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The Peoria "Seven" & The Palatine "Three" & The Andrews Case

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on January 22, 2012 at 11:20 PM


Mja Inc Investigations

Press Release

Mja Joins In On The Search Of 11 Missing Person Cases In Illinois..

Mja has worked in Illinois for many years on different cases..Our research for those cases

pointed us to several Missing Persons cases in two Illinois towns..

Only a handful of those cases are related & most of the Guilty Ones have been caught..

But NO BODIES have been recovered & the Convicted Ones arent talking..

In some of the cases many of the people involved are dead & gone..

Once again the key factor is the geo-location of those cases..

Meaning you could work on several Missing Persons cases at the same time

because they are Missing from the same Towns..

Mja would like to annouce we are joining in on the search for these Missing Victims

from those two Illinois towns..

Peoria Illinois : 7 Missing Person cases from 5-20-1993 to 8-30-2005..

Palatine Illinois : 3 Missing Person cases from 10-25-1977 to 5-5-1990..

Chicago Illinois : 1 Missing Person case from 2-14-1984


Mja Case File : The Peoria " Seven "

Stacey Jane Morrison

Missing since May 20, 1993 from Peoria, Tazewell County, Illinois..

Morrison is one of several missing women from the Peoria area; others include

Loretta Tinkham, Cheryl Murray and Stephanie C. Gibson...

Arlie Ray Davis, a former Peorian who was sentenced to death for one murder but

was suspected of more, died five days before a hearing on whether he should remain

on death row...

But its likely that she is a Victim of Serial Killer Joseph Miller along with several others..

Mja File I.D.  SJM--068


Valarie Lynn Sloan

Missing since September 30, 1993 from Peoria County, Illinois


Valerie Sloan was last seen on September 30, 1993 and is a presumed victim of the

serial killer Joseph Miller, although her body was never found..

Mja File I.D. VLS--069


Cheryl Louise Murray

Missing since April 1, 1994 from Peoria, Illinois.

Murray,last seen leaving a party in the Peoria, Illinois area

and reported missing on April 1, 1994..

Murray is possible victim of accused murderer Arlie Ray Davis..

Murray is one of several missing women from the Peoria area; others

include Loretta Tinkham, Stephanie C. Gibson and Stacey Morrison..

Mja File I.D. CLM--070


Loretta L Tinkham

Missing since November 3, 1994 from Peoria, Illinois..

Tinkham is one of several missing women from the Peoria area;others include

Stephanie C. Gibson , Cheryl Murray and Stacey Morrison..

Arlie Ray Davis, a former Peorian who was sentenced to death for one murder

but was suspected of more, died five days before a hearing on whether he should

remain on death row..

Mja File I.D.  LLT--071


Stephanie C. Gibson

Missing since July 8, 1995 from Peoria, Tazewell County, Illinois..

Stephanie Gibson last seen leaving Memories Tavern in Peoria, Illinois,with Arlie Ray Davis..

They were in a light blue, four-door 1979 Dodge Dart with license plates MMJ 296 on July 8, 1995..

Davis claimed he and Gibson visited Kingston Mines, Il afterwards..

She has not been seen since.Davis was convicted of a murder in the late 1990's & sentenced

to death.He died in prison awaiting execution..

Gibson is one of several missing women from the Peoria area; others include

Loretta Tinkham,Cheryl Murray and Stacey Morrison....

Mja Flie I.D. SCG--072


Shirley Ann Carpenter Trapp

Missing Since 8-26-2004 from Peoria Illinois..

Larry D Bright is the main suspect in the Trapp case after confessing killing 8 women

over a 15 month period..Including Trapp..There is evidence that states Larry D Bright

gave Trapp a drug over-dose..

Mja File I.D. SACT--073


Jamie Jo Travis

Missing since 8-30-2005 From Peoria Illinois ..

At this time no details have been released to the Public concerning the case

or possible suspects..

Mja File I.D. JJT--074


Mja Case File : The Palatine " Three "

Stephanie Anne Lyng

Missing since October 25, 1977 from Palatine, Cook County, Illinois..

Lyng,last seen leaving a neighbors house to meet a carpet installer at her

home in Palatine, Illinois on October 25, 1977.Later that day her 15 year old

daughter reported her missing.

