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I Was Introduced To Murder

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on May 27, 2017 at 11:25 PM


Mja Inc Investigations

As a young Adult I had met 3 Brothers & their Families from California who had moved to Indiana to work at a Chrysler Transmission Plant because the one in California had shut down..

That was in summer of 1974..

We all hung out together with our kids--cook outs--fishing & taking care of some live-stock..

Then came November 1977 & I was touched by Murder..

Being just 22 years old it rocked my whole foundation of Life..

One of the Brother's become my Foreman at Chrysler Transmission & we worked afternoon shift..


At around 9:19pm the Police arrived at Chrysler & asked if he knew where his Wife was ?

Well my Friend shut down & told them he would only speak with them if I was in the Room because at the time I was taking legal course's..

I drove my Friend to the Police Station & while I was in the room he told Police that his wife was at a steak house having drinks until we get off work at mid-night...

I was my Friends witness that was indeed our plans..

The Police questioned my Friend for about 8 hours when they came out & said :

That my Friends Wife left the Steak House for some reason & she hasn't been seen but her car was still in the Resturant's parking lot..

Three days later the Wife of my Friend Dead Body was found in a small pocket of woods..

There was an arrest a few days later...

I was asked by the Family to keep a written record of the Court Hearings which I did..

The Perp pleaded Not Guilty & I was there every day the case was in court..

Facts :

The guy pulled out his car's back-seat..

My Friends Wife comes out the Restaurant Door when a guy asked her if she wanted some candy ?

She declined & he turned stabbing her in the Heart with a steak knife from the restaurant..

The Perp then threw her in the back of his car & with the seat gone you couldn't see anything in the dark..

The whacked out Perp had her Body for 3 days in the back of the car driving rural country roads until he dumped Her Body..

I wont go into detail what the Perp did for those 3 days--pure evil...

The details weren't lost on me but effected me to meeting in court such an evil animal..

It was Torture to a Dead Body & some of the details was something out of a real NightMare..

I studied him because I never thought I would ever see such evil again..

That might have been when I lost my bearings knowing this Sweet Friend-Wife & Mother will be gone before our eyes from this day forword...

When the sicko was convicted at his sentencing he had Doctor's statements saying during birth the Perp was dropped on his head..

That he wasn't responsible for his actions..

They gave him Life Without Parole & he did die in Prison..


I believe this put me in more touch with mysteries just by knowing the Victim & all the details..

Once you draw a picture in your mind with the detailed words its very hard to erase..

In such Cases its easy to see why some people just want a few minutes with the Perp..


Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff

Categories: Solved Cases