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Laurie Murninghan Still Seeks Justice After 40 Years

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on October 10, 2010 at 8:08 PM


Mja Inc Investigations


First posted :


Up-Dated : 9-1-06

UP-DATED : 10-10-10


16 year old Laurie Murninghan:

Robbed--Kidnapped--Raped--&-- Murdered on 7-9-1970 in Lansing Michigan..


"""""""  Still Seeks Justice  """"""""


A ColdCase Investigative Firm out of Indiana & New York :

Mja Inc Investigations : Are the " Fresh Eyes " on the case & has

Hopes of Solving Miss Murninghan's Murder..


Mja Inc is a group that was founded in June 2001,who works on

Missing Persons cases & Unsolved Crimes for reward money..

A majority of our cases are High-Profile Missing Persons & Unsolved Coldcases...

We have shared some success !!


After reading about Miss Murninghan's case on ColdCase Yahoo Group

posted by her Brother,Mja contacted him..


The Victims Brother sent us his sisters case file,police reports,

court records,& other public record documents..


After reading & viewing these documents..


Mja Inc contacted & met with Miss Murninghan's Brother in

Lansing Michigan & Mja offered our services for Free..


We want to help close this case with an arrest & conviction..


Mja Inc comes before you speaking for Murdered 16 year old Laurie Murninghan..

We plan on using every available asset & resources to bring this case to the public..


Let the public be a " jury of their peers " & see what they decide..


This case can be solved & needs to be solved..


The Family needs some type of closure..


Miss Murninghan still seeks Justice & demands it to be served after

waiting over 40 years..


Lansing Michigan


Laurie Murninghan :


The 16 year old Daughter of former Mayor Max Murninghan was working

at the old Gallaghers Gift & Antiques Shop on July 9th 1970.


The owner Mrs.Gallagher & Miss Murninghan were the only ones in

the Shop..


At around 2:00pm a black male enters the shop,he pulls a

gun & demands money..


For reasons unclear the robber hits Mrs.Gallagher over the

head with the gun and it discharges..


Maybe thinking he had shot Mrs.Gallagher..


The robber takes the money,less than $80.00 dollars & Miss Murninghan

as a Hostage & escapes without detection..


But that has been disputed over the years..


Were there others who saw the black male subject with Miss Murninghan ?


Mrs.Gallagher was alive & received 11 stitches at the hospital for a gash

& was sent home..


Lansing launched the largest manhunt they had ever seen..Looking for the

Suspect and his Hostage Miss Murninghan..


Several Law-Enforcement Agencies,from the local,county,state,& federal levels

were involved in the Investigation..


According to reports,Mrs.Gallagher worked with a composite sketch artist to come

up with a composit drawing of the suspect..


Police was using this drawing to search their files while Mrs.Gallagher was looking

at books of Mug Shots..


When she recognized one of the mug shots as the alleged abductor stating

"" Thats the man "" before she broke down weeping...


Police denied Miss Murninghan's captor identification as positive..


But yet,Police were seeking a young black man with a gootee who looked alot like

the composite drawing..

The drawing did look alot like the suspect she picked out of the mug shot books..


Several police officers were aware of this suspect from the many arrests the

suspect has had during the years..


The hope and faith that maybe Miss Murninghan would be found alive & safe

faded away with the discovery of her body..


The largest manhunt in Lansing history for 11 days couldnt produce any results

in finding Miss Murninghan ..


Three young boys discovered her body on July 20th 1970 in a swampy pond,just

southeast of Mason..


It looked like evidence was beginning to mount up against the same suspect...

The suspects finger print was found on a en-haler box the suspect had

touched at a Pharmacy..


Next door to the Gift shop just before the robbery & abduction..


No finger prints were found in the Gift shop..


When this suspect was questioned by Law-Enforcement at his mothers

home,his mother gave her son a solid alibi...


But yet when the mother was told by officers why they were there the

mother became very agitated..


Detective 101 states:"" When a alibi comes from a family member or close

friend the alibi becomes suspect.."""


One officer even took note that the suspect before him looked like

the composite drawing..


This suspect also is the one that Mrs.Gallagher picked out

of the mug books..


But officers noticed the suspect was clean shaven when they

were interviewing him..


