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Pennsylvania Missing Persons & Unidentified Victims

Posted by Mja Charter Staff on March 27, 2011 at 2:45 PM



Mja Inc Investigations


Mja has sent you a Story :


[ColdCases] PA Missing Persons


From: "diamond414"


Here is a great site for missing persons in PA from years 1938 through 1969.






Mja Inc Investigations


Mja has alot of experience concerning cases in PA..


Our research was guided by Info we obtained during the

investigation of 1980's Child Serial Killer David E Penton..


Mja has gained very detailed Info concerning 3 PA cases that

might be connected to Penton..


Mja has been in contact with those Law-Enforcement Agencies

handling those cases..


PA is one of the 17 states where Penton might have Victims..


In return we know the cases in PA from late 1983 to early 1988

very well & including the PA Jane Does that might fit that time line..


Posted by :


Mja Inc--M & M Lindsay--IN..


Categories: 1980's Child Serial Killer : David E Penton