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Mja Has 7 Cases with Anniversary's in the Month of February..

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on December 21, 2014 at 2:50 AM


Mja Inc Investigations

Mja Has 7 Cases with Anniversary's in the Month of February...

Welcome To Michigan

The Doe Network has 105 People listed as Missing from the State Of Michigan..

48 Missing Males & 57 Females

Starting Year : 1958 & Ending Year 2002

Welcome To Flint Michigan Located In Genesee County..

In 1979 A 20 Year Old White Female Disappears..

Missing Linda Sue Nickell : 20 years old

Missing since February 2, 1976 from Flint, Genesee County, Michigan ..

The Doe Network : Case File 1725 DFMI

Linda Sue Nickell was last seen by her sister walking from her home on Davison Road to a bar at the corner of Davison and Avalon Road in Flint, Michigan on 2-2-1976..

Miss Nickell was supposed to call a girlfriend by the first name of Irene..

Linda was a former employee of the Red Ribbon Bar & the Town and Country Lanes in Flint..

She was known to hitch-hike between Flint and Tawas..

Became our case on 1-4-2002..


Welcome To Grand Rapids Michigan Located In Kent County

In 1981 A 14 Year Old White Female Vanished

Dean Marie Pyle Peters : 14 years old

Missing since February 5, 1981 from Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan..

The Doe Network : Case File 8 DFMI

Classification : Non-Family Abduction

Pyle Peters was last seen outside of a local middle school where she attended her brothers wrestling tournament in Ada, Michigan, a town outside of Grand Rapids..

Peters, an eighth-grader at Forest Hills Central Middle School, was last seen by her mother about 16:45 when she excused herself to go to a restroom during an after school program at the school..

Dean Marie Pyle Peters wallet & makeup were left at home...

Peters never went anywhere without her makeup..

Police could find no reason for the disappearance...

They did not detect any family problems at home...

Became our case on 1-5-2002


Welcome To Vermont

The Doe Network has 12 People listed as Missing from the State Of Vermont..

4 Missing Males & 8 Missing Females

Starting Year : 1946 & Ending Year : 1993

Welcome To Middletown SpringsVermont Located In Rutland County..

In 1991 A 16 Year Old White Female Vanished..

Heide Dawn Wilbur :16 years old

Missing since February 8, 1991 from Middletown Springs, Rutland County, Vermont..

The Doe Network : Case File 375 DFVT

Heide Dawn Wilbur under the custody of the state Social & Rehabilitation Services department...

Miss Wilbur was living in a Rutland foster home in early 1991 when she got a weekend pass to visit her family in Middletown Springs...

Authorities believe Miss Wilbur hitchhiked out of town & was never seen again.

Became our case in November 2002..


Welcome To New Hampshire

The Doe Network has 16 People listed as Missing from the State Of New Hampshire..

7 Missing Males & 9 Missing Females.

Starting Year : 1963 & Ending Year : 2001

Welcome To Haverhill New Hampshire

In 2004 A 21 Year Old White Female Disappears : After She Lost Control Of Her Vehicle & Hit A Tree

Maura Murray : 21 years old

Missing Since 2-9-2004 from Haverhill, New Hampshire

Monday, Feb. 9, 2004 : Maura departs Amherst Mass., at about 4:30 p.m...

Leaving behind packed belongings in her UMass dorm room...

Miss Murray took $280 from her personal bank account...

Computer searches later show she looked up travel and lodging information for Bartlett, N.H., and Burlington, Vt.,

Miss Murray was involved in a one-car accident Route 112 in the Woodsville section of Haverhill in northern New Hampshire between 7:00 and 7:30 p.m. on February 9, 2004.

Her car, a black 1996 Saturn with Massachusetts license plates failed to negotiate a sharp curve & ran off the road striking a tree...

Maura Murray's vehicle was then found in the town of Haverhill, N.H. crashed and abandoned on the side of the road... Her doors were reportedly locked & a few items had been removed from her car..

