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Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on June 28, 2016 at 9:30 PM


Mja Inc Investigations

As of 6-1-16 Mja has been operating for 15 years & we have shared alot of success..

Each year we have grown larger,with more staff members and taking on more cases..

At this time we have 44 staff members & 18 of us are related to each other in some way..

Mja has 89 cases we are working on covering 12 States & we are consultants of dozens of cases that isnt in the 12 States we travel too..

Our 3 founding partners would like to thank our Volunteer Staff for all the work they do..

We would like to Thank our staff for the Money they spend & for their Time they give to carry out our work..

Mja would like to Thank our staff members Family for their support because sometimes we are on the road for a month at a time..

Mja would like to Thank our internet contacts--street contacts & informants..

A very Special Thanks goes out to Karen Jo Smith's Family because Missing Karen Jo Smith became our very first case..

Karen Jo's Family is the main reason Mja grew the way it did..

Because the Family would tell other Families about Mja that needed our kind of help & would pass on our contact info..

Special Thanks go out to our clients for trusting Mja & our work & we are Honored to be working on your Loved One's Case..

Special Thanks go out to :

Todd Matthews of the Doe Network--Yahoo Cold Case Group & Namus..

Monica Caison of the Cuecenter..

Patty Beeken Former Founder at 4thekids Missing Kid Services..

Leah of the Indiana K-9 Unit..

During our 15 years Mja has asked these 4 People for advice concerning certain Cases & they alway replied back..

Alot of times their input helped a great deal..

Thanks to Chris's Crime Forum..

To the Law-Enforcement Agencies that we work side by side with because they trust the work we do & these Agencies realize by working togather it benefits the Case..

Mja would like to Thank all the media out-lets that gave news coverage to the Case we are working on..

Special Thanks to Our new Friends :

Sevgi Fernandez is the Founder/CEO of Together We Stand

The Tracy Fort Radio Talk Show


Its an Honor for Mja to be working with you 2 & your Group..

Its been an amazing 15 years & we are excited about the years to come with plans on growing larger to take on more Cases...

Thank you everyone for making a dream come True..

Mja has been Blessed !!


Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff

Categories: Missing Persons, Unsolved Crimes, Mja Operations & Documents