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Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on January 17, 2016 at 11:10 PM



Mja Inc Investigations

Serial Killers :

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1980's Child Serial Killer Strikes In Alabama..

David E Penton had at least 2 Victims In Alabama..

On 6-1-1984 a 16 year old white female went Missing from Rockford Alabama located in Coosa County...

On 6-6-1984 a 12 year old white female went Missing from Greenville Alabama located in Butler County..

These towns are about 55 miles apart from each other & at the time they were one street light towns..

1980's Child Serial Killer : David E Penton has at least one Victim from Indiana..

On 10-5-1986 a 6 year old white female went Missing from Thorntown Indiana..

Its a 2 street light town but the Mobile Home Park where the 6 year old female was abducted from is off the Main Roads..

Some of Penton's M.O's. was to Abduct Children from Park Benches & Children that are left in car's unattended..

There are other Cases in Texas--Alabama--Illinois--Michigan--Ohio--Pennsylvania that fits Penton's M.O...


American Serial Killer : Joel David Rifkin

Joel the Ripper

Joel Rifkin was convicted of the murders of nine women mostly drug-addicted prostitutes between 1989 & 1993 in New York City...

It is believed he killed as many as 17 women..

Joel David Rifkin is suspected by some to be responsible for some of the Long Island Prostitute Murders ...

Those remains were found in March & April 2011 four of his victims' bodies were never found...

Rifkin often hired prostitutes in Brooklyn & Manhattan he lived in East Meadow a suburban town on Long Island...

Joel David Rifkin first murder was in 1989, killing a woman in his home in East Meadow Nassau County Long Island, New York...

Over the next four years, it is presumed Rifkin killed 16 more women...

Sometimes he would take his victims back to East Meadow New York, to the house..

This is where he lived with his sister and elderly mother or other times he killed them in his car...

After his final arrest in 1993, Rifkin was implicated in the murder of a woman..

The Woman's severed head was discovered on a Hopewell New Jersey golf course on 3-5-1989..

In 2013 investigators determined this Victim :

A prostitute named Heidi Balch, was the same woman that he described as Rifkin's first Victim..

On 6-28-1993 Police caught up with Joel David Rifkin..,

At that time he had the corpse of 22 year old prostitute & dancer Tiffany Bresciani in the back of Rifkin's truck..

This was Rifkin's final Victim...


" Connecticut River Valley Killer "

The "Connecticut River Valley Killer : An unidentified Serial Killer..

The Serial Killer is responsible for a series of similar knife murders..

The Murders took place mostly in & around Claremont New Hampshire & the Connecticut River Valley in the 1980s...

In the mid 1980s three young women disappeared from the Claremont New Hampshire area...

In 1985 & 1986 the skeletal remains of two of the vanished women were recovered..

They were within about a thousand feet of each other in a wooded area in Kelleyville New Hampshire...

Seven homicides are commonly cited as being conclusively linked to the Connecticut River Valley killer...

American Serial Killer Michael Andrew Nicholaou traveled these area's..

Victims from :

Claremont New Hampshire & New London New Hampshire & Massachusetts/Vermont Border & Charlestown New Hampshire & West Swanzey New Hampshire & Plainfield New Hampshire & New Boston New Hampshire & Saxtons River Vermont & Hartford Vermont & Hartland Vermont...

In the mid 1980s, three young women disappeared from the Claremont area...

Another attack : A 36-year-old woman white female was stabbed to death in a frenzied attack inside her home in Saxtons River Vermont..

On 10-24-1978 a 27-year-old white female was last seen photographing birds at the Chandler Brook Wetland Preserve in New London New Hampshire...

The next day her body with at least 29 stab wounds was found yards away from where she was last seen...

On 7-25-1981 a 37-year-old white female from Vermont disappeared & was last seen hitchhiking on the Massachusetts/Vermont border..

If you want to read more about possible Victims please click on the link below or copy & paste :

" Connecticut River Valley Killer "

Number One Suspect : American Serial Killer Michael Andrew Nicholaou..

Michael Andrew Nicholaou was a Vietnam Veteran & he earned two Purple Hearts & two Silver Stars & two Bronze Stars..

To date no conclusions have been publicly announced..

Nicholaou has not been conclusively linked to the crimes of the Connecticut River Valley killer...

Nicholaou has a slight resemblance to some sketches by witnesses & some of his vehicles match..

It was in Virginia that Nicholaou met Michelle Ashley & soon after moved to Holyoke Massachusetts where the couple had two children : Nick & Joy...

As his marriage to Michelle became more troubled there was no trace of Michelle or the two children....

On 12-31-2005 Michael Andrew Nicholaou shot & killed his present Wife & Step-Daughter in a Tampa Florida Home & then killed himself..


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Mja Inc Staff



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