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HEATHER D TEAGUE: Missing 8-26-1995--Kentucky

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on August 26, 2010 at 5:30 PM


Mja Inc Investigations


HEATHER D TEAGUE : 23 years old

Missing 8-26-1995 from Spottsville Henderson County Kentucky..

The Doe Network : Case File 1325 DFKY

Became our 62nd case in July 2006..

Its been 15 years & Victim HEATHER D TEAGUE & her Family & Friends have been waiting for Justice & for Teague to be located..

It has been stated :

Heather Teague last seen on 8-26-1995..

Miss Teague was sunbathing on Newburgh Beach in Spottsville Ky..


The Newburgh beach area..

In rural Henderson County is on the Ohio River across from Newburgh Indiana...

An eye witness,across the river watched through a telescope..

As a man wearing a wig and a mosquito net dragged Teague into the woods...

Miss Teague's stalker may have been caught on tape just minutes before..

A local farmer was videotaping crop vandalism in the area that day & recorded Miss Teague's car & just down the road a red Ford Bronco..

As a result of locating that type of vehicle through registration checks they developed a primary suspect in the case..

Marvin Marty Dill:Who drove a red Bronco and had a criminal history..

When police went to question him the suspect Dill reportedly killed himself...

Dill made comments to his wife & another person in the home that suggest Dill only abducted Miss Teague & his involvement stopped there..

Mja believes the video shows signs of anther person being there near the vehicle's..

We believe that person is Chris J Below..

Below lived in the area & there is some Evidence that Below & Dill did know each other..

Below is a suspected Serial Killer dating back to 1986..

11 Years and Still Waiting: The Case of Heather Teague


Correction's the story above needs to be corrected :

The Info below about Mja has always been posted to the public on our first Company Web-Page since 2001 & now on our Mja Web-Site..

Mja has only one company lawyer..

Mja has only 2 staff members with Law-Enforcement experience :

A Retired Military Police Vet..As our Security & Case Consultant..

A civilian X-Controlled Agent for 11 years..

Working UnderCover for federal,state,county,& local law-enforcement agencies..

One deep undercover assignment lasted 3 years working the streets..

A total of 6 years counting court appearances for that undercover operation..


Detectives are requesting help from the community or anyone who might have information on the Kidnapping of Heather D. Teague..

Anyone with information can contact the case officers Sgt.Jason Kirk or Det. Marc Carter..

At the Kentucky State Police Post 16 Henderson Kentucky @ (270)-826-3312

Investigating Officers Contact Information :

Kentucky State Police Post 16 8415 US 41 South


Henderson, KY 42420



(502)-564-3765 FAX

OFFICERS: Sgt. Jason Kirk, or Det. Marc Carter


PHONE: (270)-826-3312.

Sgt. Jason Kirk, or Det. Marc Carter


An Ohio detective may have stumbled on a break in the disappearance of a Tri-state woman...

Heather Teague was last seen nine years ago..

Sunbathing along an Ohio River beach..

An eyewitness says he saw a man drag her off at gunpoint..

Now the Ohio detective's wondering if that man or one of his accomplices was Chris Below..

Below is a Henderson Kentucky native who's already behind bars for the murder of a young woman in Ohio...

We've known about Heather Teague for nearly a decade..

Folks in Ohio are just finding out about her now...

Front page news this past weekend in the Akron Beacon Journal asks if Heather is the second of Chris Below's murder victims...

A detective says it's possible based on what he was able to uncover about this man...

Detective Scott Thomas: Medina Ohio Police Department states:

"Mr. Below is the type of person that if you give him avenues of lying..

He will always take them...He sold himself as a southern gentleman....

When you looked into Chris Below's eyes,you saw nothing but darkness....

He's an extreme manipulator."

Similar Cases : Are these victims of Christopher Below..



Wednesday, Nov. 25 2009 @ 12:13PM

Heather Danyelle Teague Was Sunbathing When Kidnapped at Gunpoint..

She Hasn't Been Seen Since

By Gary C. King

A bushy-bearded man grabbed Heather Teague by the hair while she was sunbathing & pulled her into the woods at gunpoint..

On August 26, 1995, Heather Danyelle Teague 23 was sunbathing @ Newburgh Beach in Henderson County Kentucky when something went very wrong..

As she lay in her lounge chair soaking up the rays a white man walked up to her grabbed her by the hair & dragged her off into woods at gunpoint..

A man watching the beach through a high-powered telescope from across the Ohio River in Indiana witnessed the incident..

The suspect was described as having a bushy beard with no shirt..

Police searched the area and found part of Heather's bathing suit...

They recovered additional evidence but Heather hasn't been heard from since...

The eyewitness helped police with a composite drawing of the suspect..

It closely resembled Marvin "Marty" Dill who was known to the police...

Another witness reported seeing a red and white Ford Bronco parked next to Heather's car that day..

The Bronco reportedly was identical to one driven by Dill...

Marvin "Marty" Dill shot himself in the head when police went to interview him..

But when the cops went to Dill's home he told his wife to leave their residence..

Then Dill shot himself in the head before the police could enter..

Another witness reportedly heard screams coming from Dill's home on the day Heather Teague disappeared...

Although Dill seemed a viable suspect another suspect emerged..

Christopher J. Below a native of Henderson Kentucky & is doing time in prison for the 1991 homicide of Kathern Fetzer...

Fetzer's body was never found..

But Below confessed to shooting her & pleaded guilty to attempted involuntary manslaughter...

Christopher J. Below is also a suspect in the disappearances of two other women..

Shaylene Farrell  & Kristina Porco...

According to investigators :

Below may have attacked the other women because they resembled Fetzer..

Detectives pointed out that both Heather and Kathern Fetzer had long dark hair & were about the same height and weight..

Interestingly,Below left Kentucky on the same day that Dill committed suicide...

Police uncovered information showing that Below & Dill & Heather had a number of mutual acquaintances...

Christopher J. Below was convicted for the murder of one woman & is a suspect in the disappearance of three others..

Although the eyewitness tied Dill to Heather's abduction..

Police claim to have circumstantial evidence tying Below to the crime & have theorized that Dill & Below may have committed the crime together..

In that scenario :

Detectives postulate that one of the men may have grabbed Heather while the other acted as the getaway driver...

Due to lack of hard evidence :

Below has never been charged in connection with Heather's abduction...

Heather Teague's case has never been solved..

Her Mother Sarah Teague:

Believes there is more to the case than meets the eye..

Including the possibility that Heather may have been sold into slavery after her abduction...

Sarah Teague recently reported that someone came to her home in 1999 with a picture from the Internet & told her that Heather had been killed in a snuff film...

There is also evidence that Dill & Below have known each other since a very early age..

Miss Teague has not been found..

Are you the one who could help this case ?

Think about it & where were you on 8-26-1995 ?

Do you know someone who holds the key in locating Miss Teague ?

Anyone with any information that might help solve & close this case is asked :

Please call the Kentucky State Police @ (270) 826-3312..

You can contact Sarah Teague at (270) 824-8343...

Teague can also be e-mailed at [email protected]


Contact Mja : [email protected]


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Mja Inc--Mark 


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