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1980's Convicted " Child Serial Killer " : David E Penton

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on January 25, 2010 at 7:45 PM


Mja Inc Investigations

Mja Case File : 1980's Convicted Child Serial Killer--David E Penton

Offender Detail Information :


Number: A245242

DOB: 02/09/1958

Gender: Male Race: White

Admission Date: 05/24/1991 Institution:

Toledo Correctional Institution


Offense Information :KIDNAPPING Committing County: MARION

Sentence Date: 05/24/1991 Counts: 1 ORC: 2905.01 3 Degree of Felony: First

Offense Information : AGG MURDER Committing County: MARION

Sentence Date: 05/24/1991 Counts: 1 ORC: 2903.01 3 Degree of Felony: AM

Sentence Information : Indefinite Sentence Min: 10 years

Indefinite Sentence Max: Life Sentence

Next Parole Board Hearing Month: March 2027

Latest Parole Board Hearing Type/Results: FIRST HEARING


Penton is in the Ohio State Prison System because of the case below:

In Memory of Nydra Ross

Nydra Ross 9 years old disappeared from her aunt's home in Dayton Ohio in 1988..

Her body was found in a creek bed eight months later..

David Elliott Penton, a friend of Nydra's aunt,was convicted of killing her in 1990..

Penton kidnapped Nydra Ross raped her & choked her to death so she wouldn't tell anyone...

In 1985 Penton had pleaded guilty to shaking his infant son to death in Texas..The Judge granted Penton an Appeal Bond until his sentencing..

But Penton fled to Ohio before sentencing...

Penton was sentenced to life for the Nydra Ross murder...


Victims :

Christi Lynn Meeks 5 years old

Abducted in January 1985 from Mesquite Texas..Her body was found in Lake Texoma three months later.. She had been raped and strangled..


Christie Diane Proctor 10 years old

The 10 year old disappeared in February 1986 from North Dallas Texas...

Christie Diane Proctor's skeletal remains were not found for more than two years..

They were located in a field in Plano Texas on April 9 1988... She had been raped and strangled...


Roxann Hope Reyes 4 years old

Abducted near her apartment in Garland, Texas on November 3, 1987...

Her body was found in a vacant lot in Murphy Texas on May 19, 1988...

She had been raped and strangled...



Nov. 23, 1984: David Penton, a soldier stationed at Fort Hood, is charged in the death of his 1-month-old son in Killeen Texas in Bell County...

Jan. 19, 1985: Five-year-old Christi Lynn Meeks is abducted while playing outside her mother's apartment in Mesquite Texas..

April 3, 1985: The body of Christi Lynn Meeks is found floating in Lake Texoma...She is identified two weeks later...

May 1985: Penton pleads guilty to manslaughter in the death of his son and receives a five-year prison sentence from a judge...

Penton is freed on an appeal bond and flees...

Feb. 15, 1986: Christie Diane Proctor, 9, of North Dallas is reported missing by her family as she was walking from a North Dallas apartment to a friend's house..

Nov. 3, 1987: Four-year-old Roxann Hope Reyes is abducted from behind her mother's Garland home at the Meadow Terrace Apartments while playing with a friend in the late afternoon.. Her abductor is described as a man driving a gray, four-doorsedan...

March 31, 1988: Nydra Ross, 9, of Dayton, Ohio, is reported missing while visiting relatives in Columbus, Ohio...

April 1988: Christie Proctor's body is found in a south Plano field more than two years after her disappearance...

An autopsy reveals she was strangled & sexually assaulted...

About the same time,Penton is arrested in the Ross slaying...

Authorities in Bell County try to extradite Penton from Ohio...

May 19, 1988: The body of Roxann Reyes is found in Murphy, just east of Plano..

The 9 year old had been strangled and sexually assaulted...

Aug. 15, 1988: Area detectives acknowledge that David Penton is being questioned in the deaths of the three Dallas-area girls..

They confirm that all three died by strangulation,but they can't find evidence that Penton was in Texas at the time of the abduction-slayings...

Sept. 15, 1988: Police find the body of Nydra Ross in a creek bed in rural Marion County, Ohio...

May 10, 1990: Penton is indicted on charges of kidnapping and killing Nydra Ross...

Nov. 1991: North Texas police question a 52-year-old suspect in the Christi Lynn Meeks case, but no charges result and he is never identified...

1992: Penton is convicted & sentenced to life in prison for killing Nydra Ross...

