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In Memory of Roxann Hope Reyes

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on January 19, 2010 at 7:21 PM


Roxann Hope Reyes : 4 years old


On November 3, 1987 she was abducted near her apartment in Garland Texas..

The 4 year old girl had been picking wildflowers for her mother when she was snatched...

Roxann Hope Reyes's body was found in a vacant lot in Murphy Texas on on May 19,1988..

She had been raped and strangled...

The Reyes murder remained unsolved until June 2003..

Thats when David Elliot Penton was indicted for killing her...

Penton was serving a life sentence in Ohio at the time for the murder of Nydra Ross..

He had also pleaded guilty in 1985 to shaking his baby son to death. At the same time as he was indicted for Roxann's murder..

Penton was also indicted for killing Christie Proctor and Christi Meeks..

As of April 2004, Penton is awaiting trial...

UP-DATE : 1-6-2005

Accused Child-Killer Pleads Guilty

Making Penton Child Serial Killer

A man accused of killing three young Dallas-area girls in the mid-1980s pleaded guilty to all three murders..

The plea avoids the Death Penalty.

David Elliott Penton was accused in the abduction-slayings of 4-year-old Roxann Reyes, Christie Diane Proctor, 9 and Christi Lynn Meeks, 5.

Penton was extradited to Texas from an Ohio prison in 2003 to face the charges..


As part of the plea, Mr. Penton will finish out his sentence in Ohio..

Where he was serving a life prison term for killing a 9-year-old Columbus girl in 1988.. He is eligible for parole there in 2027...

At that point, Mr. Penton would be sent to Texas to begin another life term..


Mr. Penton pleaded guilty to the manslaughter death of his 1-month-old son in 1985..

During an appeal of his conviction Penton fled...

It has been unclear where Penton was from 1985 until he was taken into custody in Ohio in 1988...

There are many law-enforcement agencies who believe Penton was traveling between Texas & Ohio in those 3 years..

Many states are checking info & evidence concerning several unsolved cases that could be linked to Penton..

Some Police Investigator's feel Penton could be Guilty of killing up to 50 female children..


Categories: Children Who Never Made It Home