At 7:27 p.m., Faith Westman calls Grafton County Sheriff's Department to report Maura's vehicle in a ditch on Route 112,on a sharp turn near Westman's residence....

A passing motorist later says Murray refused his offer of assistance claiming she already had called AAA on her cell phone..

There is no cell-phone reception in that area & AAA later says it never received a call from Murray..

At 7:43 p.m.,a 911 dispatcher relays a second call on the Route 112 accident to the Grafton County Sherrif's Department...

Saying a woman at the scene is shaken up but not injured..

At 7:46 p.m., Haverhill Police Sgt. Cecil Smith arrives at the scene, finding a locked Saturn and no driver...

Miss Murray had vanished by the time authorities arrived at the scene..

Fire & Rescue personnel who arrive at the scene inform all units to be on the lookout for a female accident victim..

At 9:26 p.m., police clear the accident scene..

Authorities did not begin their search for Murray until Feb. 11, to the dismay of her parents..

Maura's Father : Fred Murray of Weymouth, Mass.,wants the FBI to take over the case. .

Mr.Murray believes the searches came too little, too late to save Maura, that more should have been donethe night she crashed the Saturn...

Murray said police waited 11 days to interview some of the people who lived near the accident site & then did so only after they were prompted..

Mr Murray said police waited months before heeding pleas to call Dominic and Linda Salamone, who rent a condominium in Bartlett, even though Maura's phone records indicated she called their number at 1 p.m. the day she disappeared...

We know Miss Murray's case is a Stranger Abduction because she was traveling from--MA..

Became our case in November 2005..


Welcome To Ohio

The Doe Network has 82 People listed as Missing from the State Of Ohio

27 Missing Males & 55 Missing Females

Starting Year : 1928 & Ending Year : 1999

Welcome To Kettering Ohio Located In Montgomery County

In 1976 A 14 Year Old White Female Disappears

Lori Jean Lloyd : 14 years old

Missing since 2-11-1976 from Kettering, Montgomery County, Ohio

The Doe Network : Case File 2116 DFOH

Lori Lloyd was last seen at her home in Kettering, Ohio, on the evening of 2-11-1976...

She left to walk to a nearby store..

Miss Lloyd never arrived at the store & has not been seen since..

Became our case on 1-2-2002


Welcome To New York

The Doe Network has 236 Unidentified People listed as being found in the State Of New York

146 Unidentified Males { John Doe's } & 89 Unidentified Females { Jane Doe's }

Starting Year : 1969 & Ending Year : 2010

Welcome To Mount Vernon New York Located In Westchester County

In 1988 A Unidentified White Female Was Found

Estimated Age : 18 to 25 years old

Located on February 14, 1988 in Mount Vernon, Westchester County, New York..

Cause Of Death : Homicide..

The victim died of asphyxiation & had blunt force trauma to her head..

The Unidentified White Female was lying in a city street in Mount Vernon, New York..

There are no suspects in this crime & no clues as to this woman's identity..

Became our case on 2-26-2003


Welcome To Illinois

The Doe Network has 91 People listed as Missing from the State Of Illinois..

32 Missing Males & 60 Missing Females

Starting Year : 1930 & Ending Year : 1999

Welcome To Chicago Illinois Located In Cook County..

In 1984 A 24 Year Old White Female Vanished

Marcy Jo Andrews

Missing since 2-14-1984 from Chicago,Cook County, Illinois..

Missing since February 14, 1984 from Chicago, Cook County, Illinois..

Casey Nowicki was convicted or raping & murdering Marcy Jo Andrews in July 2005 & was sentenced to life in Prison..

This case has Indiana ties Nowicki has a farm in Pulaski County Indiana..

There were several crucial witnesses against Nowicki & one such

witness states :

Nowicki allegedly called a friend to help him put the body in the trunk of his mother's car...

Became our case on 1-20-12..


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Mja Inc Staff

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