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Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on May 8, 2017 at 2:05 PM


Mja Inc Investigations

Cases State By State


5 Missing Females & 1 Missing Male & 2 Jane Doe's

Photo's concerning these cases can be found at our :

Mja Case Photo Gallary

Click on to : Cases State By State Photo Gallary

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Welcome To Colorado


Missing Persons Cases & Jane Doe Cases

The Doe Network has 66 people listed as Missing from the State of Colorado..

33 Males & 33 Females

The Doe Network has 82 people listed as unidentified that were found in the State of Colorado..

John Doe's 60 & Jane Doe's 22

Welcome To Colorado


Welcome To Craig Colorado : Missing Person Case--1979

MISSING :  15 year old Marie Ann Blee

The 15 year old White Female went Missing on 11-21-1979 from Craig Colorado located in Routt County Colorado..

Miss Blee last seen at a 4-H dance at the Moffat County Fairgrounds Pavilion in Craig Colorado in the evening of 11-21-1979..


Miss Blee after the dance went to a party at Shadow Mountain mobile home park with 18-year old Monte Dean Doolin a male friend...

People at the party reported alcohol & drug use at the party..


Doolin told authorities that Blee told him she had a ride home with an unidentified person at 1:30 AM - 2:00 AM...


Boolin stated that he never saw Blee again..


That is the last confirmed sighting of her...

Since then two suspects connected with the case have been arrested & the task force searched three sites near Hayden..


Over the years several wells,suspicious mounds or other possible hiding places have been exhumed by local law enforcement...


But nothing has been found & the case is still open...


Welcome To Colorado


Missing 1980 Colorado : 32 Year Old Beverly Lynn England

Welcome To Salida Colorado : 1980 Missing Person Case

Beverly England was last seen in Salida Colorado on 6-12-1980...

Beverly Lynn England had dropped her children off at a babysitter's & gone to the doctor & then met with another person...

No one has heard from Beverly since that day on 6-12-1980..

Beverly Lynn England is believed to be deceased & possibly the victim of foul play.... 




Welcome To Colorado


22 Year Old White Female Disappears With-Out A Trace

MISSING : Pamela Lynne Neal

The 22 year old Neal went Missing on-3-31-1983 from Englewood Colorado located in Arapahoe County...

Neal worked as a bank teller & disappeared after returning to her apartment during her lunch hour...

Neal was last seen 3-31-1983 in Englewood, Colorado...


Welcome To Colorado


Welcome To Pagosa Springs Colorado Missing Person Case--1984


MISSING : 14 Year old White Male Christopher James Harvey

The 14 Year old Christopher James Harvey vanished on 7-11-1984 from Pagosa Springs Colorado located in Hinsdale County..

Harvey disappeared after leaving a neighbor's house in Hinsdale County Colorado on 7-11-1984..

The house was located 17 miles northwest of Pagosa Springs Colorado..

14 Year old Christopher James Harvey has Never to be seen or heard from again..


Welcome To Colorado


MISSING : 26 Year Old Julie L. Cunningham

The 26 year old White Female Cunningham went Missing on 3-15-1975 from Vail Colorado located in Eagle County...

 Serial Killer Hits Vail Colorado On 3-15-1975

26 Year Old Female Disappeared on the way to a tavern in Vail Colorado..



According to Ted Bundy her body is buried in a shallow grave near Rifle which is 90 miles west of Vail..Located in a high desert area with a circular drive & some large trees..



Serial Killer Ted Bundy stated that he lured Cunningham into his vehicle by posing as an injured skieron crutches & asking her to help carry his ski boots....


Bundy claims he knocked her unconscious drove her to a remote area about eighty miles west of Vail & raped her..


Julie L Cunningham's body has never been found..


Welcome To Colorado


Missing : 25 Year Old White Female Denise Oliverson

On 4-6-1975 25 Year Old Denise Oliverson was Abducted while bicycling to her parents house in Grand Junction Colorado..

Serial Killer Ted Bundy has claimed this Missing Female as one of his Victims..

The next day on  4-7-1975 Oliverson's bicycle & sandals were found under a viaduct near a railroad bridge close to the Colorado River..


Located on U.S. Route 50 along the route she would have taken...


Serial Killer Ted Bundy claims he had thrown Oliverson's Body into the Colorado River 5 miles west of Grand Junction...


But 25 Year Old Oliverson has never been found...


Welcome To Colorado

Unidentified White Female : Jane Doe Case -- 7

Welcome To Colorado's Pike San Isabel National Forest Jane Doe--1993

Jane Doe was discovered on 6-15-1993 she was found between Woodland Park Coilorado & Deckers Colorado...

Jane Doe was found half nude wearing only a black short sleeve Harley Davidson t-shirt & some unique jewelry.. 

Jane Doe could be 13 to 20 years old & Estimated Date of Death : June 12 or 13 1993...

Cause of Death : Authorities believe that she died after being hit in the head...


The State of Remains were Not recognizable..

The partially clad body of Young Jane Doe was found by a Hiker in a makeshift campsite at the Rainbow Falls Campground... 



No trace of illegal drugs were found in her body & investigators found no evidence of sexual assault by intercourse..


Welcome To Colorado

Unidentified White Female : Jane Doe Case -- 8

The Jane Doe was located by hikers near a Campground on 7-7-1994 in Montrose County Colorado..

Welcome Windy Point Colorado Jane Doe Discovered in 1994 &

Jane Doe's Estimated age was 35 to 40 years old...

Jane Doe's Estimated Date of Death : 6-12 months prior to being discovered..

At the make shift-campsite Strands of reddish brown hair were located..

Part of a woman's black vinyl belt was discovered near the bones & it was the only clothing item found..

Investigators believe the woman was slain at another location & brought to Windy Point maybe in the fall of 1993 & then covered with tree limbs to conceal her whereabouts. ..


In this case suspect foul play...


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