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Karen Jo Smith : Missing since 12-27-2000-INDIANA

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on December 5, 2009 at 5:20 PM


Mja Inc Investigations

Karen Jo Smith

Mja Case File I.D.-KJS--001

Karen Jo Smith became our company's very first case..

Reward Money was attached to the case..

The location of the area where the Victim disappeared from was only 2 hours from our Indiana Home Office.


Mja contacted the Victims Family & offered our services & that Mja was interested in collecting the Reward Money..

An agreement was reached & less than 3 months later Mja met Karen Jo Smith's Family at a Public Diner..

Karen Jo Smith's Family & Mja knew that our main suspect in the disappearance of Karen Jo was the ex-husband Steve Halcomb..

Mja has always considered it an Honor to be working on Karen Jo's Case..

After our meeting Mja went & took photo's & laid down search markersof Area's the Victims Family wanted searched..

One of those locations in the Families Files was an Area that Mja had already started searching..

Mja watched the endless fight the Victims Family took & met head on toget the ex-husband Halcomb convicted & locked-up,even  " With-Out A Body "..

For some reason the ex-husband Halcomb had it in his mind with No Body-there would be no arrest or conviction..


Karen Jo's Family seen our work on the case first hand & soon after started talking to other Families that might need the services that Mja provides..

Mja Inc grew solid & quick,way beyond what anyone could have seen while founding Mja..


Karen Jo Smith & Her Family are always on our Minds & in our Hearts.

.Mja highly respects Karen Jo's Family & their endless work in trying to locate Karen Jo..

Mja Loyality is to the Victim & the Victims Family..


Karen Jo Smith--Media File



Missing Karen Jo Smith

WTHR Channel 13 News


December 29, 2000

Police need help with missing person case 


Investigators need your help solving a mystery.

Thirty-five-year old Karen Smith disappeared two weeks ago without a trace...

Investigators hope her ex-husband’s picture and car will lead to answers...

Smith’s family believes her ex-husband, Steve Halcomb, had something to do with her disappearance two weeks ago..

Jeff Klinck is Karen’s cousin. “She was scared to death of the man. He, I want to say, terrified her emotionally...

He was very abusive emotionally.”

According to Smith’s children, they all went to bed Wednesday night December 27th. But when they woke up their mother was gone..

So was her purse,but her shoes were still there..

Halcomb, who was staying at the home, was also missing and he just re-surfaced this week after turning himself in to police for parole violation...

Investigators impounded his car, a 1983 light blue Ford LTD...

“We also have processed the vehicle that we are looking at and we’re seeking the public’s help at this point, if anyone has seen the vehicle, Steve and/or Karen Smith,” says Detective Judy Phillips.

Smith’s family believes Halcomb abducted her, dragging her body out of the boarded-up doorway...

One of her socks was found hanging on a nail and Klinck believes she would never leave her children, especially for this long...

“Her kids were her life. Her family was her life... She had absolutely no reason to go, to run-off or anything...”

For now, Halcomb sits in jail and will not talk to detectives...

Mean time, Smith’s family just wants answers..

“We just want her home.

If he’s done something to her, we just want to know where she is so that the family can come to peace with what’s going on..”

At the house, Karen Smith’s mother, 13-year-old son and eight-year-old daughter hold vigil, hoping for her safe return..

Smith had let Halcomb stay at the home because she didn’t want to upset him...

He just got out of prison last August and was on parole for a drug dealing conviction.

Anyone with information can call missing persons at 765-327-6917.


Courtesy of WTHR Channel 13 - Indianapolis



Karen Jo Smith Murder Suspect Brought Back To Indiana

Jessica D'Onofrio

Fox 59 News

September 22, 2003

It was a quiet 18 hour ride back from Denver to Indianapolis for Steven Halcomb..


He was on the run for a month after being indicted for the murder of Karen Jo Smith.

Just weeks ago he showed up at a Salvation Army shelter in Denver then IPD detectives picked him up..

"I think in general he was somewhat solemn and cooperative to the extent that we didn't have any trouble with him bringing him back," IPD Detective Judy Phillips said.

Smith divorced Halcomb in the early nineties when she found out he was dealing drugs..

He went to prison for six years..

When Halcomb got out, she took him back in. Karen Jo's family says he threatened to kill her before he went to prison..

Police say Halcomb was the last person to see his ex-wife just before she vanished right after Christmas 2000. ..

He disappeared too and showed up a couple weeks later tight-lipped about where  he'd been..

Halcomb went back to prison for two more years on a parole violation, got out and lived at his dad's house where Smith's family led protests searching for answers...

They may now be closer to finding some.

"We don't have to look over our shoulders anymore...

Now he's back here there's a chance now things will come out about Karen's disappearance or about where she may be., "Karen's uncle Jack Lee said...

Lee drives a semi with her picture on the side.

Since Halcomb disappeared he had been doing some wishful thinking, looking for police cars that could've been carrying Steve in the back...

"We can now focus more of our efforts finding Karen and not worrying about where he may be," Lee said.

Now the ball of justice is rolling and a jury will decide,but Karen Jo's where abouts still remain a mystery...

"We'll never stop looking and until we find her, we'll never stop looking," Phillips said.

 Copyright (c) 2003, WXIN-TV, Indianapolis



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Mja Inc--Mark


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