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Affidavit : Brianna Maitland Murdered

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on June 26, 2010 at 9:30 PM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations


Brianna Maitland Missing 3-19-04 VT..


Thursday, 01 February 2007

County Courier

Affidavit: Brianna Maitland Murdered

Brianna Maitland.

A recently unearthed Burlington Police Department report may point to a tragic and grisly end to the investigation into the disappearance of Brianna Maitland on a night nearly three years ago as she drove home from her job in Montgomery...


The notarized police affidavit recounts the statement of Debbie Gorton,of Colchester,the sister of Ellen Ducharme,who was convicted in the July,2004 drug murder of Ligia Collins...


Gorton claims Maitland was killed by Ramon Ryans one week after  her 3-19-2004,disappearance,and her body disposed of on a pig farm...


Gorton claimed that Ryans killed Maitland over drug money...


She told the  BPD officer that Maitland had given Ryans' a "couple thousand" dollars to buy crack cocaine,but eventually asked for the money back..

 Maitland,she claimed,was killed following the argument that ensued...

Gorton claimed that Ducharme told her of the murder and that Maitland's body was in Ducharme's basement at one point...

In the Burlington Police Department report,from a separate March,2006 police investigation in Colchester,Gorton suggested that her sister and several others ?

Moses Robar, Darrel Robar,Timothy Crews ? were also involved, particularly in the disposing of her body.

Police cautioned this week,however,that the document,obtained by the County Courier and independent investigative journalist Hank Albarelli,has,like so many other tips they have received,led to no solid evidence of Maitland's whereabouts or her fate...

The lead Vermont State Police investigator on the Maitland case,Det. Lt.Glenn Hall in the St.Albans barracks,said the statement appears to be another unsubstantiated tip in the labrynthian case....

"Right now we have a missing persons investigation;that's what we have," Hall said this week,when asked about the police report...

"We have no reason to believe that there's any truth to this statement at this point...

If we were able to corroborate it, obviously we would continue (following it).I would compare it to other information that we've gotten..."

Hall and other police sources said the St.Albans office has known about Gorton's documented claim since March 2006...

Hall took over the investigation in August 2006,when Det. Lt. Brian Miller transferred from St.Albans to the Williston station...

"I'm aware of this document. I can tell you that we've looked into this information and none of it's been substantiated, " Hall said..

He said law enforcement officials pursue all tips and potential leads,but said this one, like so many others,has borne no solid case...

Hall said this is not the first tip suggesting Maitland may be dead, but nothing along those lines has been corroborated...

"We have an abundance of information that comes in,"Hall said."The stories sometimes have consistencies and sometimes they change ...

This information gets recycled ...

That's obviously part of our job ? to follow up on anything." Hall said similiarities between tips may simply reflect rumors being "recycled."

Unlike most other tips suggesting that Maitland was killed,though,Gorton's statement contains more detail.

Gorton's accusation also raises possible connections to several people involved in the illegal drug trade between New York City and Vermont..

Ryans,who was considered a person of interest in the Maitland case by the Franklin District State's Attorney and police officials until at least July 2005...

Gorton's statement suggests connections,at least indirectly,through some people in a prominent Vermont murder case, the drug killing of Ligia Collins just months after Maitland's disappearance.

Brianna's parents, Bruce and Kellie Maitland, were unaware of the police document until last week.

"I'm surprised that something like this would exist and we were not told anything about it?

I'm surprised to know there even is such a statement," Bruce Maitland said...

Both Maitlands commented about their sadness over Vermont's criminal justice system as it relates to youth and drugs...

Said Kellie Maitland: "Drugs are imbedded in the pop culture,and the media promotes the pop culture regardless of the destructive stuff that goes with it...

It is a paying business with few moral guidelines or concerns for the youth digesting it.

If you are a bored teen in the Vermont countryside,this lifestyle comes across as exciting and glitzy when in reality it has a dark side loaded with destruction and violence? we have seen that dark side."

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 21 February 2007 )

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Mja Inc Investigations

Mja profile on the Affidavit:

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Mja Inc Investigations

We must say this is a very well written article and we know the pain-staking work that was put into this article..

The reporters done an excellant job with what they had to work with considering the type of people they had to interview to gain such insight...

But the Affidavit containing the statements from Debbie Gorton reads like pure fiction..

These type of statements always come from people involved in the drug culture when it involves a case like Miss Maitland's..

During my several years as an investigator and working undercover on the drug infested streets,I cant begin to count how many times I have heard such statements..

Even though some things in the Affidavit have been said and talked about by several people,like a  broken record that doesnt make these statements true..