Stephanie's car was found 4 days later abandoned at O'Hare Airport.

A small amount of blood in the car was determined at that time to be the

same blood type as Stephanie's..

Stephanie had recently filed for divorce from her husband, Edward Lyng...

Mr. Lyng was arrested in 1992 and charged with the murder of his wife..

He was convicted in 1994 but has never told investigators where her body is located.

Lyng's girlfriend at the time testified that she helped place Stephanie's

car at O'Hare Airport..

She also testified that Lyng told her he ambushed her, murdered

her and then buried her...

She stated that he returned to the grave site at a later time and mutilated

her body so that,if found, it would not be identified.


She is believed to be buried in Lake County Illinois..

Lyng is now at Menard Correctional Center and will not be eligible

for release until September 2026, when he'll be nearly 92..

Mja File I.D.  SAL--075


Catherine A. Runte

Missing since May 22, 1979 from Palatine, Illinois..

Catherine Runte had an emotional and physical fight with husband

on May 22, 1979.She left the house on foot and has not been seen

or heard from since..The husband claimed Catherine Runte had mental

problems and was afraid of being hospitalized..

He told police she walked out of the house & he reported her missing three days

later after his own search for herwas fruitless A private investigator he hired was

also unable to learn what happened to her...

Eight months before she disappeared,a man and woman armed with pistols forced

their way Into her home and handcuffed her to a beam in the basement.Police are

uncertain if the the home invasion has any relation to her disappearance.

Several months after Catherine Runte disappeared,a telephone company serviceman

discovered a wire tap on her mother's home phone In Carpentersville.No one knows

who placed the wiretap or whether it could be related..

None of the credit cards Mrs Runte had with her has been used..

Area cab companies told police she was not picked up the night she disappeared.

Mja File I.D. CAR--76


Laura Ann Johnson

Missing Since: May 5, 1990

Location Last Seen: Palatine, Cook County, Illinois

Johnson was last seen leaving a bar in Palatine, IL called the Hob Nob on May 5, 1990..

She was accompanied by an unidentified White male witnesses said she had met

that evening..He spoke with a southern accent and claimed to be a truck driver from



The man had dark hair and a mustache. He was in his early to mid-20s and was 5'10" tall...

Around 04.00, Johnson left the lounge with the truck driver. A witness told police he saw

them walk to the rear of the lot and out of his view. He never saw them get into a vehicle.

The husband David Johnson is the number one suspect.

But after giving the children to Laura Ann Johnson's mother 3 months

after Laura's disappearence..David has since moved to Georgia,he never

stayed in contact with his kids & his location is unknown..

Mja File I.D.  LAJ--77


Marcy Jo Andrews

Missing since February 14, 1984 from Chicago, Cook County, Illinois..

According to prosecutors, on February 14, 1984, Marcy Jo Andrews and two other

women went to Casey Nowicki's apartment at 2558 W. Iowa Street, in Chicago..

Andrews met Nowicki for the first time that day. After some time there, Nowicki

allegedly offered to drive the girls home.

On the way home, they were involved in an accident in which Andrew's ankle was injured..

Nowicki said he would take Andrews to the hospital, if the other two women would get

the car towed..

Instead of taking Andrews to the hospital,Nowicki took her back to his apartment,where

he drugged and sexually assaulted her..Andrew's has never been seen alive again..

Casey Nowicki was charged with Andrew's Murder in 2000 & was tried in 2005..

There were several crucial witnesses against Nowicki & one such witness states :

Nowicki allegedly called a friend to help him put the body in the trunk of his mother's car...

Many believe Nowicki took Andrews body to his Pulaski County

Indiana Farm & hid her body & any other evidence..

An extensive search of Nowicki's apartment in Illinois & his farm

in Indiana turned up Nothing ...

But Nowicki was convicted or raping & murdering Marcy Jo Andrews in

July 2005 & was sentenced to life in Prison..

Marcy Jo Andrews body has never been found...

Mja File I.D. MA--78


MJA NOTE : These 11 case became Mja cases on 1-20-12..


Posted by :

Mja Inc--Mark

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