Penton becomes eligible for parole in 2027...

Dec. 2002: Mesquite Texas police interview Christi Lynn Meeks' brother, Michael Meeks Jr.,who was 7 at the time of her abduction. ..He was playing outside with her on the day she disappeared...

May 21, 2003: Plano Texas police file capital murder charges against 45-year-old David E Penton in the abduction-slayings of Christi Lynn Meeks, Christie Diane Proctor & Roxann Hope Reyes...

If Penton is indicted on the charges, Collin County authorities say, they will seek the death penalty...



David E Penton makes a deal & pleads Guilty to all 3 abductions,rapes & murders to get 3 Life sentences instead of the Death Penalty...


David E Penton is being Investigated concerning the following cases..

Many of these cases have been confirmed by the Ohio Inmate Informant who passed on the

Info concerning the 3 Texas cases that Penton pleaded Guilty too..

Mja has spoken to Garland Texas Det.Sweet who was involved with those cases about the Ohio Inmate Informant and these other cases....

In June 2006 Mja interviewed the Ohio Inmate Informant...

Garland Texas Det.Sweet & Mja has passed on all related Info to the proper Law-Enforcement Agencies..



Mja Inc Investigations

MJA Profile on : 1980’s Child Serial Killer David E Penton

Mja doesn’t believe that Penton limited him-self to young female victims..

We don’t believe if Penton couldn’t find a young female child victim that he didn’t kill ..

Mja has info Penton would take what ever he could for female victims & that is why some of Pentons confirmed Female Victims range from 18 months old to 16 years old..

Its possible that Penton has at least 2 female victims that are 18 years old..

Penton also claimed he did not rape or kill young boys..That statement is False considering Penton killed his own son..

Texas Law Enforcement collected Info on where to find an item of evidence in Pentons old  home ..

During a search warrant that item was found in the home..

That item of Evidence has several different DNA deposits on it..

One DNA profile found on that item  came from a unknown male…

This item of Evidence is the reason why Texas Officials requested :


That the Thorntown Indiana Town Marshal  get DNA samples from  Missing 6 year old  Shannon Sherrill’s Parents..

Shannon went Missing on 10-5-1986 from a Thorntown Indiana Mobil Home Park..

Texas Law Enforcement had collected info from 3 inmate informants that Penton talked about the Shannon Sherrill case..

The DNA results were not a match for Shannon Sherrill

This all happened when Texas gained Info on Penton linking him to 3 Texas cases that Penton ended up Pleading Guilty to all 3 to avoid the death penalty..

Mja gained Info that states :

In some cases Penton would dig a GRAVE then go out an abduct a young female child..Then bring the victim alive back  to the GRAVE where he would rape & murder & bury them..

Mja Case & Suspect Profiler believes :

Penton started his crimes against female children while in the Armed Forces stationed Over-Sea’s from 1981 to 1983..

The country Penton was stationed in had area’s that had an Under Ground Sex Trade involving female children as young as 5 years old..

Our Profiler believes :

This is where Penton required his need for raping & killing young female children..

After Penton was confirmed a convicted child serial killer :

Many U.S.Police agencies contacted this country Penton was stationed in trying to find out if there were any unsolved female children cases in that country that would fit Pentons M.O..

These U.S Police agencies were shocked when they learned that this country didn’t keep records for such crimes against the sex trade children--No matter what their age..


In 2007, authorities announced they considered David Elliot Penton a person of interest in the disappearances and murders of several other young girls..

Penton has been incarcerated in an Ohio prison since 1988...

He also signed a plea agreement admitting to the murders of three girls in Texas...

The Texas victims disappeared in the Dallas area & ranged in age from 4 to 10 years old..

Penton was also convicted of manslaughter in the child abuse death of his own infant son in 1984..

But Penton fled while free on a appeal bond concerning that case & remained at large until 1988..

Thats when Penton was charged with the murder of a friend's 9-year-old niece Nydra Ross in Ohio & he was later convicted of this crime...

Penton's cellmates went to investigators & claimed he had implicated himself in the disappearances of  Crum & Gandara & Johnson..

He has not been charged in connection with any of these disappearances..

But all the cases remain unsolved...



Amber Nicole Crum : 2 years old  280 DFTX

Missing since December 26, 1983 from Dallas, Dallas County, Texas.

