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Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on February 10, 2016 at 10:35 PM



Mja Inc Investigations

Unsolved Crimes

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Evansville Indiana's Most Well Known Unsolved Murder

The Unsolved Murder Of Ann Kline

On the rainy day of 1-18-1973 Ann Kline walked across the street from what was then Lockyear College where she was a teacher..

Kline walked to the basement of the Old Courthouse to where the College stored books...

Ann Kline would never walk out again...

Ann Kline lost her life in savage attack...

Kline was stabbed 19 times with the fatal strike coming to her aorta...

Ann Kline had defensive injuries showing she was attacked from behind..

This murder showed rage and passion...


Unsolved Crimes

Murdered : 13 Year Old Linda Sue Dearth

Linda Sue Dearth of Brookville Ohio was found Murdered in her home on 1-25-1973...

Linda was home from school that day as they had cancelled it for President Johnson’s funeral...

Police are not sure if she answered the door or if they came in on their own...

Linda was raped and shot 3 times in the head...

On 1-23-1973 Gloria Buck & her two children were murdered & the gun was used at both Crimes..


Unsolved Crimes

Murdered : 16 Year Old Carol Sue Klaber

Carol Sue Klaber of Fort Wright Kentucky was kidnapped on Friday night 6-4-1976...

The 16 year old was going to eat supper with friends...

It was not Klaber's habit to not let he Family know where she was at or what she was doing...

On 6-5-1976 the body of a young girl was found in a ditch in Boone County & the Kentucky State Police were called..

The Body was identified as being Carol Sue Klaber of Fort Wright Kentucky...

Carol Sue Klaber had been strangled with a heavy chain necklace she wore...

The 16 year old Klaber was raped & mortally wounded seven times in her head with an object similar to a jack-handle...

The killer(s) have never been found...


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