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Child Serial Killer : Mack Ray Edwards & The Children Who Never Made It Home

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on September 19, 2012 at 7:15 PM


Mja Inc Investigations

Child Serial Killer : Mack Ray Edwards

Mack Ray Edwards operated in the 1950's--1960's & early 1970..

The Confessed Child Killer claims his first Victim was in 1953 & his last Victim was 1970..

Edwards worked for a company that built Freeways in California in the 1950's & 1960's..

The Child Serial Killer claimed since he worked building Freeways he had several area's to bury his Victims..


His Claims turned out to be true when they found his first Victim buried under Freeway 5..

Law-Enforcement are conducting major searches for other Victims buried under Freeways that Edwards claims he buried them..

No one knows for sure how many Victims Edwards had because he did leave some cases out of his confession..

It seems Los Angeles County California breeds Serial Killers..

The County is so massive & the right area for a Serial Killer Avenue..

Stella Darlene Nolan disappeared on 6-20-1953 from Compton, California..

Its been reported that the 8 year old was Child Killer Mack Ray Edwards first Victim...

In early 1970 Mack Ray Edwards took LAPD Detectives to the shoulder of the Santa Ana Freeway in Downey,..


17 years later the Mystery Unfolded when Victim Stella Darlene Nolan's Remains were found buried under Freeway 5 where the killer had buried her there in 1953..


Missing 12 Year Old Brenda Jo Howell--California


On 8-6-1956 Brenda Jo Howell disappeared from the San Gabriel Canyon, Los Angeles County, California area near Glendora Mountain Road, bicycling with 15 year old Donald Lee Baker ..


Missing 15 Year Old Donald Lee Baker--California


On 8-6-1956 Donald Lee Baker went missing from the San Gabriel Canyon, Los Angeles County, California area near Glendora Mountain Road, bicycling with 12 year old Brenda Jo Howell..

San Gabriel Canyon 2 Children Abducted--1956

After it was discovered that the Howell & Baker were Missing an extensive search failed to turn up anything except their bicycles & Brenda's jacket....

Child Killer Mack Ray Edwards confessed in1970 to the Abductions & Killings of 12 year old Howell & 15 year old Baker..


Pasadena California Missing Person Case..

Pasadena California Upper Arroyo Seco Canyon

Missing 8 Year Old Thomas Eldon Bowman--California


On 3-23-1957 Thomas Eldon Bowman disappeared from Upper Arroyo Seco Canyon Pasadena,Los Angeles County,California...

On 3-23-1957 the 8 year old Bowman was hiking with his Family in the Arroyo Seco Canyon area..

When the Family arrived back at the car, Bowman was no where to be found..

Child Killer Mack Ray Edwards became a suspect in this case because of the similarity between a photo of Edwards & a sketch of Bowman's abductor..

It fits  one of Edwards's M. O. ....


Mja Note :

The main force in solving a mystery there has to be that one person who can & will show an interest in the Case..

If No one is searching for the Truth than the evidence that could solve the Case is still out waiting to be found..


Angeles National Forest California

1960 Missing Person Case in National Forest..

Located in Los Angeles County...

Missing 6 Year Old Bruce Kremen--California



Missing : 7-13-1960 from the Angeles National Forest,Los Angeles County,California..

6 year old Kremen was last seen on 7-13-1960 near Buckhorn Flat in the Angeles National Forest..

A group of 80 Los Angeles YMCA camp children from the Buckhorn Camp Grounds..

They were led on a supervised hike near Buckhorn Flat in Angeles National Forest...

A massive search party failed to uncover any clues to his disappearance..


Santa Barbara County California Missing Person Case--1961

Child Serial Killer struck in Santa Barbara California in Santa Barbara County..

Missing 7 Year Old Ramona Irene Price-California..

Some sites say the 7 year old was reported in August 1961 or 9-2-1961..Ramona Irene Price disappeared without a trace..

The 7 year old Price disappeared from Santa Barbara California in 1961..

Confessions from a Child SerIal Killer who operated in the 1950's--1960's & 1970's claims he Abducted Ramona Irene Price..