Classification: Non-Family Abduction

The Doe Network : Case File 280 DFTX

Amber Nicole Crum was last seen on December 26, 1983 in Dallas Texas...

She was sitting inside of her mother's boyfriend's pickup truck outside of McDonald's Grocery at approximately 9:45 AM... Her mother's boyfriend went inside the store for a few moments..

When he returned Amber Nicole Crum had disappeared...

The boyfriend was charged in the case but the charges were dropped...


Angelica Maria Gandara : 11 years old  92 DFTX

Missing since July 14, 1985 from Temple, Bell County Texas

Classification: Non-Family Abduction

The Doe Network : Case File 92 DFTX

The last confirmed sighting of Angelica Maria Gandara was in her hometown of Temple,Texas on July 14, 1985..

The 11 year old was seen inside an unidentified pickup truck accompanied by an unidentified Caucasian male and female...

The witness told authorities that the truck's hood,front fender & bed were painted red & white..The doors were blue & white & the top of the truck was painted white...

According to the witness,the vehicle was dirty,dented & in general disrepair..

Angelica Maria Gandara was sighted in the truck approximately two blocks from her grandmother's residence in Temple..She was walking back to her family's home at the time she disappeared...

The 11 year old has never been seen again...

In 2007, authorities announced they considered David Elliot Penton a person of interest in Gandara's disappearance & in the disappearances & murders of several other young girls..


Ara Denise Johnson : 5 years old  269

Missing since April 2, 1986 from Big Sandy, Upshur County Texas.

Classification: Non-Family Abduction

The Doe Network : Case File : 269 DFTX

Ara Denise Johnson--AKA: Niecie, Neecee was last seen wearing panties and she was wrapped in an orange bedspread..

The 5 year old was last seen in her bedroom of her mother's home in Big Sandy Texas on April 2, 1986 at approximately 1:00 AM...

Investigators responding to the family's pleas for help found the door of the family's mobile home standing open & the child & the child's orange bedspread was missing...

There was no forced entry, no subjects were developed and there was no indication there were any strangers around...

Investigators have always believed the person responsible knew the girl's family & their habits..

In 2007, authorities announced they considered David Elliot Penton aperson of interest in Johnson's disappearance & in the disappearances & murders of several other young girls...


Did A Serial Killer Take Niecie Johnson?


MJA NOTE : Mark Harper is one of the Founding Partners of Mja Inc Investigations..


Mja Agent Harper states in article :


Mark Harper  a private investigator close to the case,said officials in Pennsylvania,Arkansas, Alabama,Michigan,Georgia and several other states are also looking at Penton as a possible person of interest...

Penton is also a suspect in the abduction of 6-year-old Shannon Marie Sherrill,who was last seen in Thorntown, Ind., playing hide and seek with friends on Oct. 5, 1986..

Harper was hired by the Sherrill family to investigate the abduction of their child after the case by law enforcement stalled..

Penton is scheduled to be extradited to Indiana later this month to face charges in the case..


“I believe this guy may be responsible for an enormous number of missing girls and although I was hired by the Sherrill family to find their daughter’s killer, I want every case this monster might have beeninvolved in solved before he dies,” he said. “I want these families to have some closure as to what happened to their children.”

Harper has worked with detectives across the country including Gary Sweet and the two men have shared a wealth of information regarding Penton..

Sweet said after interviewing Penton and his cellmates he knew about the Johnson case and he is now working with Dickerson and Fitzgerald and the three lawmen are sharing information..

“It’s my belief that Penton is their guy,” Sweet said..

“I feel pretty certain he is responsible for Ara’s abduction...


MJA NOTE : To Date-- Penton has not been extradited to Indiana to face charges in the Sherrill case..


Cherrie Ann Mahan : 8 years old 

Missing since February 22, 1985 from Cabot, Butler County Pennsylvania.

Classification: Non-Family Abduction

The Doe Network : Case File 255 DFPA

The 8 year old has a dog bite scar on her left arm...The same arm was previously broken below her left shoulder.. The injury had healed by the time of her disappearance.

On February 22, 1985. Cherrie Ann Mahan was last seen exiting the bus from her elementary school approximately 100 yards from her family's home in Cabot Pennsylvania..She has never been seen again...

A bright blue or green Dodge van with a mountain and skier mural on both sides of the vehicle may be involved in Cherrie Ann Mahan's abduction...The van was following the school bus the 8 year old had been riding in...

