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Mja Has 11 Cases with Anniversary's in the Month of March

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on December 21, 2014 at 2:30 AM


Mja Inc Investigations

Mja Has 11 Cases with Anniversary's in the Month of March

Welcome To Indiana

Julie Dalton Johnson : Missing 3-1-1991- From Kokomo Indiana Located In Howard County

The Doe Network : Case File 354 DFIN

Became our 57th case in November 2003

Johnson was last seen at her residence at the Kokomo Regency Trailer Court in Howard County Indiana..

On 3-2-1991 Julie Dalton Johnson's light blue Citation was found abandoned on Route 22 locked & in working order.

The car's location was approximately three miles from her home.

Authorities suspect that foul play was involved in Johnson's disappearance.


Welcome To New York

Suzanne Gloria Lyall : Missing Since 3-2-1998--New York

Suzanne Gloria Lyall : 19 years old is Missing from Albany, New York

The Doe Network : Case File 2293 DFNY

Became our 36th case on 1-29-2002

In the evening of 3-2-1998 Miss Lyall left from her job at a local mall to walk to the bus stop.

Suzanne Gloria Lyall never arrived at her College dorm room & has not been heard from since.

Miss Lyall's ATM card was used the following day by an unknown person but her credit cards were never used.


Welcome To Tennessee

BETHANY LEANNE MARKOWSKI : Missing 3-4-2001--Tennessee

11 Year Old BETHANY LEANNE MARKOWSKI went Missing from Jackson Tennessee

Became our 65th case on 7-5-2008

Bethany & her father Larry was driving to meet Bethany's Mother

at the Waverly exit off Interstate 40.

On the way they stopped at the Old Hickory Mall in Jackson on the afternoon of 3-4-2001.

Bethany had gone into the mall alone while her father slept in the car.

Later Bethany's father went into the mall to look for his daughter but was unable to locate her.


Welcome To Indiana

Margaret A Hayes

Missing Since 3-10-1977--INDIANA

Margaret A Hayes : 22 years old Missing from Bloomington Monroe County Indiana

The Doe Network : Case File 1445 DFIN 1445DFIN

Became our 9th case on 6-4-2001

The 22 Year Old walked about 4 blocks & bought the cigarettes at the former Caveat Emptor on Indiana Ave..

She was never seen or heard from again.


Welcome To Michigan

Aundria Michelle Bowman : Missing Since 3-11-1989--MICHIGAN

Aundria Michelle Bowman : 14 years old went Missing from Holland, Ottawa County, Michigan

The Doe Network : Case File 184 DFMI

Became our 30th case on 1-16-2002

The 14 year old Miss Bowman ran away from a Youth Home on 3-11-1989

Miss Bowman has never been seen or heard from again.


Welcome To Indiana

Keri L Brookmeyer : Missing 3-17-2001 & Found 12-23-2001--INDIANA

Keri L Brookmeyer : 27 years old went Missing on 3-17-2001 from a Wal-Mart parking lot in Marion County Indiana

The Remains of Brookmeyer were found on 12-23-2001

MCSD case 01-277210

Became our 16th Case on 12-26-2001

Keri L Brookmeyer was a Homicide Victim..

Brookmeyer a St. Vincent's Hospital nurse car was found in a Wal-Mart parking lot..

On 12-23-2001 her Remains were found around Southport & Mann Rd area in Decatur Township near Southwest Way Park by people riding horses.

It has been ruled HOMICIDE


Welcome To Vermont

Brianna Maitland : Missing 3-19-2004--Vermont

Brianna Maitland : 17 years old went Missing from Montgomery Vermont

Became our 59th Case on 4-3-2004

Miss Maitland was last seen at her job at the Black Lantern Inn in Montgomery Vermont at around 11:20 p.m. on 3-19-2004.

Miss Maitland's vehicle was found on 3-20-04 abandoned 1.3 miles away from the Black Lantern Inn.

The car was rammed in reverse into the former home of The Dutchburn's located off East Berkshire Road & Route 118.

Miss Maitland hasnt been seen or heard from since 3-19-2004..

The residence where Miss Maitland's car was found is former home of Myron and Harry Dutchburn,who were brutally beaten and robbed there in 1986. The crime is unsolved..



Welcome To Vermont

Selinda Winegar : Missing 3-21-1979-Vermont

Selinda Jean Winegar : 16 years old went Missing since from Burlington Vermont located in Chittenden County.

The Doe Network : Case File 2050 DFVT

Became our 49th Case on 12-3-2002..

Winegar was last seen at her home in Burlington Vermont on 3-21-1979.


Wme To New York

Karen Louise Wilson :Missing Since 3-27-1985 Albany County NY..

Karen Louise Wilson 22 years old went Missing since from Albany New York located in Albany County..

Became our Case on 6-20-1010

Wilson was a full-time senior at New York State University - Albany...

She was last seen leaving The Tanning Hut at 1670 Central Avenue in Colonie NY on 3-27-1985..

Wilson has never been seen or heard from again.


Welcome To Indiana

Denise Diane Pflum : Missing Since 3-28-1986--INDIANA

Denise Diane Pflum : 18 years old went Missing from Connersville Indiana located in Fayette County

The Doe Network : Case File 262 DFIN

Became our 17th Case on 12-27-2001

Miss Pflum left her family's home in Connersville Indiana on 3-28-1986.

Pflum was going to retrieve a purse she thought she may have left at a party the previous night..

Denise Diane Pflum hasnt been seen or heard from since that sighting..

A farmer found her car locked & abandoned later that day..


Welcome To Indiana

Tricia L Reitler : Missing Since 3-29-1993--INDIANA

Tricia L Reitler 19 years old went Missing from Marion Indiana located in Grant County

The Doe Network : Case File 910DFIN

Became our 10th Case on 6-4-2001

Miss Reitler walked to Marsh's supermarket & disappeared shortly after leaving the store.

Never to be seen or heard from again.

At least three suspects have been named by police..

The strongest suspect being Convicted Serial Killer Larry D Hall from Wabash Indiana..

But no one has been charged in her disappearance..


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Mja Inc Staff

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