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Angela Marie Hall : Missing Since August 1997--OHIO

Posted by Mja Charter Staff on August 11, 2011 at 4:35 PM


Mja Inc Investigations

Angela Marie Hall : 26 years old

Missing since August 1997 from Elyria  Lorain County Ohio

The Doe Network : Case File 2069 DFOH

Its been over 14 years since Angela Marie Hall was last seen or heard from & she has had No contact with Family or Friends..

Hall was a confidential informant in a drug case...


A former exotic dancer at Bugsy's Speak Easy in Elyria..


Hall as an informant, purchased cocaine from Michael &  Patricia Byrd four times from Novomber 15, 1996, to March 7, 1997, according to court records..


The Byrds and the man who supplied them with the drugs, were charged with threatening Hall...


The charges for the couple were to be reduced if they could help prosecutors locate Angela Hall..


The Byrds passed a lie-detector test in which they said they had paid Hall to leave the area..


But they failed the test when they said they did not know Hall's whereabouts...




Became our 21st case on 12-29-2001 because of the geo-locations concerning other cases we are working on in the area..


Starting in Jan.2002 Mja started working to identify locations that might be connected to the Drug investigations..

That certain Suspects might have visited & that could be used to dump a Body or Evidence connected to the crime..


Since March 2002 prime locations have been searched around the Elyria Ohio area..


Our ground searches for Angela Marie Hall  & other work will continue until somethingis found..


Mja Case File : AH--021


 Mja Date : 12-29-2001


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Mja Inc--M & M Lindsay--IN..


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