A small blue car was also seen near the site of Cherrie Ann Mahan's disappearance... It is unknown if the car has anything to do with her case either...



Mja has had conversations with & passed on Info to the Police Investigator in charge of the Cherrie Ann Mahan Case..

Pennsylvania Law-Enforcement has confirmed to Mja that the Indiana State Police requested Info on the Cherrie Ann Mahan Case..The Indiana State Police learned about the Mahan Case during their investigation of the Shannon Sherrill Case..


Natasha Marie Shanes : 6 years old

Missing since May 8, 1985 from Jackson, Jackson County, Michigan.

Classification: Non Family Abduction

The Doe Network : Case File 263 DFMI

Natasha Marie Shanes has a scar on her cheek from a dog bite..

She has a small scar on her forehead and a strawberry mark on her neck...She has flat feet...

Natasha Marie Shanes is epileptic & developmentally disabled & may need medication...

Tashia : Natasha Marie Shanes' mother was awakened by the sound of a car door slamming outside of the family's home in Jackson Michigan on May 8 1985... Her mother fell back asleep afterwards...

When she went to check in on her daughter in the morning the 6 year old had disappeared & the front door to the home was wide open..

There was no trace of Natasha Marie Shanes... She has never been heard from again...

It is believed she either wandered away or was abducted between the hours of 1:30 & 6:00 a.m...

Shanes's mother Tashia boyfriend Robert F. Forbes was found shot to death near his own mother's house two days after Shanes disappeared...

Forbes death was ruled a suicide but there is some suspicion that he was murdered..

Forbes was a drug dealer & had served a prison sentence for trafficking heroin...

Authorities do not believe his death is necessarily related to Natasha Marie Shanes case..

There have been no substantial leads in Shanes's case..The extensive search of the neighborhood turned up no sign of her...

Natasha Marie Shanes is believed to be deceased. Her case remains unsolved...



Mja had conversations with the Jackson County Prosecutor Investigator about the Natasha Marie Shanes case..Mja passed on Info to him that should be investigated..

We know the direction & avenues being investigated by the Prosecutor's Investigator..After all these years their efforts have produced nothing solid..Maybe its time to look else-where & see where things might lead..

Mja has suggested a couple of times where Jackson County could start investgating the Info we turned over to them..


Shannon Marie Sherrill : 6 years old 283 DFIN

Missing since October 15, 1986 from Thorntown Boone County Indiana...

Classification: Non-Family Abduction

The Doe Network : Case File 283 DFIN

Shannon Sherrill had an extremely shy nature at the time of her disappearance...

She has a four inch scar across her abdomen...

The 6 year old was last seen wearing a white sundress with blue trim & she was barefoot..

Shannon Sherrill was last seen at approximately 1:30 PM on October 5 1986 in Thorntown in Boone County Indiana... She was playing in her family's yard with several other children at the time she disappeared...

A three day ground, air and K-9 search followed but Shannon was not found...



Mja started working on the Sherrill case in November 2003..


April 2005

6 TV News


Please visit:


11/30/2005 10:23:00 AM

The Frankfort Times


Fresh Eye on Cold Case Opens New Possibilities

Clinton County Woman Sought

A team of cold case investigators from upstate New York has volunteered its services in the unsolved case of Shannon Sherrill..Who went missing Oct. 5,1986, from her Thorntown home...

The team believes an unidentified Clinton County woman may have information that could help...The investigators are requesting help from area residents in finding her...

Mark Harper, founder of MJA Inc of Champlain NY is looking into the 1986 disappearance of Thorntown girl, Shannon Sherrill...

The company seeks information about a Clinton County woman known to have driven a white,four-door Dodge Aspen and often cruised the county roads on Sundays...

She likely would be in her late 50s or early 60s.

Please contact the company by calling (765) 470-0116



In December 2005,an Ohio Inmate Informant sent a letter to the Thorntown police about Sherrill's disappearance,claiming to have information on her case..

The Thorntown Marshal passed on this Info to Mja who has been working on the Sherrill case since November 2003..

The Ohio Inmate Informant was convicted of raping two children & is presently incarcerated in an Ohio prison, serving a fifty-year sentence...His first possible parole date is not until 2014..

The inmate informant has a reputation for providing credible information on unsolved murders...His tips to investigators lead to the indictment of a suspected child serial killer David E Penton..

Mja and the Sherrill Family didnt release any Info about the letter & were waiting for the Thorntown Marshal to investigate..

