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Posted by mja--inc--investigations on September 19, 2018 at 4:30 AM


Mja Inc Investigations

On 9-4-18 after speaking to Donna Wittner about the untimely Death of her Son,Mja has agreed to work on the Case..

After our conversation Mrs.Wittner started sending us the Case File about her son's Death..




Donna's son { Brett } was at a sleep-over party when this happened..

I find it interesting that the Victim accidently shot himself in the back of the head with a 22 rifle..

I find it interesting that 2 shell casings were found at the scene but only one bullet found which was in the Victims head..

I find it interesting that the rifle was a lever action rifle..

Meaning after the first bullet dischargred you had to cock the handle to load another bullet into the firing chamber..

I find it interesting that the person who called 911 was so calm for having a teenage boy bleeding out on her floor no sense of urgency..


I find it interesting that in the background of the 911 call you can hear people talking like it was just a normal day--there was no sense of urgency what so ever..

I find it interesting that several people where there but only one person was tested for GSR [ gun shot residue ]...

What I find amazing is this took place at a Reserve Deputy's home..

The evidence that the Police collected dosent not match with what they said happened..

This case was also handled by the same Louisiana Pathologist that is always called in by the State when the Parents or the Public questions the Police findings..

This Pathologist tries to make the Evidence fit with what the Police claim...

No matter how good you are it cant always work out that way sighting Cases :

Marcus Merritt Sr. who police claim took his own life when the evidence & blood evidence & the location of the body clearly shows its a Homicide & that there was someone else in the room with Mr.Merritt ..

Evidence states Homicide not Suicide..

Victor White who was handcuffed with his hands behind his back in a Police Car & while he was handcuffed shot himself in the chest..

Its not possible..

Now you have Brett Wittner who accidently shoots himself in the back of the head with a 22 rifle..

Its not possible..

These cases & the Police evidence & reports dont match up & in some cases it defeats the Laws of Gravity..

But the state of Louisiana continues with these practices & so far they havent had to answer to anybody about their actions so why not continue..


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