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Posted by mja--inc--investigations on December 6, 2014 at 4:40 PM


Mja Inc Investigations

Back in the 1980's one our staff members was a Deep Cover controled agent...

He worked his way into very high value targets ...

Thats when the deep cover agent was given a female partner..

She hung out for 2 years with the valued targets ladies..

The Info flowing in made another change in the under-cover operations..

It was decided that the deep cover agents would move in together as a couple..

The home was wired for sound & mini-cams...

The agents lived as a couple for 3 years...

Then one day while doing a drug deal, the dealers decided to keep the drugs & take the money..

Which was out of the blue when you had been dealing with these people for 5 years..

Two shooters killed his partner but she managed to sightly wound both shooters but got away..

The agents cover was not blown -- it was just greed --...

Then for a year our staff member had to still play his under-cover role..

He had to still rub elbows with the dealers he knew who killed his partner..

Until Grand -Juries & locations to arrest the suspects was ready so they could end this under-cover operation..

After the raids the 2 shooters were not found...

That is when the agent made a promise he would track down the killers at all cost..

Not only to seek Justice but his thinking was in such a state of losing his partner for 5 years haunted him..

All he kept hearing by his bosses the death of your partner has to be put behind you & move on forget about it it happens..

The agent did get the 2 shooters 3 years later & after all the cases where done in the courts he quit working for this under-cover agency..

Well yesterday he found a music video that fits the feelings he had after losing his partner..


Please take the time to listen to the words...

He hasnt gotten over it & visits his partners grave every year since it happened..


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Mja Inc Staff

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