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Solving ColdCases

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on May 28, 2011 at 1:35 AM


Mja Inc Investigations

Most of the cases Mja works on are ColdCases which in some cases has led to Serial Killers being the prime suspect..

In return our staff educated themselves & learned more because of the gravity of the situation..

As Mja started building our case files..

Doing our research to put togather a Case & Suspect Profile...

Then meeting with the Victims Family,& talking to Police Officers in charge of the case..

Mja has learned even ColdCases can have solid Leads & Info that could lead in the right direction..

Many ask : Then why is it a ColdCase & still Unsolved ?

The answer to that could have endless avenues to follow & the reason’s can be many with several deciding factors..

You cant turn back time & say “ What If “ concerning something that happened or didn’t happen years ago..

The only way to get Justice for the Victim now is to move ahead with such strong

force as if the case happened yesterday..

Justice is served when you have the right person to work on the case & they have a boss or someone equal who will listen..

The key to solving any ColdCase,you have to keep the investigation active..


In many cases it takes a team effort to solve a ColdCase..

Surround yourself with people who has the passion & the same Goal as yourself & who is willing to learn…

You could be surprised with the results..


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