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Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on April 22, 2017 at 1:45 AM


Mja Inc Investigations

MM--061  [ 2-9-2004 ]


BRI_M--059  [ 3-19-2004 ]

MISSING : MAURA MURRAY   [ 2-9-2004 ]



Lets look at these Cases in a logical way..

Which so far has not worked..

All Police Protocals after the fact didn't help by labeling these Young Ladies into terms that somehow more or less was saying it was these Young Ladies choices that led them to disappear with-out a trace..

Lets look at all the many season's of the years that have passed since they disappeared..

You would have thought by now that Ground searchers--a hunter--a hiker--a fisherman or a skier would have found some type of  Human Remains...

There is no physical evidence that has been found tied to the Cases..

MISSING : MAURA MURRAY  { 2-9-2004 }

Miss Murray we must consider her disappearance was an Stranger Abduction since she was driving from UMass...

Yes its possible that Miss Murray could have been followed from UMass but we think that's highly unlikely..

On 2-9-2004 Miss Murray disappeared from the Woodsville N.H. area after she had a one car accident..

Miss Murray refused help on 3 occasions & around 10 minutes later Miss Murray just Vanished..

Then its reported the K-9's lost her scent about 100 yards down the road from the school bus driver..

So is it logical that Miss Murray would accept help on the 4th attempt just 100 yards down the road  ?

It could mean what ever happened to Miss Murray did in fact happened right there...

The Questions remain : Did Miss Murray enter the vehicle willingly or was Miss Murray forced to get into the vehicle ?

Something else it always puzzled us : On each side of the road there was snow banks about 5 feet tall..

If Miss Murray had thought she was in danger all she had to do was clear one of those snow banks head into the dark & they would have never found her..

Miss Murray : Track Star--expert mountain hiker & an ex West Point Cadet..

This says a lot about the person who abducted Miss Murray..

Mja after searching for Miss Murray for the last 12 years knows a lot of ground has been covered..


Missing : Brianna Maitland  [ 3-19-2004 ]

Miss Maitland left her work place about around 11:20pm on 3-19-2004 a Friday & disappeared...

1.3 miles the route to Miss Maitland's home her vehicle was found rammed in reverse into an empty house..

The vehicle was never considered a Crime Scene for the Trooper stated he thought it was a one car accident or a drunk driver...

So there was a delay that the VSP had Miss Maitland's vehicle...

Miss Maitland's history is she stood-up for what she believed in so could that be the possible reason why Miss Maitland disappeared ?

One avenue to follow on the Maitland Case is that Miss Maitland knew her Abductor..

Just as at one time the FBI came out & said it very possible Miss Maitland's vehicle was planted at the empty house to throw off the Investigation..

Miss Maitland was highly trained in the Martial Arts..

This is why we believe there was some type of a struggle because what we saw in Miss Maitland's vehicle & what was said found outside of the vehicle..

There is a slight hint of evidence that Miss Maitland did get out of the vehicle during the struggle...

One thing :

None of Miss Maitland's blood was ever found in the vehicle...

Case On Point :

The Killer wasn't aggressive enough with an all out blitz attack because the Perp didn't want Miss Maitland bleeding in his vehicle..

We also believe that Miss Maitland thought she was still in control at that point because they were not very aggressive trying to control her..

It could also still suggest that some type of weapon was used to control Miss Maitland & really we cant count out a Hot-Shot being used on her..

Mja was at the command center for the Klaas Kids Ground Searches for Miss Maitland on 4-3-2004..

Mja had 4 of our NY members with equipment so we went out & started doing our Investigations because we had access to Search Grids...

The Montgomery VT  area & beyond hasn't produced the search results we had hoped for when we started searching these area's...

Woodsville,NH & Montgomery VT area's are so much alike--very remote..

Mja has followed every lead on the Maitland Case that we know about & have heard about..

No solid physical evidence tied to the Case & the ground searches have produced nothing in 13 years...

Its like the Killers have a hiding place know one has discovered yet..

In just recent years some Killers started burying their victims on their property...

But that's a very bold move & mistake to make because all it takes is the one right Judge to sign the search warrant & your cooked well done..

Once again a type of Killer who thought he could fool everybody & he didn't think they would ever search his property...

There is no way to explain that away when the victim is found on your property..

Even though this avenue is possible we find it very unlikely on these 2 Cases..

On both Cases we still use a lot of GEO search locations..

So as it stands " We Are To Believe That We Have Two Killers Within 95 Miles From Each Other " ?

Who ever the killers are they have some of the tricks of the trade...

A lot of our Investigators were trained or are Old School Investigators...

I Profile in my Mind concerning the killer or killer's :

What they look like--- his voice sounds---their body language--their over all mannerisms---their common reactions...

Our Profilers can see the Killers right before our eyes but we just cant I.D. their face--how & why the victims were murdered..

Going by our schooling & experience its safe to say the type of Persons we are looking for but the Killers know this..

So they use counter- measures to off set any training you might have had & you know this but sometimes its hard to pick-up on that your being led to water...

One thing I am sure of we have that at least 5 staff members that if we had ever talked to the Killers we would know it..

While your doing that Dance with a Suspect they cant help to show you that they are in control with a hint of a confession without saying the words..

Its just something in their human-make up that just cant be changed..

Several of our Staff loves those types of Interviews because the more they talk the more you learn but yet they still think they are in control..


You just let them talk : Let them spin themselves in a web of hints that can be confirmed...

This can be found in every Killers DNA -- the Facts are there on the black-board but yet no Solid Evidence for an arrest...

A lot of our Staff was trained that there is " NO PERFECT MURDER " & there NEVER IS THE PERFECT ABDUCTION & MURDER..

Mistakes are made--items can be left behind--finger prints--hair & fiber then when DNA came in & now there is touch DNA...

You can now re-test old evidence using these new methods that could lead to Convictions..

There is always something left behind at any Crime Scene...

Unless their pro evidence scrubers that gets rid of evidence also-- but that's very unlikely concerning these 2 Cases..

It seems the only way these Cases will be solved is we have to Think Way Out Of Box...

There has to be common factors in each of Missing Female Cases--Not that they are Related--but in each Case there has to be something that stick's out that could solve both Cases..

In each Case its like an important factor that could balance out what we are looking for at this time..


Posted by :

Mja Inc --Mark

Categories: Missing Persons, MP--2000's