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Death In Friendship To Painful

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on May 11, 2016 at 5:50 PM


Mja Inc Investigations

From grade school--middle school-- & high school their were 10 of us who had our little click...

During the years soon members in our group of friends started to die...

2- Murders--Death Ruled Accidental--over doses--a car accident--until there were only 3 of our click left...

Myself & My Best Friend & his Wife...

My best Friends Wife got a life threatening illness that she fought for 12 years before dying...

Knowing her since we were 10 years old struck a big blow to every fiber of our being..

Then a few years later my best Friend & I was out to dinner with our old little league coach & ex-cop,he looked up & said " You two are the only ones left from the hood dating back to 1966,you two have gone in the right direction--so keep your head-up..

As if it was a warning to take heed of the past know our limitations...Sometimes Fate is Just Fate !!

My best Friend & I who had been in battle several times togather covering each other's back..

Well after my best Friends Wife's death :

The phone calls dwinndled down--visits dwinndled down & even after I moved to New York our twice a year visits dwinndled down to once a year..

It seems our Friendship of seeing each other is too painful for us to bare the memories when we were are all alive & are out & about togather..

It reminds us of the loving Friends we lost & wish things could be back to the way they were..

To me I have learned to live with the things that haunt me in life & they will never be Forgotten..


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Mja Inc--Mark

Categories: Unsolved Crimes, Children Who Never Made It Home

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