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Mja Crime Forums Post New Entry


Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on June 2, 2021 at 7:40 AM


Mja Inc Investigations

On 6-1-2021 Mja has been operating for 20 years & we have shared some success..

Mark-Jim-Andy are the 3 founding Partners of Mja..

Mja was Founded at 67 West Main Street in Peru Indiana...

Mja was started because 18 of US who are related in some way had a Family Member Murdered..

Mja wants to thank our first Client Patti Bishop & our 55th Client Becky Sherrill for helping Mja grow bigger than we ever thought could happen..

Patti Bishop & Becky Sherrill seen our work first hand & they put us in contact with other Families that needed our kind of help..

Mja wants to Thank Team Hope for directing Famlies in need of our services...

We want to Thank Together We Stand out of California for having the Trust & Faith in US to be the Investigative Team for some of their Cases..

We want to Thank our Newest Relationship with Boots On The Ground out of Maryland...

Now 20 years later we are working on 104 Cases covering 13 States..

We are also consultants on dozens of other cases in States we dont travel too..

Mja wants to Thank all of our Clients for putting there Trust & Faith in US to do what needs to be done..

At this time Mja has 46 Staff Members who are educated to do this type of work..

I want to Thank our whole Staff for their dedication for giving their Time & Money & the traveling they do to work on any given Case..

We have been blessed with the Loyality of our Staff & their will power to do what ever it takes to move along a Case & their help to Solve a Case..

Mja wants to Thank all the Colleges that allowed their Criminal Justice Students to do their 140 hours Internship with Mja to get their College Degree for 2 of those Students joined Mja..

Mja wants to Thank all of the Law-Enforcement Agencies for working with US to solve the Case at hand..

A Special Thanks to Retired Garland Texas Detective Gary Sweet -- Retired Clinton County Indiana Sheriff Detective Captain Morgan -- Alabama's ABI Detective Wall & Thorntown Indiana Police Chief Clark...

A Special Thanks to The Ohio Department of Corrections & the Ohio AG at the time for letting Mja interview Inmates concerning several of our Cases..

There were several Interviews that produced top Suspects--New Leads & Evidence...

We also want to Thank all of our Media Contacts who covered many of our Cases & all the Podcasters who invited US to come on their Podcast to talk about any given Case..

Mja wants to Thank all of our Followers on Facebook--Twitter--Unsolved Mysteries [ not related to the TV show ] Porchlight International--Maura's Room -- our Mja Web-Site & our Podcast on You Tube..

Our Loyality belongs to the Victim & to the Victims Family ...

We Hope & Pray They Gain What They Seek




Categories: Missing Persons, Unsolved Crimes, Cases : State By State