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1980's Child Serial Killer : David E Penton

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on December 29, 2015 at 1:05 AM


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In June 2006 Mja was invited by the Ohio Department Of Corrections to question an Ohio Inmate Informant concerning one of our Cases...

This Inmate Informant was the former Cell-Mate of Child Serial Killer David E Penton..

They were Cell -Mates for 5 years..

The Inmate Informant heard nothing from Penton but his crimes across the United States..

They were locked in the cell 23 hours a day so Penton done a lot of talking...

After Penton was moved to another Prison his Cell-Mate came forward...

This Ohio Inmate Informant helped the State of Texas get 3 convictions against Penton..

This Inmate informant is so good that he got Texas Police 90 feet from the remains of one of Penton's Child Victims..

This Inmate Informant gave Police info about one of Pentons former addresses :

That in one of the corners of the attic there will be an item that will have DNA Evidence on it..

Sure enough that item was there & that item had 7 different DNA profiles from that item..

The Inmate Informant gave me the contact of the Detective that handled the Texas Cases..

Mja contacted that Texas Detective & we spoke several times through the years...

Mja & this Texas Detective put togather case profiles that fits Pentons M.O. & not all of those cases were from Texas...

Our research can safely say that we have connected Penton to 35 Cases..

Some of the Victims have been found & some have not..

Take into account that the Inmate Informant couldn't get a reduced sentence for turning over this Info..

What ever his motives are all we can say & know its not for a reduced sentence..

Mja & the Texas Detective contact 17 states concerning some of their unsolved cold cases involving Children..

After talking to these other States they added Cases that could be linked to Penton..

The figure might be as high as 50 + Child Victims..

Penton said in a Media interview that he would give up the locations of the Bodies if a State gives him the Death Sentence...

Its been our Hope that these States would step-up & prosecute Penton & sentence him to Death so he can make a deal if he gave up the locations of the bodies...

Pentons not getting any younger...

Its Society's Duty to do so..

A lot of Prosecutors are worried when it comes to prosecuting a case like this with no smoking-gun or direct evidence that ties Penton to the case..

But the Inmate Informant had direct knowledge of details that were never released to the Public..

Then take into account while Penton was in Jail inTexas going to trial on those cases : Penton talked to 2-cell-mates & confessed to the same crimes that he had confessed to his Ohio Cell Mate..

The two Texas Jail Inmates & the Ohio Prison Inmate didn't know each other & was never in contact with each other..

But yet all 3 are telling the same stories that thay had heard from Penton..

Since 2007 Mja & the Texas Detective have been contacting Officials trying to get a Federal Task Force concerning Child Killer Penton..

Penton has been known to cross state-lines with his Child Victims..

The FBI can get involved so that would make it a Federal Task Force..

Promises had been made to investigate these Cases..

But that process is slow & in between..

The Texas Detective already put togather the case files..

So its up to the States involved to nail down these Facts as to be True..

Its time to speed thing up..

When we know the other cases with this Inmate Informants Info took no-longer than 4 years to get a conviction....


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Mja Inc--Mark

Categories: Missing Persons, Serial Killers, 1980's Child Serial Killer : David E Penton