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Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on May 8, 2017 at 3:45 PM


Mja Inc Investigations

Cases State By State

Welcome To Arizona

3 Missing Females & 1 Jane Doe

Photo's concerning these cases can be found at our :

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Welcome To Arizona


Missing Persons Cases & Jane Doe Cases

On the Doe Network they have 122 Missing Persons listed from Arizona..

68 Males & 54 Females

On the Doe Network they have 277 Unidentified People listed being found in Arizona..

180 John Doe's & 97 Jane Doe's


MISSING : 14 Year Old Dorothy Mildred Clitheroe

Miss Clitheroe a 14 year old White Female went Missing on 9-20-1973 from Phoenix Arizona located in Maricopa County..

14 Year Old Dorothy Mildred Clitheroe was last seen was last seen on 9-20-1973 walking toward the restrooms in Cortez Park located at 35th Avenue & Dunlap in Phoenix Arizona..

At one time Miss Clitheroe backed into a hot radiator & the name US Steel was imprinted onto her skin on her arm...

The letter "U" may have been the only visible sign of the injury by 1973...

She may have traveled to Portland, Oregon or Houston, Texas..


Welcome To Arizona


Arizona Abduction Of Two Sisters

Two White Female Sisters Vanished With-Out A Trace on 7-31-1974 from Mesa Arizona located in Maricopa County..

MISSING :13 Year Old Jackie Lynn Leslie

Classification: Non-Family Abduction

MISSING : 15 Year Old Cynthia Ardina Leslie

The two Sisters was last seen walking on Baseline Road near Power Road on 7-31--1974...

The Sisters told their mother that they were scheduled to babysit..

But she learned afterward that they planned to attend a party...

Cynthia Ardina Leslie was likely meeting a boy her father had forbidden her to see..

Teenagers who at the party were questioned more than once..

Their Stories conflicted...

One teenager said the sisters did show up at the party but others said they didn't..

13 Year Old Jackie Lynn Leslie & 15 Year Old Cynthia Ardina Leslie have never been heard from since..


Welcome To Arizona

UNIDENTIFIED : Jane Doe Case -- 3

Jane Doe Found Valentines Day 1982

The Unidentified White Female was discovered on 2-14-1982...

11 miles west of Williams Arizona located in Cococino County..

Jane Doe's age could be 14 to 19 years old & could have been dead since 2-4-1982..

The State of Remains was Not recognizable - Insect & animal activity..

The Cause of Death was Homicide by strangulation or suffocation..

The Jane Doe was possibly last seen at Monte Carlo Truck Stop in Ashfork Arizona in early morning hours of 2-4-1982..


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