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Mja Has 4 Cases With Anniversay's In November

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on December 21, 2014 at 12:15 AM


Mja Inc Investigations

Mja Has 4 Cases With Anniversay's In November


Loretta L Tinkham : 30 Years Old

Vanished on 11-3-1994 from Peoria,Illinois..

Loretta L Tinkham is one of several missing women from the Peoria area..

Others include Stephanie C. Gibson , Cheryl Murray and Stacey Morrison.

Loretta L Tinkham could be a Victim of Arlie Ray Davis who was connected to several Missing Persons Cases in the Peoria Illinois area..

Became our 71st case on 1-20-12..

Mja Case File I.D. LLT--071




On 1-26-15 after DNA testing Missing Girl Tammy Jo Alexander from Brookville Florida is 1979 Caledonia Jane Doe the Killer is still out there..

Unidentified White Female : Found 11-9-1979--NEW YORK

The Doe Network : Case File 1 UFNY

Unidentified White Female : Estimated age: 13 - 19 years old..

Located on November 9, 1979 in Caledonia New York..

Estimated Date of Death is November 8, 1979

The Unidentified White Female Victim died as a result of severe brain hemorrhage caused by a gunshot wound to the head..

The Jane Doe Victim was discovered by a passing motorist in a Caledonia, NY cornfield..

On 11-9-1979 & found about 20 feet from the south side of Route 20, about one half mile from the intersection of Route 5..

The Jane Doe died of two gunshot wounds : One to the back & one to the front of her head..

The Unidentified Female Victim was apparently shot by the road where a blood spot marked the earth...

Then Jane Doe was dragged into the cornfield and shot again...

Caledonia, NY is located in the Finger Lakes region of the state close to the Canadian border..

Many Items were found with Jane Doe Cali such as clothing & jewelry..

Up-Date :

Jane Doe rests in Dansville, New York. The inscription says :

"Lest we forget an unidentified girl. November 9. 1979. And flights of angels sing theet to thy rest."


Pollen samples taken from the victim's clothing were determined to have come from only four places : Arizona, California, South Florida, or Mexico..

Became our 39th Case on 2-6-2002


Mja Case File I. D. : UFNY--039


Lola Katherine Fry : Vanished In November 1993

from Greenwood, Johnson County, Indiana.

Lola K Fry : 28 years old

Missing Since : November 13th or 14th -1993 Indiana

The Doe Network : Case File 1039 DFIN

I -Team 8 " A Life Interrupted "

Aired on WISH TV 8 NEWS on November 13th and 14th of 2002..


On 11-16-2003 Fox 59 News out of Indianapolis filmed one of Mja Inc searches in Boone County for Lola K Fry..

Copies of story can be reque..


Fry had left her car parked at an East side restaurant...

The car also is missing...

It is as a 1990 red & black Mitsubishi Eclipse with personalized license plate that says "LOLA.

Police have a prime suspect & presume Fry is dead.

However, no direct evidence exists..

The last official accounting of Fry :

She had been partying with friends at an East side Indianapolis apartment & either fell unconscious or overdosed on drugs..

Police have been told Fry was wrapped in a blanket & carried to a car & driven away by her former boyfriend...

Foul play is suspected in her disappearance...

Her case was reopened in 1999..

Lola K Fry became our 42nd case in June 2002..

Mja Inc Case File I.D.-LKF--042


Joshua Swalls 22 Years Old

Missing on 11-3-12 from Indianapolis Indiana..

Found on 11-23-12-- Deceased,0,827913.story ;

Became our 86th Case on 11-19-12..

Mja Case I.D. JS--086


On 11-23-12 Joshua Swalls body was found in a retention pond...

Joshua Swalls was last seen at the Lakewood Lodge Apartments in the 2600 block of Timberly Drive on 11-3-12 while visiting a friend...

The 22 year old Swalls for some unknown reason left the friends apartment..

Joshua Swalls car was found in the Lakewood Lodge Apartments parking lot a short time later & his cellphone was recovered at a friend's apartment...

The pond that the body was recovered from is located across the street from the Lakewood Lodge Apartments


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Mja Inc Staff

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