Those close to the investigation know many of these statements have been investigated and it led NO-WHERE...

Mja refuses to let Miss Maitland become a part of the Folk-Lore for her generation to pass down thru the ages while sitting around a camp fire..

The people that know Miss Maitland the best,knows she deserves much better and with the grace of God this mystery will be solved..

As for the article and the Info provided,let us get back to REALITY and face it head on..

Please bare with me and read the points I am about to make..

In my world Debbie Gorton would be given a polygraph test,in doing so it might clear up alot of things..

Also notice how many people and whom she states were involved in Miss Maitland's disappearence and what happened to her..

As for the pig farm story which we have heard several times before and there is one little flaw to that story..

Also if the pig farm story were true and if the location of this farm was found Miss Maitlands DNA could be found..

We have learned this by the trial of the pig farmer in Canada and what other type of evidence you would recover..

Debbie Gorton claims to have all this Info..But yet Mja finds it odd she cant give Miss Maitland's location ?

She claims to know everything else but the location,that makes us wonder about the truth of her statements..

Moses Robar and Timothy Crews were involved in disposing of Miss Collin's body..

So why didnt they dispose of her body in the same way that Debbie Gorton claims they did to Miss Maitland ?

We just find that very odd,if something had worked once why not do it in the same way??

They made no attempt to hide the murder weapon or Miss Collins body..

There is no question that if not before Miss Collins and the murder weapon would have been found during the hunting season..

As for Ellen Ducharm,if she knew the fate of Miss Maitland wouldnt you think she would have confessed as she did concerning Miss Collins ?

Remember Ellen Ducharm confessed to everything concerning the Collins case and naming who else was involved..

We feel if she knew anything about Miss Maitland she would have confessed..

In doing so she might have been able to get a better deal and reduce her sentence even more for confessing too both crimes..

As for Ramon Ryans,yes he is a very shady person and yes he played the VSP like a fiddle but whats more upsetting the VSP and the courts let him get away with it..

When a polygraph test results turns out being "INCONCLUSIVE" in my world another test is given at a later date so the results of both tests can be compared to each other..

My understanding is Ryans wasnt given another test..

As for the sources claiming that Ryans test showed he was being deceptive,you cant have it both ways..

There are only 3 results that a polygraph test should show and in my world those are:

1.The subject was being truthful..

2.The subject was being deceptive..

3.The test was Inconclusive. .

Not long after Ryans took the polygraph test a VSP source told me:"


That they know Ryans was lying but they didnt know what Ryans was lying about.."

That sent up red-flags to me that the VSP didnt conduct the polygraph test in the correct way..

That is the whole purpose of a polygraph test being given,to find out WHAT the subject is lying about or WHAT the subject is telling the truth about..

Conducting the test in the correct way,you will know what questions the subject answered truthfully and what questions the subject answered with deception..Its that simple..

These conflicting reports could also say that the VSP has "TUNNEL VISION" and are stuck on Ryans and his group as the only suspects in Miss Maitland's disappearence. .

There for the VSP are not looking any where else for possible leads or other suspects..

When the actual truth could be that Ryans and his group had nothing to with Miss Maitland's disappearence and they have only heard the rumor's that everyone else has heard..

Mja doesnt believe Debbie Gorton's claim that Miss Maitland gave Ryan's $2,000 dollars to buy crack cocaine and then decided she wanted the money back..

That an arguement took place between the two and in a rage Ryans abducted Miss Maitland and later killed her..

Remember it wasnt long ago the story was that Miss Maitland owed Ryans money for drugs and thats why he killed her...

When the reality is you cant collect money from a person who is dead..

The reality is,if Miss Maitland did owe money most drug dealers would have came up with a plan so she would have been able to pay them back..

After all Miss Maitland had two jobs and lets not forget two of her paychecks were found in her car..

Also my sources tell me when you dealt with Ryans and his group you had to have the cash to get the drugs--they didnt give you drugs on credit.

Giving credit is a very bad business practice for drug dealers..

Mja has several other concerns about the AFFIDAVIT that bares NO-PROOF to the claims being made..

But I hope the case and point we made,thats printed above is enough for several people to Question whats being stated in the Affidavit..

Mja feels the merits of the Affidavit wouldnt help solve the disappearence of Miss Maitland..

But once again thats just our opinion,that doesnt make it true..

Anything could happen during a missing person investigation...

Mja strongly feels the answer's will come to solve this mystery,a step at a time until you get the Info needed..




Please take into account that Debbie Gorton had a SON facing Prison time & she gave this statement in hopes of getting her SON a Plea Bargin on his Prison time...


Posted by :


Mja Inc--Mark