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Cynthia Jane Anderson: Missing Since 8-4-1981--OH.

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on August 22, 2010 at 4:10 PM


Mja Inc Investigations


Cynthia Jane Anderson : 20 years old

Missing since 8-4-1981 from Toledo Lucas County Ohio..

The Doe Network : Case File 287 DFOH


The disappearance of Anderson became our 25th case on 1-2-2002..

The main reason is because of the Geo-Location to other cases Mja works on in Ohio..

Mja Case File I.D.-CJA--025

29 Years has pasted & Victim Cynthia Jane Anderson & her Family & Friends still Seek Justice & waiting for her to be located..

It has been stated :

Anderson was last seen at her place of employment on 8-4-1981..

Cynthia Jane Anderson vanished from the law office @ Manhattan Plaza in Toledo Ohio where she worked as a secretary..

She was the first to arrive @ work..


Anderson done her regular morning tasks & disappeared before her co-workers arrived..


Cynthia Jane Anderson had been receiving suspicious calls before she disappeared...


The phone calls was alarming enough that Anderson in the summer of 1981 recently had an emergency buzzer installed at her desk at work..


Cynthia Jane Anderson disappeared without a trace on 8-4-1981..


There were several suspects in the case that have never been officially ruled out..


Because of Anderson's sense of Security for her safety & keeping office doors locked @ all times many feel her disappearance was work related..


The following is evidence that points in that direction :


1..There were no signs of a struggle...


2..Anderson's purse & car keys were gone..


3..Anderson's car remained outside..


4..The car doors were locked..


Foul play is suspected in the disappearance of Cynthia Jane Anderson..


Why work related ?


Its possible that when Anderson arrived @ work one morning thinking she was alone & she wasnt..


Anderson might have over heard part of a conversation that was explosive & some type of confession of Guilt..


The suspect pool suggest this is very possible..


Two of those suspects are serving time for un-related charges & their type of situation could have put Anderson @ risk if she had known..


In return Mja has conducted our ground searches for Cynthia Jane Anderson that fit some of the suspects profile..


Using some of the same suspect profiles Mja tries to find Jane Doe's that might fit the area's we are searching & will be searching..


Leaving nothing to chance we branch out from those locations..


Finding area's that would have some of the geo-markers we would be profiling..


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