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6--Mja Cases With Anniversary's In October

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on November 26, 2012 at 2:35 PM


Mja Inc Investigations

10-5-1986 : Missing 6 Year Old Shannon Sherrill


Missing from Thorntown, Boone County, Indiana.

Classification: Non-Family Abduction


The Doe Network : Case File 283 DFIN

Became our 55th Case in November 2003..

Sherrill was last seen at on October 5, 1986 in Thorntown, Indiana...

She was playing in her family's yard with several other children at the time she disappeared...

A three day ground, air and K-9 search followed but Shannon was not found...

Mja has been working on the Sherrill Case since November 2003 on behalf of Mike {Shannon's Father} & his wife Becky Sherrill..


When Mja met with Mike & Becky Sherrill for the first time our goal was set in stone..


Beyond anything else our goal was to locate Shannon Sherrill..


The Sherrill Family & Mja started their investigation into the Disappearance of Shannon Sherrill..


Shannon's case was always ruled a " Stranger Abduction "..


Mike & Becky Sherrill & Mja always knew there was a Texas connection because the State of Texas requested Shannon's Parents DNA..


What our investigation un-covered is just chilling..


Our Investigation led to 1980's Child Serial Killer David E Penton..


At this time Penton has 5 murder convictions including killing his own son..


The link below is a story that gives you an insight of a Child Serial Killer :


In Feb.2007

Indiana State Police LT.Heck turns over his findings of his investigation on the Sherrill case to the Boone County Prosecutor..

Lt.Hecks findings of the facts & evidence states:

David E Penton abducted Shannon Sherrill on 10-5-1986..

Retired Lt.Heck Speaks Out About David E Penton

New Information in the Case of Shannon Sherill



4:09 PM EDT, October 6,2009

His name is David Elliot Penton and he's serving life sentences in Ohio for the abduction,assault and murder of children in Texas and Ohio..


"There was a sighting of the vehicle that matched his{Pentons} in the area that day."


Retired State Police Investigator Jeff Heck never revealed that publicly until now...


While working the case over a year,he interviewed prison inmates,one of whom detailed in a letter,statements Penton made about a little girl in Indiana...

New Information in the Case of Shannon Sherill


4:09 PM EDT, October 6, 2009


His name is David Elliot Penton and he's serving life sentences in Ohio for the abduction,assault and murder of children in Texas and Ohio.

Now he's been on the police radar in the case involving 6 year old Shannon Sherrill who disappeared from her home in Thorntown in October of 1986.

"There was a sighting of the vehicle that matched his in the area that day."

Retired State Police Investigator Jeff Heck never revealed that publicly until now...

While working the case over a year, he interviewed prison inmates, one of whom detailed in a letter, statements Penton made about a little girl in Indiana...

The Boone County prosecutor today acknowledged Penton is a person of interest,but said the circumstantial evidence suggesting his involvement is not strong enough to argue in court or before a grand jury....




The Shannon Sherrill Abduction Case is still very active in the search for 6 Year Old Shannon...

Mja & others are working hard to pin-point better locations to step-up the search for Shannon Sherrill...

Mja has secured the resources & equipment to carry-out a large scale search..


10-9-2011 : Missing 32 Years Old Sara M Kilgore

Missing since 10-9-2011 from Indianapolis Indiana..

At this time there are few details about her disappearance & evidence lost..

This is due to the fact that Police failed to let the Victims Family to file a Missing Persons Report.. 

Over 30 days had passed before Police filed the Missing Persons Report...

Sara May Kilgore disappeared under Suspicious Circunstances & has hadno contact with her Family...

At this time there are few details about her disappearance...

Became our 82nd Case on  5-9-12...


Southern Indiana woman missing since October 2011


 By Reba Reader

Fox 59 News

11:12 a.m. EDT, April 18, 2012

The family of a missing Southern Indiana woman is still searching for her after more than seven months..,0,2934966.column

Sarah Kilgore, 32, was last seen in Indianapolis Oct. 9, 2011..