Mja contacted the Thorntown Marshal several times about the inmate informant's letter..Mja even told the Marshal that if he couldnt go to Ohio to interview the Inmate Informant Mja would..Mja made it plain & clear that this inmate informant needed to be interviewed..

When June 2006 came around & the Thorntown Marshal had not done anything about the letter :

Mja and the Sherrill Family had no choice but to release the Info to the public..

Mja did so in a Press Release during the CueCenter's "On The Road to Remember Tour "

for the missing which held a Rally for Shannon at her Father's gas station..

The media attended the event & read Mja Press Release on the Case..

The Media headlines below is a result of that Press Release..


Published: June 13, 2006 11:26 pm

Sherrill family keeps hope alive

Organization’s rallies spark new interest in disappearances


Tribune staff writer

The CueCenter Monica Caison spoke at Rally for Shannon Sherrill :

“I believe there is an opportunity for everyone someday,somewhere to be found,” Caison said. “And with new talents and newtechnology, I believe it’s very possible.”

The Sherrills’investigators believe it’s possible, too...

The public relations director for Mja Inc., an investigative and search group that works for rewards,wrote their group was notified of an out-of-state inmate that has information on Shannon..

They’re working on the lead...


Published: June 21, 2006 10:54 pm

Letter may aid Sherrill search

Thorntown marshal keeping information to himself; family, investigators don’t understand why


Tribune staff writer

The Thorntown Marshal received a letter in December from an Ohio state prison inmate claiming he had information about Shannon’s disappearance. The family learned of the letter soon afterward

from their private investigator...


Woodard still has not released the contents to Indiana State Police or the family’s investigator.


Published: June 27, 2006 12:31 am

Prison snitch linked to Shannon

Inmate is credible, authorities say


Tribune staff writer

An Ohio prison inmate’s information in other cases has led to the discovery of bodies and convictions, a prison official says, and he should be considered credible, at least for now, regarding the Shannon Sherrill disappearance...


13 News

New lead in 20-year-old disappearance?

A private investigator working for the Sherrills is meeting with Sunnycalb hoping to learn more..


Published: June 28, 2006 08:00 am

Inmate’s letter sparks Shannon probe

Investigators try to learn the fate of Shannon Sherrill


Tribune staff writer

An Ohio prison inmate’s letter has sparked a full-blown investigation into the 20-year-old cold case of Shannon Sherrill’s disappearance...

Thorntown Marshal Jeff Woodard and Indiana State Police investigator Jeff Heck questioned Jeffrey Sunnycalb, 44, an Ohio inmate  about a letter he sent to Woodard in December 2005..

In the letter, Sunnycalb claimed to know something about Sherrill’s disappearance from her mother’s Thorntown residence on Oct. 5, 1986, at the age of 6...



Mja was at the Prison when the Thorntown Marshal & the Indiana State Police questioned inmate informant Sunnycalb..Mja was waiting in the next room in the Prison Investigators office..

The Police interviewed Sunnycalb for 4 hours & 10 minutes..During this time Mja talked with Prison Investigators on how to handle the inmate informant for our interview with him..

During Mja interview with inmate informant Sunnycalb we gave him our business card with our contact Info..On 8-8-2006 the Ohio inmate informant contacted Mja...


Jennifer Day : 14 years old

The 14 year old disappeared early in the morning of June 23 1985 from her job at a donut shop on Preston Road in North Dallas Texas...

Her manager spoke to her for a few minutes as he opened the store & she vanished afterwards..

On June 27 1985 Jennifer Day's body was found hidden in tall grass in Plano Texas...The 14 year old had been stabbed several times in the throat...

As of April 2004, her murder remains unsolved...



We understand that the way Jennifer Day was killed is different from Pentons usual M.O...But there could be several reasons why its different..

Its also been proven that Penton had a favorite method of how he killed & what evidence would be found but he didnt use this method every time..

There could also be details about the case police didnt release to the media that would fit Penton as the Prime suspect in this case..

There are several factors that points to Penton as a possible suspect including the area's in question..

The area where Jennifer Day disappeared from & the area where her body was discovered was a Hunting Ground for Penton..



Mja Inc Investigations

Mja gained Info in 2006 & 2007 about the case file below..

The Info given :

Research Baytown Texas from 1984 to 1986 --9 to 12 year old Female Victims found raped & murdered..Using Pentons “ Pet “ M.O…

Penton use to brag & laugh about this case because Police had arrested a teenage boy for the crime..


