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Missing Children & Children Who Never Made It Home -- 19

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on April 5, 2015 at 9:45 PM


Mja Inc Investigations


Douglas Charles Chapman : 3 years old

Missing since June 2, 1971 from Alfred Maine....


Chapman was reported missing by his mother at about 10:30 on 6-2- 1971...

Chapman was last seen playing by a sand pile 25 yards in front of his residence...

His mother reported that she was in the residence talking on the phone and his father was at work...

There was no sign of a struggle and no significant evidence was found at the scene...

Over six days as many as 3,000 volunteers, including dozens of high school students and three psychics, Navy, National Guard and state aircraft, and Scuba divers searched muddy bogs and streams...

Officials even pumped local wells dry...

State police bloodhounds lost the boy's scent in a nearby yard...


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12:32 AM on January 6, 2016 
I know this may seem out of the blue but I am doing some digging for a friend who was abducted from her family between the 1955-1969 timeframe she gave me all the info she can recall and this last name Leibowitz she thinks her father was Glen and mother Sylvia and she thinks she had siblings she was taken from the hospital from what she recalls but can?t recall why she was there. Knowing how good I am at searching and obsessing she asked me to search. She believes she is about 60 but unsure thinks her birthday is in Aprils even though the replacement one for her identity says November she was taken by a man named Howard Eugene Sanford and his wife Rosa. If you have heard of any elders in your family with a missing child I would like and ask you reach out to them she is hazel eyes short about 5 ft sandy blonde. She needs closure and to know who she is when they released her (she outgrew the age they wanted) she became alone and lived alone most her life been married and widowed. Until she met me I won?t give up on her no matter the cost. She deserves to know what a family is even if she doesn?t find her real one she has me and mine. If you know nothing then that is ok but if you do that would mean the world to us even if it means a dead-end at the end. She does not want fame or money or nothing just answers. And the knowledge she wasn?t forgotten.

Howard was a serial kdnapper she remembers him bringing multiple children in all the time
Reply Mja Inc
7:57 PM on January 13, 2016 

Mja Inc Investigations


We sent you an e-mail & no reply yet...We need the Info so at our next on-line staff meeting Mja can talk about the case..Please contact us at : [email protected] or phone us at

Mja Inc Staff
Reply baikise
7:35 PM on July 4, 2020 
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