There has been no positive sighting of Sara May Kilgore & nothing has turned up from the Missing Persons Flyers posted..


It seems many of the known players who might know where Kilgore could be have disappeared..It puts up a red-flag : When all the people you want to talk to are no where to be found...


10-17-1974 : Missing 19 Year Old Debra Ann Wilhite

Missing since October 17, 1974 from Evansville, Gibson County, Indiana..

The Doe Network : Case File  723 DFIN

Became our 56th case in November 2003..

Mja Case File I.D.-DAW--056

A mother of two small daughters..

Medical: Possibly pregnant at time of disappearance but not confirmed..

She was last seen leaving work after her shift in a green 1966 Ford Galaxy, Vehicle Identification number: 6W66X173520..The vehicle has not been located...

Two witnesses that worked with Debra that evening stated they saw Wilhite speaking to a man in the restaurant before she left..

One witness stated they overheard the man talking to Wilhite and he told her he had gotten there by hitching a ride on a cattle truck and asked if he could get a ride from her when she left..

 Out of the two witnesses, one stated Wilhite talked to the man as if they'd previously met, the other witness stated they did not believe Wilhite knew the man..

The two left at the same time, but it is not known if Wilhite agreed to give him a ride. Neither Wilhite,or the vehicle she was driving has been found..

Because Wilhite left home for days at a time on occasion, she was not reported missing until several days after her disappearance..

Several years later, a woman stated that her father had confessed to her he had shot Wilhite, put her body in her vehicle,and then shotgunned the vehicle into a stripper pit located outside of Elberfeld, Indiana...

Because this area was a hang out for many at this time, and the pit was filled with water, it had been nicknamed "The Duck Pond".

In 1994, it was found the stripper pit had been drained of water contents and filled with approximately 30 feet of dirt in the early 1980's..

When drained, the bottom of the stripper pit contained approximately 15 feet of silt, a soft, quicksand like earth...

If Wilhite's vehicle were there it would not have been visible to the workers on site....



You would think by now there is another way to see if a vehicle is under all the silt...If you could once & for all determine there was a vehicle under the silt--then you must explore how to collect the vehicle..


10-24-1998 Missing 28 Year Old Kristine Kupka

Missing since October 24, 1998 from New York City, New York

The Doe Network : Case File 2297 DFNY


Medical: 5 months pregnant

Became our 35th Case on 1-29-2002..


Mja Case File I.D.-KK--035

On October 24, 1998, Kristine Kupka, an honors student at Baruch College in Manhattan, disappeared after leaving her Brooklyn home with one of her former college instructors..

Kupka and the instructor had begun a relationship when she was in his science lab..

He was the father of the child she was carrying and they had argued over his insistence that she have an abortion. She had told several of her friends that she was afraid of him..

He reportedly said he'd driven Kristine to a mall, waited outside in the car while she shopped, then dropped her off near her home...Kupka has never been seen again..

Mja is working on this case for the Reward Money & Gil Alba Investigations is working on the case for cash from the Victims Family..


 10-25-1977 : Missing 39 Year Old Stephanie Anne Lyng

Missing since October 25, 1977 from Palatine, Cook County, Illinois..

Became our 75th case on 1-20-12..

Stephanie had recently filed for divorce from her husband, Edward Lyng...

Mr. Lyng was arrested in 1992 and charged with the murder of his wife...

He was convicted in 1994 but has never told investigators where her body is located...


10-28-2007 : Missing 23 Year Old Stacy Ann Peterson

Missing Since 10-28-2007 from Bolingbrook Illinois..

Became our 84th Case on 8-29-12




Missing-Wife Case Called Possible Homicide, Husband Is A Suspect


NBC News

Deadly suspicion

Chicago Tribune


Stacy Peterson Vanished 4 Years Ago — Police Probe 'Very Active'


Mja Note :


At this time we have many avenues to follow & circumstancial evidence that needs to be investigated...


Posted by :

 Mja Inc--Mark



Categories: Unsolved Crimes, Missing Persons