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Mja Fears No Evil & We Have Seen Evil Before

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on August 11, 2016 at 12:40 AM


Mja Inc Investigations

To Whom It May Concern :

All you have told me calling them Details has already been posted in the Media concerning this Serial Killer..

The only reason you know about me is because of my Son sending an E-Mail to the Media..

The Guy I was after isn't the person you speak about...

I have Details of why I felt he was the Killer...

Suspect Profile : After each Kill the Suspect might feel the need to flee..

Right after the 4th Victim was found he quit his job working for the State--put his house up for sale & left..

The Serial Killers location at that time was unknown..

Mja always felt that he went on Killing in another State...

Mja has been trying to find a pattern in another State..

Mja has it from a good source of Info the Guy we were looking at Died in Prison on Un-related charges..

The Guy we were looking at confessed to the Media 4 Kills & he left a lot of clues behind that pointed more in his direction..

All of these Victim's were found & the Suspect is dead then there will be no Court Hearings..

Mja has Info that was never released to the Public..

You have No Details concerning your Suspect..

All you will say is your Suspect is alive & you have listened to his Stories..

Well then why are you contacting Mja ?

You sound like you have everything you need & by Law if you find the Info Creditable in part then you must Report it to Police..


Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff


Categories: Unsolved Crimes, Mja Operations & Documents