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Posted by mja--inc--investigations on June 19, 2018 at 1:15 AM


Mja Inc Investigations

As you all know Monday is our day where we send e-mails to the respective people in Law-Enforcement-Attorney General Offices--Justice Department--FBI & Media outlets concerning several Cases..

It seems that the politics of solving certain Cases have gotten in the way & getting Justice for the Victim & the Victims Family is just a Memory..

Granted you are going to have a few Cases in your 96 Case Files that Politics & Money for what ever reason is the top factor beyond anything else..

But when you have 30 + Cases out of 96 where some Law-Enforcement Agencies could care less if the Case gets solved or not--there is a BIG problem..

So that's why every Monday we have to remind these People that there is enough evidence to move forword on the Case..

When I talk about Evidence I mean Evidence that points directly to the only person who committed the Crime...

Case on Point :

In June 2006 Mja & a Kokomo Tribune Reporter broke the Shannon Sherrill Case wide open that led to 1980's Child Serial Killer David E Penton as being the one who Abducted 6 Year Old Shannon Sherrill from Thorntown Indiana on 10-5-1986..

Direct Evidence that leads to Penton :

Mja found in the Case Files :

Buried in the Case File & forgotten were :

Two witness statements taken on the day Shannon was abducted :

These witnesses gave details about a Van with out of state plates that kept driving in and out of the mobile home park..

They got a good look at the driver & a composite Sketch was done...

Well Law-Enforcement was stuck on a local & a Red Truck

The Van & composit sketch was never released to the Public..

All BOLO's concerned only the Red-Truck..

In 2006 it was learned that Penton did own such a Van in 1986 registered in Texas..

It was later learned that Penton had used this Van on several abductions from 1983 to 1988 & on a lot of those cases they had the details of the Van..

The composite Sketch was a great likeness to Penton in 1986..

The most direct Evidence against Penton :

Buried in the Sherrill Case File A Report :

When the news broke on 10-5-1986 about Shannon being Missing there was a mistake made..

By the time Law-Enforcement caught the mistake made 8 days had pasted..

So the Investigators decided not to correct the mistake & if they hold that Info back if by chance somebody corrected that mistake then they know they have the Guilty Party..

After interviewing Pentons Cell mate of 5 years :

In just general conversation with the Ex-Cell-mate of Penton :

We learned that Penton in 2000 bragged to his cell-mate about the mistake the news made when Shannon went missing..

So playing dumb we asked the Cell-mate did Penton ever say what mistake was made ?

The Cell-mate gave us the details of the mistake...

That kind of Info could have only come from one Person & that's the abductor..

In June 2006 we handed over everything we had learned about Penton to Lt.Jeff Heck..

Everything I am telling you was backed up by the Indiana State Police Detective Lt. Jeff Heck during his Investigation..

In February 2007 Lt. Heck turned over his findings the Boone County Indiana Prosecutor...

Let me be clear about this : Lt. Heck wouldn't have gave the Case File to the Prosecutor unless it was a done deal -- that all evidence leads to David E Penton..

So for 11 years everyone one including retired Lt.Heck is wondering why the Boone County Prosecutor hasn't filed charges against Penton..

Case on Point :

The Death of Marcus Merritt Sr. in 2013..

In 2013 there was no Death Investigation or Autopsy done concerning his Death..

During our Investigation : We helped get Mr.Merritt's body exhumed in June 2016..

From the Police files :

During their Death Investigation in 2016 & with other Info they had from 2013 all Evidence leads back to the E-Stranged Wife & her Parents giving false Info to Law-Enforcement..

Mja has a Police Report that during this Investigation in 2016 the Chief of Police of Leonville Louisiana made a statement that in 2013 he washed the death gun down before it was tested..

After all the Chief was called to the scene by the E-Stranged Wife & her Parents..

The Chief also waved off the Parish District Sheriff who arrived at the scene--the Chief telling him that he would handle the Case because he knew the Family..

Tox report showed that at the time of Mr. Merritts death he was incapacitated--meaning someone else was involved in his Death..

Experts : Mja passed along the Autopsy video & reports of the Autopsy to 5 other Coroners who all found that Mr.Merritt was a Victim of Homicide...

Expert : We had a mechanical engineer look at the Death Room photo's with Mr.Merritt still in the room...

Her report read that the statements given by the e-stranged Wife's parents was a lie..

Mr.Merritt couldn't have been found in the position they claim they found him in..For the simple fact it defies the laws of gravity--meaning Mr.Merritts Body had been staged in the Death Room..

The drug cocktail found in Mr.Merritts system could only come from a pharmacy or a Hospital..

Mr. Merritt had no prescriptions in his name but his e-stranged wife & her Mother worked at the Hospital..

During the 2016 Investigation we learned that the e-stranged wife was nothing but an habitual liar..

For years she claimed to have set an ex-boyfriend on fire...

In 2016 that man was interviewed & it was proven that he got his burns from a grease fire at his place of employment..

The e-stranged wife was given 2 polygraph tests & both results were inconclusive..

If you read the definition of inconclusive : Not leading to a firm conclusion; not ending doubt or dispute...Proving nothing · resolving nothing · leaving matters open..

But yet Law-Enforcement considers this Case closed..

Here we are for 2 years now sending e-mails to have the e-stranged wife charged..

Another avenue is to have a Death Inquest or Grand-Jury decide the fate of this Case..

So Mja moves on until next Monday rolls around & another set of e-mails will be sent out until someone listens..


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Mja Inc -- Mark



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