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Catrina Renee Jackson : 13 Year Old Missing 5-30-1986--Georgia

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on November 26, 2011 at 2:35 AM


Mja Inc Investigations


In 2006 Mja had two conversations with the Georgia B.I.concerning the Catrina Renee Jackson Case..


Mja turned over some Info to them that might be related to this case..


In doing our research,this is the case we found on the web-sites that

fit the circumstances we were looking that fit the Info we were given..


There was some other factors passed on to law enforcement. .


Mja expects there might some comfirmation by 2010,if the Info provided was of any value..


In the mean time Mja is still trying to develope more related Info that might help the case..

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Posted by :


Mja Inc--Mark A Harper




Mja Inc Investigations


Mja talked to the Georgia B.I. at 2:18PM on 2-26-08..


Jane Doe HOT CASE 290 is Not Catrina Renee Jackson..


Mja Inc--Mark A Harper

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The Doe Network: Hot Case 290


Unidentified Unknown Race Female


The victim was discovered on December 6, 1986

in Screven County, Georgia


State of Remains: Partial skeleton.

Only a partial skull with no facial bones.

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The Doe Network: Case File 271DFGA


Catrina Renee Jackson


Missing since May 30,1986 from Sylvania, Screven County,



Classification: Non-Family Abduction

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Remains NOT Miss Jackson...


Posted 1-23-2010

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Mja Inc Investigations




13 Year Old Catrina Renee Jackson : Missing Since 5-30-1986--Georgia


What Mja posted on 2-22-08 that we expected to gain some Info & get some Info confirmed sometime in 2010..


Mja gained what we needed on 12-3-2010...


Since that time we have been doing research because the Info involves confirming that two June 1984 cases in Alabama are related to the Jackson case..


Mja has the time-line, the pattern, the M.O. , & the route that was taken to Georgia & to Alabama..


But at this time these things havent come togather as a whole to say all 3 cases are related..


In return Mja might have to question our Ohio inmate informant again...


But that wont happen until April 2012 during our Indiana Operations...


Mja will keep everyone up-dated when we can..


Posted by :


Mja Inc--Mark


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