One officer said to the suspect:


" You shaved off your go gootee"! The suspect said he shaved it off

because he looked to much like the composit drawing...


But yet,Police sources would later go on to say that even though

Mrs. Gallagher was right on the composite drawing & mug shot.


She couldnt produce a live line-up postitive ID of the suspect..


Many sources feel if that is true,its because of the suspect shaving

off his gootee..Making his appearence look totally different...


If this is true :


Why wasnt the other people claiming to see what had happened that day:

" Given  the opportunity  to identify the suspect during the Police line-up ? "


Several people question & many people should :


Why was this suspect even out walking free ?


The suspects arrest record in Lansing Michigan & Toledo Ohio is very high

in numbers..

But yet he has spent very little time in jail or prison..


Some cases were even dropped against him and they were serious crimes..


Another distrubing fact :


A few months before Miss Murninghan's abduction & murder..


This same suspect picks up a 15 year old female with the promise

of giving her a ride..


The suspect takes the under age girl to Flint Michigan to a

motel & rapes her...


The under age victim & her parents sign a complaint against the suspect....

The female victim even picks out the suspect as the one who took her

to a Flint motel and raped her..


We have a copy of the signed complaint...


The suspect is never arrested for this crime..


If only he had Miss Murninghan wouldnt have been abducted & raped

& murdered...


It makes Mja question :


Was this suspect a informant for the city or county or state ?


Could it be in return a dangerous criminal was being let loose out

on the streets ?


If so,how many crimes did he commit while being shielded as an informant ?


If so,why continue to protect him now ?


The suspect is around 60 years old & lives in a homeless shelter..


What power could the suspect be holding over the court systems

of Lansing Michigan & Toledo Ohio after 40 years ?


Mja Inc Investigations

60..Laurie D. Murninghan:

Missing & Died : 7/9/1970 & Found 7-20-1970--Michigan 

Laurie D. Murninghan : 16 years old

Missing : Lansing Michigan 7-9-1970

Found : 7-20-1970--20 miles southeast of Lansing..

Mja Case File I.D.-LDM--060


Lansing Michigan : Miss Murninghan-Kidnapped, Raped & Strangled..

Miss Murninghan had been kidnapped during a robbery at the Lansing

gift & antique shop..

Miss Murninghan became our 60th case May 2004..

The tragic riddle began on July 9th 1970 Laurie Murninghan was at  her summer

job as a clerk at Gallagher's Gifts and Antiques,a shop on the city's West Side...

Around 2:30 in the afternoon,a slim, soft-spoken Negro man,around 25 or 30 years old,

entered the shop and asked Laurie to change a $20 bill...

When she said she couldn't change the bill..The gunman siezed her and struck the

shop's owner Mrs. Christine Gallagher with his gun..

The gun fired into the ceiling..

The man grabbed $60 from the cash drawer & fled with Laurie-Kidnapping her !!!

Witness : A black male took Miss Murninghan down an alley at gun point & disappeared...

There was a drug store next to the Gift Shop in 1970..Black male suspect left prints

in the drug store on an inhaler..

Laurie Murninghan was the daughter of former Lansing Mayor Max Murninghan,..

Trying to locate Miss Murninghan & her kidnapper was one of the most extensive

police manhunts ever held in mid-Michigan history..

But nothing was ever found by law-enforcement linked to the Murninghan Case..

Then, on July 20 1970 young boys looking for pop bottles along a rural road 20 miles

southeast of Lansing discovered Laurie Murninghan's body..

16-year-old Laurie Murninghan was found on the edge of the game area at

Barnes and Meridian roads..

Miss Murninghan's badly decomposed body was lying face down in a swampy area..

In a heavily wooded section of the game area only 15 feet from the road...

Several weeks later the County Coroner attributed death to Strangulation

& she had been Raped..

Her Killer has never been Charged..

Mja Inc : In Nov.2004 Mja traveled to Lansing Michigan & met with Miss Murninghan's Brother..

He took Mja to both Crime Scene's..

The Gift Shop & the other location where Miss Murninghan's body was found..

Please visit our Photo Gallery & view both locations..

Mja Date : May 2004--LDM--060



Posted by :


Mja Inc Staff--Ny

Categories: Unsolved Crimes