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The Death Of Marcus Merritt Sr. : The 26 Page Police Report

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on January 15, 2017 at 2:05 AM


Mja Inc Investigations 

The 26 Page Police Report on The Death Of Marcus Merritt

Mja would like to state for the record..

Mja has been involved with several cases of this type & we managed to get the Cases over-turned to a Homicide or Undetermined..

How we done that we had the whole Case File including death scene photo's & autopsy photo's--tox screen--witness statements--copies of any search warrants-polygraphs results--any testing results for any evidence that was collected--ect...

Mja got a lot of that Info from filing under The Freedom Of Information Act...

Mja filed such papers to the state of Louisiana 3 different times with no reply...

Even after exhuming Mr.Merritt's Body the State of Louisiana has refused to provide the whole Case File..

The 26 page Report counting the cover that they did send had all attachments missing...

The Report had several large holes in it & even contradict's its self..

There are statements in the report that the Leonville Police should be held for Misconduct..

Why the State Police haven't removed the Police Chief in question from his duties is beyond any other reasoning..

The 26 page Report just raised more questions to be answered..

The Report reads like pure Fiction..

Let me just say that we are taking this case personally..

It has nothing to do with Ego's or that this is the first Case of this type where the ruling didn't go our way..

Its the simple fact that at separate times the Police Investigators lied to me over the phone..

They stalled & pointed the fingers at each other why it took until 12-13-16 for the results of the so-called autopsy when Mr.Merritt was exhumed on 6-2-16..

Its becoming our opinion that the reason they wont turn over the whole case file because we have experts that can read a death scene just by documented photo's..

We have medical experts to read tox-screens..

We can reconstruct a death scene..

We have staff members with college degree's in this type of work..

Mja had 2 of our Profilers do a report on the 26 pages Police Report..

The Profilers both stated :

That it is possible that it happened the way the Police claim :

But that's very unlikely concerning this Case..

There is no actual evidence of suicide because they didn't do a death investigation..

The Profilers stated that there was more evidence to support Homicide even though the Police slanted the witness statements towords Suicide..

There is no actual evidence of corruption as we know it but the Leonville Police is guilty of Misconduct & to us that's a foundation for a cover up or corruption..

I think they know about Mja History by now so in return they don't want Mja to see the whole Case File..

I am just saying !!


Posted by :

Mja Inc--Mark


Categories: Unsolved Crimes, Mja Operations & Documents