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Welcome To Wisconsin : Jane Doe Cases

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on December 12, 2015 at 11:40 PM



Mja Inc Investigations

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Welcome To Wisconsin : Jane Doe Cases

Unidentified White Female

The Victim was located on 5-4-1984 about 6 miles outside of Westby in Vernon County Wisconsin..

Jane Doe's Estimated Age : 50-63 years old

There were three people driving along Old Line Road saw the victim's body lying at the roadside..

Jane Doe's hands were severed at the wrist & have not been recovered...

The killer made no attempt to hide her body...

When investigators checked the area a couple reported seeing a vehicle..

The Police found a piece of the fractured denture, some blood, & a man's Seiko watch...


Welcome To Wisconsin

Unidentified White Female

The Victim was located on 7-21-1999 Racine County Wisconsin. ..

Jane Doe's Estimated age : 34 - 41

The victim was found at the edge of cornfield in a rural area of Racine, Wisconsin..


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