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17 Year Old Brianna Maitland Vanished 10 Years Ago..

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on March 23, 2014 at 2:20 AM


Mja Inc Investigations


As Mja watched the media coverage in memory of Miss Maitland who vanished on 3-19-2004..

Its a broken record playing over & over again..

Some of Miss Maitland's friends claim they know what happened to
Miss Maitland..

Even then these friends disagree with the events that took place...

Some say Miss Maitland owed the wrong person money for drugs & that person was in Miss Maitland's car when she left work..

Then some say she met that person at the location where her car was found..

Then some say Miss Maitland's car was staged at that location..

Some of Miss Maitland's friends dont even agree to what Miss Maitland's drug of choice was or what type of drug she owed money on..

All of Miss Maitland's friends views are very good opinions..

But if you look at it long enough these opinions have no-merit..

Its a given if you murder someone who owes you Money you will
never see that money...

Its not good business sense...

If they were trying to make a point :

Well it only works if you let it be known that you murdered Miss Maitland...

Once again meaning another person would know about the murder..

Miss Maitland was working 2 jobs & there was 2 pay-checks
 of Miss Maitland's found in her car..

So its a given that if Miss Maitland owed someone money
they were going to get paid...

It seems many believe they know what happened to Miss Maitland...

But as an Investigator I ask :

If you have all these details then why dont you know the person Miss Maitland owed money or who could have been in her car ?

I ask :

Why dont you know some sort of direction to start searching for Miss Maitland ?

Then you have to take into account that if Miss Maitland's friends opinions do have merit you have to ask who is the second person involved..

If someone was in Miss Maitlands car or the car was staged at the location then someone would have had to pick that person up..

They didnt walk away from the scene...

Our investigation concerning Miss Maitland's disappearance started on 4-3-2004...

Here is what we learned about the drug world in Franklin & surrounding counties...

Starting on 4-3-2004 to 7-5-2004 Mja had done found several pot growing operations & 2 make-shift Meth labs in the mountions during our seraches for Miss Maitland..

Mja identified some of the people & their vehicles & locations involved in these drug operations..

Because no one could keep their mouth shut...

That brings us to another avenue :

There is a big enough Reward being offered in this case that if it was drug related someone would have came forword with the Info to collect the Reward..

We confronted alot of these people & Mja let it be known it wasnt a secret why Mja was in the area..

Mja laid down the ground rules :

When Mja was in the area searching for Miss Maitland  that we would be left alone..

We have their permission to search their property..

When Mja was in the area no drug dealing..

After all they were in a position where they couldnt really say NO..

Yes many didnt take our word seriously about the drug dealing...

But they got the picture after their plate numbers was given to Police & their pot growing operations was tagged with GPS...

From 4-3-2004 to November 2010 Mja costs some of the drug dealers thousands of dollars & some even relocated to other states...

But their troubles didnt stop when they left Vermont...

Mja notified the Police Agencies in those other states & Mja gave them Intel on the drug dealers & pot growers..

The point of the matter is :

If these people cant cover up their drug operations from strangers from New York..

Are we to believe they are smart enough to murder Miss Maitland & hide her good enough to where she hasnt been found yet ?

You must remember we interviewed the so called main suspects of the case more than once & the investigators that interviewed the suspects has 70 years plus of investigative experience..

None of the usual suspects thats been profiled concerning Miss Maitland was bright enough to carry-out such a crime & leaving no trace behind..

Yes many could rape & murder & a couple of them had but they would leave some trace behind...

Its even possible that the guilty one is a drug dealer but what Mja is saying even if that would be true--they have done this type of crime before...

No one gets it right the first time doing this type of crime & leaving no trace--not even serial killers they make mistakes in the beginning...

Mja is still very active in the search of Miss Maitland & our 2014 searches for Miss Maitland will start soon..


Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff

Categories: MP--2000's, Unsolved Crimes

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