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Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on January 6, 2017 at 9:45 PM


Mja Inc Investigation

There are many People who ask how we get a handle on some of these Cases..

One Tool we have found that works for Mja is when ever possible do an Re-Enactment of the Case...


Mja started working on this case in 2003..

This is how we knew :

When a 6 year old Female Child was abducted in 1986 the Serial Killer had only 1 minute & 20 seconds to isolate the Victim & abduct her...

That's a very slim window when you have other kids around playing & Adults across the street & Adults beside the Victims Home..

No one saw anything !!

In 2004 Mja granted access to Police Files :

Since it was a narrow window that led us to look at the Police Case File..

Fitting that narrow window time line there was 2 eyewitness watching a Vehicle with out of state plates driving around which had been in the Case file from day 1..

These witnesses didn't see an abduction...

This also led to a report to where the K-9's lost the Child's scent..

Where the K-9's lost the scent is the area the 2 witnesses first saw the Vehicle driving around..

That was never put together as being important..

But this avenue was never investigated because Law-Enforcement had tunnel vision on another Vehicle...

Mja presued this lead of the other Vehicle...

During our investigation Texas Law-Enforcement asked for the Indiana Victims Parents DNA..

So at that point we knew there was a Texas connection...

In 2005 the local town Marshal gets a letter from an Ohio Inmate asking if this certain type of Vehicle ever come up in the investigation ?

If there was a compsite sketch done on a possible suspect ?

In the Police Case File the 2 witnesses that had seen the other Vehicle driving around they done a composit sketch...

But it was never released to the Media..

The local Town Marshal took the Ohio Inmate's letter & put it in the desk to collect dust..

Mja & the Victim's Family waited until June 2006 for the Marshal to investigate what was said in the letter..

When he didn't Mja & the Victim's Family had no choice but to Release this Info to the Public..

This led to the Ohio Inmate who wrote the letter to the Marshal & this Ohio Inmate Informant was a cell mate for 5 years with a convicted 1980's Child Serial Killer..

This Ohio Inmate Informant helped Law-Enforcement in Texas to solve 3 1980's Female Child Murders that his former cell mate had talked about..

This led Mja to interviewing the Ohio Inmate Informant on several occasions & he knew the Vehicle--he knew what she was wearing & he had Info that could have only came from the Killer..

So we know who took our Victim & the search area's are down to only 2 locations...

That Investigation continues for it has branched out to 17 States..



This is how we knew :

That in 1991 after leaving a Party with a so called Friend a 16 year old Male didn't lay down on a Indiana country road to get accidently ran over...

Our investigation started with a Police Officers hand sketches of the so called accident site where the victim was laying & where is so called Friend was laying who escaped harm & where flesh was discovered across the road in the grass & which way the vehicle was driving & how fast..

Mja saw the Autopsy Photo's of the Body--Fully clothed--then each item of clothing taken off you take another photo of the Body..

So we saw first hand the injuries the 16 year old suffered...

Mja done a re-enactment using the same type of vehicle & plus 3 other vehicles..

What we learned is this so called accident didn't happen the way the witnesses claim..

The Victims injuries are to presise & the distance between the Victim & his so called Friend laying in the road would make it impossible for it to happen the way they claim..

Another solid clue the flesh found across the road about 25 feet away from the Body was part of his testicles...

After being ran over :

The groin section of the victims pants wasn't ripped & didn't have a hole in that area & they werent unzipped..

There is no way possible that this Flesh shot down his pant legs or shot up from his waist & land almost 25 feet from the Body..

Also there is no blood evidence that says it happened that way if it was possible..

Our evidence states that the testicle injury happened before being ran over by a vehicle..


Over the years witnesses statements have changed on several occasions..

Our grounds that Mja presented was enough to get the case over-turned from Accidental to Undetermined which usually leads to Homicide..



This is how we knew :

That in 1965 a 2 year & 10 months old Female Child from Missouri didn't walk down to the bank of the Mississippi River & fall in..

This was what the directing Police Agency was saying in 1965..

So Mja took an expert hiker had him follow the route the small child would have took...

It took our expert hiker 31 minutes & 16 seconds to reach the river bank..

In that amount of time there was already a search for the young child taken place by Family & Friends...

The river bank was one of the first places searched & when the Police was called they searched the River area..


So how long do think it would have taken a 2 year & 10 month old Female Child to reach the river bank if it took an expert 31 minutes & 16 seconds to reach the bank ?

In doing so this avenue has been ruled out by all Law-Enforcement..



This is how we knew :

That in 1986 a 16 year old Male from Ohio was arrested for the Rape & Murder of his Girlfriend that he didn't do..

There was no evidence linking him to the crime..

He was later released & never thought much about it thinking he had been cleared..

Little did he know he was still the number one suspect & the public agreed also..

Later in life as an Adult the Boyfriend was charged..

The Boyfriend kept up on DNA & while setting in Jail he asked to have DNA testing done on the items at the crime scene..

Because in 1986 DNA testing wasn't done in the USA..

The answer was that he had to prove that there is some type of evidence that states he couldn't have been at the crime scene in question..

The Boyfriends Lawyer had Mja do an re-enactment on the time line the prosecution was using..

Going by the Police report time line & the prosecution time line Mja done an re-enactment..

We used a car close to what the Boyfriend drove in 1986 & we done it on a night where the road conditions were the same..

The Girl Friend left the school gym to walk home because she had a curfew..

About 20 minutes after the Girlfriend left the Boyfriend was out of sight from alibi witnesses for 13 minutes while using the restroom & sneaking a smoke..

Mja left the gym & drove out to where the Victim was found...

Remember the Killer took his time with her :

She was raped--beaten & murdered..

The killer also done some other things in the form of torture that has never been released to the public...

But the main thing is they took time to do..

Just the drive from the the gym to the crime scene took 19 minutes round-trip..

Mja tried at different speeds & still couldn't get it below 14 minutes round--trip..

Then with how she died & what was done to her would have taken a lot of time so there is no question the Boyfriend wasn't involved..

That was enough grounds to have DNA testing done & they found DNA besides the Victims..

That DNA testing proved that the Boyfriend wasn't the killer & he was released..

Just think this was all done by using the Police & Prosecution & Witness Statements..

As you see doing Re-enactments can be an important Tool to use to help you prove a Case..


Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff


Categories: Missing Persons, Unsolved Crimes, Mja Operations & Documents