year..

Felix Torres Morales left Chicago Illinois at age 22 for Buffalo New York with friends..

The 22 year old Morales was there in 1978-then went on with friends to Bronx NYC...

There was for two years-in which Felix Torres Morales wrote a few letters to family in Chicago, via his girlfriend, Nilsa Morales..

Family thinks he met Nilsa in Buffalo New York..

All they know is she was originally born in Cuba...

Family doesn't know if she and Felix ever married-they never said-and family lost total touch with Felix within 2 yrs after he went to Bronx New York..

In 1979 or 1980 Felix Torres Morales wrote a few letters that were addressed from 10-10 Hazen St., Elmhurst, NY-which was Riker's Island minimum security-where they serve a sentence of a year or less...

Felix Torres Morales had stated that he'd been arrested-but not for what or how long he was there..

His letters return address had also his name as Felix Torres...

The Dept. of Corrections in NYC-was called there-and they said their records only go back to 2004,& we would need an ID/prisoner number to search for him there...

We never got that from Felix.!

Found a Felix Torres that was buried in Potters Field on Harts Island, NYC-same age-but name not listed as Felix Morales..

We called there and they only go by Dental records, and we don't have those for Felix, as his Dentist in Chicago, Illinois he went to-long since retired and his office is now another business...

Felix went to school in Chicago..

To a vocational school and High school..

William Wells High School, 936 N Ashland Ave. Chicago Illinois..


Posted by :

Mja Site Member---Shane


Categories: Missing Persons

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