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Missing 17 Year Old Erica Lee Fraysure--Kentucky

Posted by Mja Charter Staff on July 20, 2012 at 6:30 PM


Mja Inc Investigations

Missing 17 Year Old Erica Lee Fraysure

The Doe Network: Case File 1894DFKY

Miss Fraysure was last seen been 9:00 & 10:00 p.m. at the Video-N-Tan in Brooksville, Kentucky on October 21, 1997...

She was socializing with her friends that night. She has never been heard from again...

Fraysure's black four-door 1988 Pontiac Bonneville SSE was discovered unlocked and abandoned off of Fronk Road between bales of hay in a field off of Fronks Lane the day after her disappearance...

Her purse, including her money and checkbook were found inside the vehicle...

Her keys are still missing..

She has a strawberry birthmark on the back of her neck.

She was last seen wearing a purple sweater with 2 white stripes across the chest and extending down the sleeves, dark blue Levis and white Keds...


She also was wearing a Winnie the Pooh watch, four gold rings on right hand. One ring has a sapphire and diamond heart on it..

She did not picked up her paycheck from working at a local restaurant..


There have been many tip and searches with no results...

Months after Fraysure's disappearance, a tip came in & said Miss Fraysure's body was in a private lake near Brooksville, off of Kentucky 1159..

The lake was dredged but no evidence was located..

Fraysure was a resident of Germantown, Kentucky, fifty miles south of Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1997...

She was a senior at Bracken County High School in 1997 & was employed part-time in Augusta...

No convincing evidence has been found to charge anyone in the Crime..

At Bracken County High School, Erica Fraysure is still very much a part of the school's daily life...

Her picture on posters and newspaper clippings greets students in halls and doorways...

Besides wearing the white ribbons, students also are selling buttons to raise money for a school fund..

What the fund will be used for to help in Erica's case is yet to be decided..

It has been stated that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was asked to create a profile of what type of person would be capable of making a girl disappear the way Fraysure did..

"There is a profile by the FBI of a person of interest, a sociopath who may have had a history of animal abuse,strained family ties and they may have been in jail at one time or another..

They tend to keep to themselves so much they have few friends and nobody they would confide in..

They would be capable of killing someone and disposing of the body without ever feeling the need to share the information with anyone," he said. "They wouldn't brag about it."

It is also believed the person was from the community, familiar with the area and may still maintain a local address while moving around a lot.

By local, police were not limiting the address to Brooksville, but including surrounding communities and cities..

What happened to Erica has become the topic of conversation in the school and throughout the Bracken County community...

Erica's story appeared on America's Most Wanted television show. It is on the Internet. A reward fund has grown into the Thousand's of Dollars..

Chris Below, a suspect in other similar cases of missing young girls with long dark hair and slight builds..

Below was sent to prison in Ohio in 2004 for involuntary manslaughter in the disappearance of Kathern Fetzer whose body has never been found..

Chris Below has also been " looked into " concerning several other cases..

Missing 17 Year Old Erica Lee Fraysure She still remains Missing...


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Mja Inc--BC & Jeff


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