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Mja Crime Forums Post New Entry


Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on July 30, 2016 at 6:00 AM


Mja Inc Investigations

This is a Notice of Intent to all the internet Trolls attacking Mja & our work..

We are sick of your slanderous with malice comments about Mja on Public Forums with no documents of evidence to prove your comments..

You Trolls have upset some of our Clients & that's where we draw the line..

As of 7-29-16 our 3 founding partners has turned over your slanderous comments to our legal department..

Mja is taking the stand in the form of a Law Suit..

Yes we are taking you to court !!!

After upsetting some of our Clients you leave us no choice..

I have given you warning after warning to back-off with no luck because you people failed to listen to reason & you failed to pay attention to our documented evidence..

Those warnings we gave you time & time again will also be presented in court..

The comments you made about our Staff being handicapped & wishing us good luck at the Special Olympics will tell everyone the kind of Human Beings you are...

I will admit we have 2 people at Mja that is labeled as being Handicapped...

One of them is me & I have CMT & MS but yet you will find me in the woods--in the mountains--walking in the streams & rivers every month conducting searches..

Where will we find you--well I can tell you--your hiding behind a keyboard..

I don't get a government check for my disability--I have worked all my life..

Mja has a Profiler who just earned his college degree today 7-29-16 & he is confined to a wheel chair..

I wont be dealing with you Internet Trolls anymore it will be our Lawyers...

Don't think for one minute we cant track you down because we have the resources to do so...

If we can track down a Serial Killer that operated from 1981 to 1988 its going to be easy for our tech people to track you down..

You Trolls fail to realise that anything you put on the internet your leaving a digital fingerprint that leads back to you...

But we are going to make it easy for you to pay the damages..

Because we don't want to ruin your Life or for the Trolls that have Families we don't want to ruin your Family because of your mistakes..

Mja has 20 Internet Trolls in our files that have been attacking Mja by using slanderous with malice comments with no evidence to back up your claims..


Here is a sample of documented evidence that Mja will be using in court :

This is from Martha Hamilton who is the Sister of Missing : 2 & 1/2 year old Elizabeth Ann Gill went Missing on 6-13-1965 From Cape Girardeau, Missouri...

May, 2012: I work with the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children as a Team Hope volunteer. A friend in this group suggested I contact Mark for help in finding Beth. Mark and his group MJA, Inc Investigators have worked tirelessly to bring us answers. He and I believe we’ve made progress but aren’t quite there in finding Beth. Mark has brought a different outlook to the case, and has been a wonderful mentor and source of encouragement. The Gill family will be forever grateful for all the hours Mark and his team have spent searching with us.


Mja has 100’s of these types of documented evidence & several from Law-Enforcement Agencies across the nation..

You Internet Trolls have no such documented evidence to back up your comments..

In court you have to produce evidence to back up your claims..

Mja will be asking in damages 500 to a 1000 dollars from each one of you & we will determine your cost by what you posted & how manytimes you posted..

You cant lie because we saved your comments & as I said Mja has a file for you Internet Trolls..

When you lose a Law Suit like this your the ones that have to pay the Lawyer fee’s & court cost..

Well our Lawyers are only going to charge you 1 dollar where they could charge you up to 1000 dollars an hour & the court cost we have no control over that..

So Mja wants to thank-you internet trolls because when we collect your money there will be enough to run our operations for almost 3 years...

So during that time our staff wont have to give their money to do our work..

Hey if you want keep posting your slanderous comments that's just more money we will get from you to run our operations..

Good-Luck in court because your going to need it..

KNOCK-KNOCK--Who’s there--well that will be you being served court papers to appear in court..



Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff


Categories: Missing Persons, Unsolved Crimes, Mja Operations & Documents