Mack Ray Edwards claims to have buried Price in the Winchester Canyon Road Bridge area..

Ramona lived on the outskirts of Santa Barbara, several miles down the 101 from the Winchester Canyon Road Bridge..

In 2011 Police Searched the area..Price disappeared a few weeks before the completion of the then new,Hollister Ave. @ 101 overcrossing..

Santa Barbara Police say the dog teams found what they are now calling an "area of interest" which will be further investigated in the search of 7 year old Ramona Irene Price..


Torrance California in Los Angeles County Missing Person Case..

Missing 11 Year Old Karen Lynn Tompkins--California


On 8-18-1961 Karen Lynn Tompkins disappeared without a trace from Torrance, Los Angeles County, California...

Torrance California Missing Person Case Has A Suspect

Child Serial Killer Mack Ray Edwards confessed in early 1970 to Abducting Tompkins from Torrance California & Killing the 11 year old Tompkins..


Edwards Strikes Torrance California Again--1962

Child Killer Edwards claims another Victim in Torrance on 7-3-1962 a 11 year old Female..


11 Year Old Dorothy Gale Brown--Homicide Victim--1962

On 7-3-1962 11 year old Dorothy Gale Brown disappeared from Torrance California located in Los Angeles County..

Browns Body was found floating in the ocean...

On 7-4-1962 Dorothy Gale Brown's body was recovered from the ocean here at Corona del Mar, Newport Beach she had been molested and drowned...


Granada Hills California 1968 Homicide

On 11-26-1968 a male Homicide Victim had been found in his home..

16 Year Old Gary Rochet Died Granada Hills California--1968

The 16 year old Gary Rochet was found shot to death in his own home on 11-26-1968..

Edwards confessed to Killing the 16 year old..

There are many that wonder why Edwards didnt get or take Gary Rochet out of his home..

There are many isolated area's outside of Granada Hills..


Sylmar California Missing Person--1968

Sylmar teenager disappears in December 1968. .

Missing 15 Year Old Roger Dale Madison--California


On 12-16-1968 Roger Dale Madison disappeared from Sylmar, Los Angeles County, California..

Child Killer Mack Ray Edwards confessed to Killing Madison..

Roger Dale Madison was a friend & classmate of the son of serial killer Mack Ray Edwards...

A Freeway construction worker named Mack Ray Edwards, in 1970 confessed to murdering 15 year old Madison...

Stated that the body of Roger Dale Madison was dumped in a grave in a freeway construction zone north of Thousand Oaks & then covered..


In 2008 Police Search : Land just off the 23 Freeway at Tierra Rejada Road in Moorpark located in Ventura County is being searched & dug up..

Confessions from LA serial murderer 40 years ago will lead Police to carry out excavations near two freeway ramps in Ventura County, 23 Freeway at Tierra Rejada Road in Moorpark...

Madison's who disappeared on 12-16-1968 body is suspected to be buried at least three feet down...

In the hopes of finding the remains of 15-year-old Roger Dale Madison.. The dig may take as long as 10 days to complete..


1969 Pacoima California Homicide Case

Child Serial Killer Mack Ray Edwards Abducted a 13 year old male on 5-16-1969..

13 Year Old Donald Allen Todd--Homicide Victim--1969

Child Killer Mack Ray Edwards fatally shot 13 year old Donald Allen Todd of Pacoima California on 5-16-1969..

Edwards shot Todd after trying to molest Todd..

Edwards was convicted of the murder of Donald Allen Todd & two other murders..

But was not charged in 3 other killing because no bodies have been recovered concerning those cases.. -------------------------------------------------------

Edwards operated from 1953 to early 1970 but no one knows the actual count of his Victims..

Edwards seem to have a knack for picking the right area to Abduct isolated Children at Play..

Our Children the blood-line that keeps our Family alive are Targets for the evil kind of criminal..

With No Limits...

The Doe Network has 1085 People Missing from California listed on the site..

655 Males & 429 Females..


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Mja Inc--Mark 

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