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What Happened To The Shannon Sherrill Investigation ?

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on August 6, 2010 at 11:05 PM


Mja Inc Investigations

Shannon Sherrill 6 years old Abducted 10-5-1986 from Thorntown Indiana..

Its public record that Mja has been working on the Sherrill Case since November 2003 on behalf of Mike Sherrill{Shannons Father} & his current wife Becky Sherrill..


December 2005:


Thorntown Indiana Marshal gets the letter from the Ohio Inmate Informant{Sunnycalb}:


Claiming to have Info on the Shannon Sherrill Case..


The Town Marshal placed the letter in his desk to

collect dust..


No investigation was being done about the letter & its contents..


Several attempts were made by the Sherrill Family & Mja:


To get the Town Marshal to investigate the Info with no response..


There was no choice :


In June 2006 during a CueCenter:


" On The Road To Remember Tour " rally for Shannon Sherrill..


The Sherrill Family had Mja to post a Press Release:


About an out of state inmates letter claiming to have info on the case & we were investigating this possible lead..


A Kokomo Tribune Reporter got curious:


About the inmates letter & called Mja..


The Sherrill Family gave permission for Mja to release to the Kokomo Reporter all the Info Mja had about the Ohio inmates letter..


The Kokomo Tribune Reporter's investigation & stories led to:


The Ohio inmate{Sunnycalb}:


The one who the wrote the letter to the Thorntown Indiana Marshal..


In return that led to:


Two Ohio State Prison Investigator's..


In return that led to:


Convicted 1980's Child Serial Killer David E Penton


Who was the cellmate of inmate informant Sunnyclab for about 5 years..


Ohio Prison investigators telling:


Mja how inmate Sunnycalb gave up info on Penton for 3 unsolved Texas cases that led to Penton pleading Guilty..


In June 2006 Ohio Prison Investigator called Mja:


Asked if we wanted to question inmate informant Sunnycalb...


That what ever inmate Sunnycalb tells us take it seriously..


In return this led to :


In June 2006:


Lt.Heck of the Indiana State Police


The Thorntown Marshal & Mja Inc Investigations met @ the Ohio Prison to question inmate Sunnycalb..


Law-Enforcement questioned Ohio inmate Sunnycalb for 4 hours & 10 minutes & Mja questioned the inmate for about 17 minutes..


In return that led :


Lt.Heck of the Indiana State & Mja to:


Garland Texas Detective Gary Sweet:


Who was one of the Detectives who handled the 3 unsolved child killings in Texas against Penton..


Detective Sweet told us:


About 2 Texas inmates that had came forward with Info on Penton concerning unsolved child killings all over the country..


Detective Sweet said:


Some of the Texas inmates info matches some of the info given by the Ohio inmate Sunnycalb..


The only contact these 3 inmate informants had with each other was they were cellmates with Penton at one time or another..


These 3 inmates had Info & helped recover Evidence that was never released to the public..


The type of Info & Evidence cannot be gained thru the Freedom of Information Act & the 3 inmate informants had no access to gain such Info..


The 3 inmates had no contact with each other..


Its not hard to connect the dots--when inmates in 2 different states has the same info it could have only came from Penton..


Texas Detective Sweet went beyond his duty-he didnt stop with Texas cases..


Detective Sweet started:


Putting case files togather for every case these 3 inmates had Info on that they wanted to share...


Yes you guessed it Shannon Sherrill was one of those cases..


That led to Lt.Heck to visit Garland Texas to read the case file Detective Sweet put togather..


Lt.Heck also questioned other possible witnesses in Texas & Oklahoma..


During our research to confirm certain cases:


In the end these cases cover 17 states with Info that matches what the inmates have given..


Mja has been in contact with several different law-enforcement agencies in those states..


During our conversations with several of these law-enforcement agencies many had mentioned Lt.Heck calling them about their unsolved case..


In August 2006 Ohio inmate Sunnycalb reaches out to MJA..