Mja research found such a case that fits this Info that was given & we contacted Texas Law Enforcement..

Due to the on going investigation & legal issues Mja cant release the Victims name or the name of the teenager arrested for the crime..

The text below is the Facts of the case that we can release :

Baytown Texas 9 to 12 year old Female Victim found dead in a shallow grave in a small pocket of woods..

The young Female Victim had been Raped & the Cause Of  Death--Pentons “Pet” M.O. was suffication-stranglation…

The item used as the murder weapon was : Recovered..

The young Female Victim was found by a 16 year old boy who had mental impairment who was riding his bike down a path in the woods..

Weeks later the 16 year old boy with the mental impairment who had found her body was arrested for the crime & confessed..

It became clear that the Detectives guided & suggested the 16 year old boy answer the questions the way it was needed to sound like a confession..

Even though the Details & Confession to the crime was in question & there was NO PHYSICAL or FORENSIC EVIDENCE linking the 16 year old boy to the crime :

The Prosecutor still went ahead with the case & got a CONVICTION..

The 16 old boy with a mental impairment was sentenced  to “ Life with the chance of Parole “..

After spending 12 years locked up & with a Parole Hearing approaching..

The Inmate waived his Parole Hearing stating he could not be released yet he had to finish his College Education..

Once again making such a statement & waiving a Parole Hearing should be a Red Flag that his mental logic thinking isn’t there..



Mja strongly feels that the 16 year old boy with the mental impairment did not do this

crime & David E Penton is the Guilty one..

The factors that leads Mja to state this is :

The Info given to Mja to research turned out to be true & confirmed…

The young Female Victim was killed in the manner using Pentons “Pet” M.O. even the same type of murder weapon was used..

The item used for the Suffication & Stranglation Death comes in a pair..

The other item part of the pair was never found..

During a search of the suspects home No items were found that matches the item used as the murder weapon…



Mja Inc Investigations

Mja gained Info in 2006 & 2007 about the 2 case files below..

The Info given :

Research Alabama from 1984 to 1986 for 2 young females listed as Missng..

Penton abducted these 2 young females within 2 weeks of each other & the towns were just a few miles apart from each other..

Mja research found 2 Alabama Cases that fit the Info given..

In last part of 2006 Mja contacted Alabama Law Enforcement including the A.B.I. concerning these 2 missing persons cases..

Mja turned over the Info our research had un-covered & that Penton should be investigated..

Alabama Police has been in contact with Texas Police concerning these 2 cases posted below & Penton is being investigated for these cases..


Mary Jo Burnette : 16 years old

Missing Since: June 1, 1984 from Rockford Alabama

The Doe Network : Case File 1403 DFAL

They are not certain of the date of her disappearance..

But her Family & Friends guessed the date was June 1 1984..

The Mary Jo Burnette case remains unsolved..

Investigating Agency

Coosa County Sheriff's Office



Sherry Lynn Marler : 12 years old

Missing Since: June 6, 1984 from Greenville Alabama

The Doe Network : Case File 215 DFAL

Classification: Non-Family Abduction

The 12 year old and her stepfather were at the First National Bank & he gave her a dollar to buy a soda..


The 12 year old left the bank & was last seen crossing the street towards the Chevron gas station & was never seen or heard from again..

The Sherry Lynn Marler case remains unsolved..

Investigating Agency

Greenville Police Department



Mja gained INFO in 2007 that states this Jane Doe could be a

Victim of 1980's Child Serial Killer David E Penton..

Unidentified White Female

The victim was discovered on April 3, 1985 in Campbell County, Tennessee

Estimated Date of Death: 1 to 4 years prior

Estimated Age: 9 to 15 years old

Partial skeletal remains


The victim was located by a passerby about 200 yards off Big Wheel Gap Road,

four miles southwest of Jellico in Campbell County, Tennessee on April 3, 1985.


Only 32 bones were recovered, but her skull was intact enough for a head

and face reconstruction.

Mja Estimated Date of Death is early Jan..of 1984 to April of 1984..

Mja Estimated Age: 9 to 13 years old..

Mja research & info indicates this Jane Doe might be from another state..

Mja is investigating all avenues concerning this Jane Doe..


Media & Web-Site coverage of Penton :


Posted by :

Mja Inc---Mandy K Stout---IN..


















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