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Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on July 30, 2016 at 7:45 PM


Mja Inc Investigations


As of 7-28-16 Mja has joined in on the search for Missing :

WILLIAM P SMOLINSKI JR who goes by the name : Billy..

A mutual friend { Kathy Rivera } put Jan Smolinski { Billy's Mother }& Mja together..

Jan Smolinski reached out to Mja & we had a long conversation...

We came up with 3 common goals which the most important is locating Billy..

Jan Smolinski has given Mja permission to work on the Case & to move forword..

31 year old WILLIAM P SMOLINSKI JR { Billy } disappeared on 8-24-2004 from Waterbury Connecticut..

Billy has become our 90th case : Mja Case File : BPS--090..

At this time the Case File isnt complete & when its completed we will post the Case File..

The Smolinski Family has been locked into a nightmare by the Police who are Investigating the Case & the towns Justice System..

Jan Smolinski has been arrested--sued & lied to by this Police Agency Investigating the disappearence of her son Billy..

But yet the Guilty Parties involved in Billys disappearence is roaming wild with no legal action taken against them...

The Guilty Parties do what they want & when they want with no legal action taken against them...

No Victims Family members should ever be arrested for trying to find answers to what happened to their Missing Loved One..

The courts should never entertain the thought of pursusing a Law Suit against the Victims Family brought forth by people where their Guilt is still in question..

The Police Agency involved in the Case should never lie to the Victims Family or paint a picture of the Victim stating he was nothing but a mean person..

When there is NO DOCUMENTED Evidence that says this could be true...

Even IF that was true dosent mean Law-Enforcement shouldnt do their job concerning this Case..

The tactics used by the Police Department & the Guilty Parties against the Victims Family is major Red Flags that something is wrong with the Investigation..

Mja understands without question what we are up against & we understand what needs to be done & we plan on bringing everything to the surface for all to see..

Mja never shy's away from a Case because its difficult & with our experience we can adjust to what needs to be done...

Mja will keep the Public up-dated when we can...


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Mja Inc Staff


Categories: Missing Persons, Mja Operations & Documents