In October 2006:


Boone County Prosecutor request the State of Ohio to deny Mja

access to inmate Sunnycalb..


Request Granted..




We had already questioned Ohio inmate Sunnycalb in June 2006...


So why deny Mja access to inmate Sunnycalb now ?


In Feb.2007:


Indiana State Police LT.Heck turns over his findings of his investigation on the Sherrill case to the Boone County Prosecutor..


Lt.Hecks findings of the facts & evidence states:


David E Penton abducted Shannon Sherrill on 10-5-1986..



In October 2007:


Boone County Prosecutor requested the State of Ohio to deny Mja access to inmate Sunnycalb..


Request Granted..


In October 2007:


Mike Sherrill[Shannon's Father}& Mja had a meeting with the Boone County Prosecutor..


At that time we were told there had been 1 search for Shannon & nothing was found..


Mr.Sherrill & Mja asked the Boone County Prosecutor when another search was planned for Shannon..


The Prosecutor said no more searches had been planned...


Mja knows there is another location that should be searched

for Shannon Sherrill..


But yet nothing has been done concerning this location..


But yet the Boone County Prosecutor denies access to this location by any Non-Profit Search & Rescue Group willing to search for Shannon Sherrill..


Since August 2006 to the end of 2008 Mja has had some sort of contact with Ohio inmate Sunnycalb...


Mja has also stayed in contact with Garland Texas Detective Gary Sweet..


At the end of 2007:


Boone County Prosecutor contacted:


Shannon Sherrill's Parents & asked if they want the Prosecutor to seek the Death Penalty against Penton..


The Boone County Prosecutor Announces :


The Lebanon Reporter

By Rod Rose


Tuesday,October 06, 2009


Child killer ‘person of interest’ in 23-year-old Sherrill disappearance


Boone County Prosecutor's Office confirms convicted child-killer David Elliot Penton is a person of interest in the disappearance of Shannon Sherrill and that one area has been searched in recent years.


The prosecutor also told The Reporter:


That a detective from the Indiana State Police coldcase squad has been assigned to the Sherrill case...




The Sherrill Family & Mja had been begging the Prosecutor to turn

Shannon's Case over to the ColdCase Squad since Lt.Heck retired..


Published: Kokomo Tribune on October 06,2009 @ 10:09 pm


Tribune staff writer

By Daniel Human


ISP detective joins in 23-year-old Shannon Sherrill disappearance mystery


State police Lt. Scott Schuh said Tuesday:


Master Trooper Detective Tom Littlefield,a 21-year veteran of the force,has joined in the investigation..


The previous detective,Lt.Jeff Heck,retired in 2007...


Retired Lt.Heck Speaks Out About David E Penton


New Information in the Case of Shannon Sherill




4:09 PM EDT, October 6,2009


His name is David Elliot Penton and he's serving life sentences in Ohio for the abduction, assault and murder of children in Texas and Ohio..


"There was a sighting of the vehicle that matched his{Pentons} in the area that day."


Retired State Police Investigator Jeff Heck never revealed that publicly until now...


While working the case over a year,he interviewed prison inmates,one of whom detailed in a letter,statements Penton made about a little girl in Indiana...


Published October 07,2009 11:02 am


The Lebanon Reporter

By Rod Rose


Sherrill follow-up may take months


Lebanon — It will take “months” for an Indiana State Police detective to review the police file on Shannon Sherrill’s disappearance, an ISP spokesman said Tuesday..




The Sherrill Family & Mja agreed to let the ColdCase Squad to do

their Investigation in Peace..


We were told to give it a few months & we would be given notice of the outcome of the investigations & where & what direction the investigation is heading..


As of 7-25-10 the Sherrill Family has heard nothing about the Investigation or its out-come..


So we ask:


What Happened To The Shannon Sherrill Investigation ?


Posted by :


Mja Inc--Mark

Categories: Shannon Sherrill : 6 years old Missing 10-5-1986--Indiana